100 thoughts on “Mother charged after video shows her running over 3-year-old child

  1. Either hang her or firing squad. We need to start setting examples of people that intentionally murder someone. This is CLEARLY not an accident!!

  2. Look at the junkies sweating in the background. Such bad posture for a person who just ran over their kid

  3. yeah but………………..in child support custody case the courts will rule in 98 percent of the time AUTO GIVE THE KIDS TO MOMMY……………. I guess cause all mothers are better parents………………………. as we see here……………….

  4. This was on purpose. She found a way to make them think ot was a game. She tried to murder her kids. Come.on police. You cant believe this bs!

  5. This bitch lost custody of 2 other children back in 2013 for neglect.. then had 2 more children since then. Close your legs, your whore of a mother. seriously.

  6. This is why all people are not worthy to be parents. This person mind is hampered by some form of retardation.

  7. "IUD". The average IQ is about 85 for adults in the US. Add a little lead intake from water and a dysfunctional family growing up and we an unfit person for having kids. The older I get, the more I realize just how many stupid people exist in the world.

  8. I don't know where they are coming up with this "game of chicken" story. It looks to me like she meant to kill those children.

  9. She needs to be sterilized. Where is Al Sharpton, Ben Crump, and Obama? How are blacks going to blame the white man for this? How stupid is this woman? Why does she have such a low bond? I'm against abortion but some people should never have kids. How can you play chicken with your own kids? She is a dispecable woman and black leaders say nothing about this but when a white person has every right to defend themselves against a black, Sharpton and Obama cry racism. Can't blacks see this?

  10. My point of view is that he killed them so they do not take care of them anymore because she is very young and true of being responsible. That is my point of view. How to get rid of to live the crazy life

  11. i feel terrible when i accidentally step on my dogs paw, and this dumb lady ran over her 3 YEAR OLD kid😒its disgusting we have to live this way

  12. I guess she had to tell them there was some game to get them to run at the car like that. I wouldn't call it chicken though because they were chasing the car.

  13. I promote the DEATH PENALTY in ALL 50 USA states, cost effective, eye for an eye , tooth for a tooth, life for a life, simple & effective, saves 1/4 of a million dollars to USA taxpayers who should NOT have to $pay$ for her crime of murder!

    Freedom of speech & Press USA copyrighted. * Offer STERILIZATION to the Welfare Breeding program * and Prison welfare program.

  14. She didn't accidently do this playing chicken. Her first lie she was outed out on so then she trying to play dumb acting like she was playing chicken with them. Nobody is that dumb. She looked like she was playing bowling with them but only got one! She didn't think there would be a video of truth!

  15. What the HELL IS WRONG with this idiot!!??!!! She shouldn't only lose her kids until the case is over she should lose her kids for good AND be sterilized!!! For real!!! Who "plays chicken" with the kids in a car??? Then seriously just proceeds 2 run them over??? Smh… These poor babies now a days have NOOOOO chance with people like this as parents…

  16. It's a fact that most ratchety black mothers have very little feelings towards their kids, they care more about themselves. She probably had life insurance on all three of them, she was hoping for a big payday, thank God that there was cameras,

  17. 10 years tops…..that’s not right, her son will never get to go to school, graduate, have a girlfriend, get married, have kids, but she will walk in 7 years?

  18. In my opinion, she’s evil and set the kids up to think they were playing a game to try and make it look like an accident.

  19. What up nut job mother playing chicken with her how can she run over her own children with a car I'd like to take that car and run her over her head with it i hope these children are taking of her.

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