Morning Routine | The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles

Hi, I’m Tara Stiles, and today on the Yoga
Solution I’m going to show you a great routine that you can do first thing in the morning
to wake up your entire body, and calm and focus your mind. Let’s get started. So we’ll
start standing up nice and tall. Heels right behind your toes. Take a big inhale, reach
your arms all the way up over your head. Big, deep breath in. And then as you exhale, gently
soften all the way up and over your legs. If the hamstrings feel a little jammed up
here, you can always put a nice little bend in your knees. Especially in the morning,
things might feel a little tighter than the rest of the day. So make sure go really slow
and take it easy. And then take a big inhale, lengthen all the way up to a nice long, flat
back. As you exhale, fingers tips pressing, and also step your left leg all the way back
to a nice low lunge here. Just sink your hips a bit. Maybe sway a bit, side to side. Breathe
a lot. And then when you’re ready, gently ease back knee down to the ground, soft on
that knee cap here. And again, up to you, maybe just stay right here if the hips feel
a little bit tight this morning. If there’s a little more room to open up, slowly start
to peel your body open, letting the hips sink. Chest can lift. And then anything you want
to do with your arms. If it feels nice to take them all the way up, back behind you.
Something to do there. If that’s a little too intense for the morning, maybe just rest
them on the front thigh, or all the way down. Just breathe easy. And when you’re ready,
we’ll bring your finger tips down, either side your front foot. Tuck your back toes
under. Keep your finger tips on the ground. We’ll start to lift your hips straight up,
and let your torso here just fold and relax over this front leg. Really letting your head
go. Really letting your neck go. And then we’ll sink your hips all the way back into
your nice low lunge. Press your palms firmly down. Go ahead and lift all the way up and
back into your nice Downward Dog here. Just soften the heels. Relax your head and shoulders.
Maybe sway a little bit, side to side. And real slowly here, we’ll start to walk your
feet up to the top of your mat here. No rush at all. Just seeing what’s going on, on the
backs of the legs. And once you do arrive all the way upward here, folding in, we’ll
let your head and neck soften. And again, we’ll roll up to stand. One easy vertebrae
at a time. And once you do arrive all the way up here, big inhale fills you right up.
And then, as you exhale, softening all the way right back up and inward. Alright. And
then we’ll lengthen up to a long, flat back. Look up in front of you, and press your finger
tips down. And we’ll step your right leg way back behind you. A nice low lunge. And let
your hips sink low here, maybe shake a little bit, side to side. Or drift a little forward
and back. And again, when you’re ready, gently lower your back knee down to the ground, soft
on that knee cap. So again, it’s up to you, just feel what’s going on in your hips here
today. Maybe stay right here if this is enough. Both sides may be a little bit different,
so just take it easy. And again, if it feels even better, just start to peel yourself open.
Letting your hips sink, chest can lift or maybe take your arms up and back behind you.
If that’s a little too much, you can always soften out of it. Pressing your hands on your
thigh, or right back down. And when you’re ready to come out of that one, press your
finger tips down right on either side of your foot. Tuck your toes and start to lift your
hips straight up and in. And let your torso here just fold and relax over this front leg.
Breathe a whole lot into the back of your body. And again, when you’re ready here, put
a little softness in your front knee. Press your palms firmly down. We’ll just lift all
the way up and right back into your nice Downward Dog. And just soften the heels, relax your
head and shoulders. And take a big inhale. Lift way up onto your tippy toes, nice and
high. And then as you exhale, soften the heels and relax right back down. Couple more times
just like that here. Big inhale lifts you right up. And then as you exhale, soften the
heels and relax. Last one, just like that one here. Big inhale lifts you right up. And
then as you exhale, soften the heels, relax. And again, simply breathing a whole lot here.
Nice long spine. And again, last time here, softly walking your feet up toward your hands.
One simple step at a time. Once you do arrive all the way up in here, you’re just holding
inward over the legs. Let your head and neck go. And again, rolling up to stand, one vertebrae
at a time. No rush. And once you do arrive all the way up, big, giant inhale fills yourself
right up. And then as you exhale, softening all the way, right back inward. So there you
have it. A really great routine that you can do first thing in the morning. You’ll get
calm, centered, relaxed and focused for the entire day. I’m Tara Stiles, and I’ll see
you next on the Yoga Solution. Thanks so much for watching, you guys. I’m actually checking
out the page right now, seeing some of the comments. We filmed a lot of your comments
and questions today. Thanks so much. Keep them coming. And I’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Morning Routine | The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles

  1. This is a modified sun salutation routine. I wish u had at least mentioned that as it becomes easier to follow as its a basic of most yoga classes….

