10 thoughts on “Morning Yoga at the Beach (Wash Away the Old)

  1. Just did this one, you know, before bed. I don't know if it was the Christmas goodies or laziness of late but I needed this. So simple and so quick. I feel great! Thanks.

  2. This was great Lesley you are so amazing yoga means a lot when you practice yoga and keep getting better and better you always have wonderful videos when you share and practice you mean everything Lesley i appreciate you taking your time when you do your yoga practice i also appreciate you sharing your thoughts as you doing your yoga practice you always tell good stories when you show your practice and i learn a lot when you give your thoughts this is why i love coming here and supporting you this is 2020 now and you still going and never giving up you always find a way i'll look forward seeing more amazing videos thank you so much for sharing this Lesley namaste good luck 🙏

  3. I enjoyed this class but even on maximum volume I could barely make out what you were saying. 😔 People in the house were louder than you 😢

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