39 thoughts on “Morning Yoga at the Beach (You Are Worth It!)

  1. Thank you for the short stretch! Me and my boyfriend are really sore from yesterday's practice and we really appreciated something gentle today.

  2. Really worth it Lesley this was amazing thank you for sharing see you in the next video namaste good luck Lesley 😉👏🙏

  3. Did this right before bed. I'm all loosy goosy and ready for a good nights sleep. I take Omegas on the daily, and I've noticed a big improvement in many different areas since incorporating that into my supplemental routine. Thanks Lesley, see you tomorrow!

  4. Worth it. Doing this in the PM and feeling relaxed before bedtime. Plus had fish for dinner. Getting those Omega 3's. Good advice, Lesley!

  5. The omega 3 fatty acids reminded me to take my multivit and vegan omega oils tablets so this was PERFECT for the end of this quick morning stretch. I think I will try to practice this class every morning regardless of the new videos out because it is such a perfect, quick pick me up ❤

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