  2. just take it slow work at your own pace dont put to much stress on you body you can cause even more injury to your body

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  4. Beautifully produced and great routine, but if I may criticise… Please slow the speaking down. Way too fast for a morning warm up session. There's a "rush" in your speaking. The voice need an air of relaxation. Thanks for posting!!

  5. I would say that is a matter of opinion. She's always gotten me through these routines smoothly, I find them very helpful, I suppose it depends on your preference.

  6. Hello everyone. Good clip.

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  7. it is sooo hard to understand you. I'm not trying to be an internet dick but honestly… I couldn't really follow along because I had no idea what you were saying half the time. you sound kind of like an auctioneer 

  8. it works!! thanks!
    but only when I turn off the sound,i just cant focus because of that talk talk talk,

  9. Regarding the "Lunges" she does, both my yoga teachers instruct never to have the knee 'overshoot' the ankle (ie always have it no further forward than your ankle). Tara Stiles here seems to have the knee way further forward than her ankle/foot. Is that VERY poor technique?

  10. Very graceful mover, but your knee should definitely be directly above your ankle in the lunges or else you could damage your knee very badly!! Please, for whoever is watching this, to avoid knee injury in your lunges, make sure that your knee is not so far in front of your foot & ankle when you bend it (knee should be right above your ankle)!! I definitely cringed a little bit when I saw that (just because I've suffered from knee injury in the past, and I wouldn't wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy), but the video was beautifully shot & the routine would be great for the morning time! Stay healthy!!! 🙂

  11. I like how you speak to me like a normal person. Makes a lot more sense to me, I live I'm a city and everything is fast fast fast so nothing more irritating than shanti shanti long drawn yoga speak. Very down to earth.

  12. Fantastic video! But avoid letting the knee go further forward than your ankle during your lunges. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Especially because newbies are relying on you to show them what's right. Don't want to teach knee-injuring poses to anyone. Cheers and thanks for the lovely routine, definitely a keeper!

  13. Whatever you are showing is not possible with pain in knees
    Can you show something that will help weight loss

  14. Thanks for posting! Great quick routine as always. Unfortunate production, though. Please use music to match the style of the video (in this case, gentle and relaxing) and shots that show the pose clearly.

  15. I've become extremely out of shape at 41 and this was the perfect morning intro back into my love of yoga!!! LOVED IT!

  16. I love this. I'm a plus size but not too much plus. I've been doing yoga for almost 30 years but have slowed down quite a bit recently due to family commitments. I love this being a parent to a young man who has severe health complexes I get little time so this is short but sweet. Many thanks.

  17. Tara, thank you for posting these videos. Can you please respond to the comments that these are wrong moves?
    Also, any way I can adjust the low lunges for my 77 year old mom (fit but not very flexible…) if for example you can show how to use blocks or other props to help with these moves (or any other ones).

  18. This is great! I'm trying to start a new morning routine and don't have a lot of time between the dogs so this is perfect, thank you! 🙂

  19. great routine. It's hard to understand you though at times because the words come out almost like and auctioneer 🙂

  20. She had me at "do whatever feels good with your arms."

    And I actually like her fast speaking for my purposes — a quick wake up stretch before my son gets up and my non-stop media production job begins. I know the moves; so, her voice is more like a cue card prompt.

  21. You're going to hurt yourself if you don't fix your form in your lunges. Yikes. Hopefully very few people try to imitate that.

  22. the routine itself is good, but so much fast talking and mumbling does not go hand in hand with yoga, makes me tense rather feeling calm and centred

  23. Thank you Tara! I love your short yoga videos. I do one most mornings here in London. Clear instructions and a calm but uplifting atmosphere. I'm off to enjoy my birthday!

  24. I absolutely love Tara Stiles Yoga routine. It really does help especially after you do it for 3 weeks consistently. You can really feel your body opening up more and getting use to doing the stretches.

  25. Im going to start my own yoga channel and call it Short and Chunky so people like me can do yoga from a teacher who is like them hahah. Also rounded back, knee over ankle…very bad form. please dont copy her

  26. I reduce the speed to .75 and it is perfect – Much more my speed and more relaxing for sure!!! Great routine though.

  27. Played the video at .75x and it was absolutely perfect for still hearing your detailed instructions and also holding the moves just a bit longer for the stretch. Also loved this smile at 4:09 dunno why, just made me feel like my cool new friend felt proud of the routine we just did together 😅

  28. It's amazing what 5 minutes can do to relieve pent up tension during training. Many thanks for the content. Much obliged.

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