Morning Yoga | Full Body Yoga Workout | 11 Minutes

good morning everyone welcome to Rachel
Pichler yoga my name is Rachel we’re gonna do another nice lovely morning
yoga practice today so if you haven’t already subscribed to my channel please
do and find out a little bit of space to move let’s get started all right so just finding a nice comfy
seat to start whatever that looks like for you we’re just gonna warm up the
neck a little bit wake up the neck so bring your chin towards your collarbone
and then just let your head roll over towards your right shoulder I’m finding
that nice stretch through the neck and then roll your head all the way over to
the opposite side I’m being nice and gentle shouldn’t be too difficult to
find that stretch and then we’ll switch sides again drop the chin roll the head
over and then maybe you can sit up just a little bit taller than you already are
and then the last one going all the way over to the other side and then we’ll
bring the chin to the collarbone just one more time hmm when using a nice big
inhale to lift the head pack take a big shoulder roll here pull your shoulders
up to your ears drop them back and down we’re gonna take our hands and place
them on the knees inhale to sit tall and an exhale to twist over to the right
side hmm just another breath here maybe creating
a bit more length through the spine exhale as you hold your twist and then
inhale to bring you to face the Front’s exhale for your counter twist all the
way over to the other side hmm awesome job you guys using it inhale bringing
yourself back to face the front we’re just gonna move the soles of our feet
together taking butterflies so the knees can come out nice and wide you might
want to stay sitting nice and tall you might want to add a forward fold or
maybe even a rock I decide it’s kind of waking up the hips
and the legs Oh some job you guys so if you’re
folding forward just use an inhale to come back up we’ll close our knees like
a book rock it out shake it out if you need to you we’re gonna meet on our
hands and knees and table top position so spread your fingers nice and wide
let’s keep warming up the spine with a little cotton cow before we really get
into things so as you inhale drop your belly lift your chest maybe your chin
and an exhales you around the spine tucking the chin to the collar bone push
him to the palms inhale drop the belly and exhale surround let’s do one more
inhale and then slowly making your way back to a nice flat back so we’re just
gonna tuck our toes under I’m gonna hover the knees just slightly above the
ground some of you’ve done this we’ve done this with me before and I know
you’ll love it so we’re just again trying to wake up the body firing up the
quads draw your belly button in towards your spine fire up your core push into
your hands for up the shoulders everything just another inhale and an
exhale to lower down to relax keep those toes tucked under we’re gonna lift up
into a downward facing dog so first down dog of the day pedal those
feets take your dog for a nice nice walk bend one knee straighten the other let
your head be heavy breathe awesome work you guys so we’re gonna stay on our down
dog a little bit longer but we’re gonna bring our feet together I want to start
with the right side so you’re gonna inhale and lift your right foot up it
could be a little bit it could be a lot three-legged dog whatever that looks
like for you take another breath in with that foot lifted and as you exhale bring
it down it might touch the mat it might just hover
inhale send it back up exhale lower hover or arrest it inhale lift it up and
exhale this time put it all the way down on the ground next to the left one
switch sides three leg lifts on this side three legged three three-legged
dogs inhale that left foot up and an exhale inhale lift exhale to lower
inhale one more and exhale drop it down start to bend your knees but bring them
out nice and wide let’s take child’s pose if you need to
shake out the wrists or give yourself a little massage go for it if you’re able
to just relax relax just take a break here Oh awesome work you guys feel free to
stay a little bit longer or if you’re ready to start to lift back up we’re
gonna meet in our downward dog again so however you want to get there won’t be
here very long so just let your head be heavy
maybe pedal the feet quickly but use an inhale to look forwards and exhale walk
your feet all the way up to the top of your mat so your feet can be together or
hip width apart but we’re gonna fold forward so bend your knees here you guys
I kind of want you to bring your stomach and your chest to your legs so bend your
knees as much as you need to to make that connection and then we’re just
gonna fold so let the head be heavy instead of looking to the floor look
between your legs so that you can create some length from the back of the neck
and then just fold it might feel good to rock your body weight forwards and
backwards a little bit or side to side or maybe not at all you don’t have to
move at all just fold release your low back waking up those hamstrings awesome work you guys so slowly slowly
we’re gonna bring our hands all the way down to the mat so however much you need
to bend the knees plant your hands and just walk all the way back into
downward-facing dog so from here you guys we’re just gonna
bring our knees all the way down all the way down and then just walk your hands
out a little further let’s take puppy dog waking up those shoulders stretching
those shoulders drop your forehead drop your chest keeping the hips nice and
high and just relax for using a nice big inhale we’re gonna
start to lift the forehead lift the chest back up walk your hands all the
way back towards you sit on your heels either bringing your hands behind you on
your mat or interlacing the fingers just lift the chest lift the chin pull the
shoulders back and down oh so you guys letting that go whoo
bringing the hands together in front so interlace the fingers just push the
palms to the front of the room tuck your chin to your collarbone nice job you
guys slowly starting to let that go we’ll come back onto our hands and knees
turn your fingers either out to the sides or all the way towards your knees
wrist stretch forearms stretch again just taking it as far as you need to to
feel something and remember always be gentle we’re just waking up the body so
you shouldn’t have to go crazy far to feel something nice for you guys let’s
slowly start to let that go we’ll take our counter so the top of the hand can
come down one hand both hands just a counter stretch if you’re doing one hand
just switch sides awesome job you guys alright so take all
of the weight out of the hands for a second sit on your heels for a moment if
you need to shake it out give yourself a little massage go for it
we’re gonna finish off the day with one toe squat what better way to start the
day then with a toe squat so tuck your toes under don’t forget about that baby
toe sending the hips back towards the heels mmm
you can stay here or maybe you want to sit on your heels completely but just
relax your shoulders feel the love through the feet through the toes
the ankles anywhere else awesome work today you guys just Oh
squat feels pretty darn good right now no let’s just take one more inhale smile
and then you can come forward to shake out those toes tap those toes if you
need to but find a nice comfy seat when you’re ready bringing your hands
together in front of your heart I just love doing a nice short yoga practice in
the morning so you don’t always have time for a whole 60 minutes you know but
I hope that you guys enjoy the rest of your day you’re feeling nice and awake
now and until next time namaste you

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