Month of Yoga | 31 Days of Yoga | Yoga for Upper Body Flexibility | Day 7

hi everyone welcome back to Rachel
Pichler yoga my name is Rachel is it already day seven of our 31 days
of yoga time is flying so today we are going to be creating flexibility in our
upper body so find a little bit of space to move and let’s get started so let’s begin today by finding a nice
comfy seat and we’ll start things off by stretching our neck oh one of my
favorite things to do is stretch my neck so find a nice comfy seat and that your
chin just fall down towards your collarbone and then I want you to sit a
little taller letting your head fall forwards relaxing your shoulders from
the ears and closing your eyes maybe I’m just feeling a nice stretch to the back
of the neck if this is enough for you you can stay just letting gravity help
yo but if you need a little more if you want a little more you can take your
hands and just rest them on the back of your head but instead of pulling the
chin down just let the arms be heavy so this is too much you can pull back let’s
be nice and gentle with the neck and if you were using your hands on your
head just very slowly take them away bring them back to your lap but let your
chin stay down nice and low and will stay for one more breath here and then
use an inhale to lift the head back we’re just gonna let the head now fall
over towards the right shoulder finding some length through the side of the neck
if you wanted a little bit of assistance from your right arm you can use it who’s
resting your hand on your head again and instead of pulling in any way just let
the arm kind of be heavy let’s check to see if we can maybe create a bit more
length through the spine and then just relax this breathe hmmm if you are using your hand on your
head just let it go but keep the head falling over towards that right shoulder
and then with an inhale gently bring the head back out whoo
often times I don’t realize how tight my neck is until I start to stretch it and
so let’s let the head fall over towards the left but it just feels so good
option to use that left hand or no hand at all find the stretch only go as far
as you you want to if you have the hand on the head just
let it go but keep the head over to that left shoulder and then with an inhale
huh bring the head back up alright one last
stretch for the front of the neck so we’re gonna lift the chin so you might
be lifting it a little bit you might be able to lift it a lot but if you want
some support this one’s not gonna help us stretch but it’s just gonna support
our head you can just hold the back of your head and just take some of the
weight from the head out of the neck as you lift your chin but be gentle with
this one even more gentle than the other ones keeping the jaw nice soft will stay
for an inhale and exhale let the chin come back down to neutral hands can find
the lap or your knees take a shoulder roll bring your shoulders up to your
ears pull them back and down okay we’re gonna move on to our hands and our knees and we’re gonna go through a really slow
cat and cow so bring the wrists right under your shoulder spread the fingers
why don’t you nice and balanced a near tabletop position and then with an
inhale start to drop your belly drop your belly don’t worry about your head
right now stick your butt out arch your back and then you can start to lift the
chin and as you lift the chin we’ll just take it as far as you need to or arching
that back you might be feeling a stretch through your stomach for your abdominals
you might be getting into the front of the neck if you lift your chin even more
but you’re also probably feeling this through your back nice hold it here just
take one more breath and then using an exhale slowly start to round the spine
so we want to think about tucking the tailbone under rounding through the
entire back pushing into the hands to lift the
shoulders pull those shoulder blades away from each other and then even
stretching the back of the neck as you bring your chin to your collarbone
holding it here push into your hands feel that nice stretch through your
whole back awesome job you guys use an inhale and just come back to a nice
neutral spine so we’re gonna keep our knees or hips under knees and we’re
going to reach our arms out in front for puppy dog so reach your arms all the way
out in front and we’re just gonna start to drop the forehead so you can keep the
hips nice and high let the forearms maybe find the floor
the forehead even the chest can come all the way down and we’re just feeling that
length through the arms stretching the shoulders maybe you’re even feeling this
for your back or stomach a really awesome shoulder opener puppy
dog it’s also a nice prep pose for downward facing dog for the shoulder
side of thing so you can stay as you are we’ll just take a few more breath here
but if you want to switch things up a little bit we’re just gonna bring our
palms together so the elbows are still coming forwards but the palms can come
together and maybe you want to lift your hands and bring them behind your head
so we’re still trying to drop the forehead we’re still trying to drop the
chest you just might switch things up a little
bit you might feel this a little bit more for the back of your shoulders
maybe even into your triceps a whole lot of things and if you like it you can
stay if not you can straighten the arms again so if you do have your hands behind your
head palms together slowly let them come down to the mat and use an inhale to
come forwards or tough lift your upper body up so we are going to be coming
forwards I was ahead of myself there we’re just going to lower the hips and
the stomach all the way down onto the mat so you have the option to be on your
forearms for this we’re gonna come into a Cobra and I want you to bring your
feet out to the edges of your mat so wide legged Cobra so again you might be
on your forearms pushing your forms into the mat dropping the shoulders from the
ears the Sphinx pose is another name for it
or you can bring your hands under your shoulders and start to lift your chest
so wherever you’re at let’s come into it let’s lift that chest push it even
pushing into the hands or the forums so you can stay nice and low or you can
come even higher but let your hips be nice and heavy I’m gonna feel this
through your back for your abdominals drop your shoulders hug your elbows your
triceps into your sides and then soften your gluts awesome you guys are gonna
stay for an inhale lift it up as you exhale bring your chest all the way down
nice and slow feel free to stay down here or come back up for one more inhale
lift that chest if you want it drop the shoulders let the legs and the hips be
nice and heavy awesome job take one more inhale and
exhale whoo gently gently lower yourself all the way down to the mat so if your
legs are out wide you can start to slide them back in we’re gonna be bringing our
left arm out to the side so it’s gonna be nice and straight and in line with
your shoulder and then you’re gonna look away from the arm so the left cheek or
ear is gonna find the mat and then we’re just gonna start to roll over
feeling this all through that left arm that shoulder maybe even into the chest
you could be getting a twist you might be feeling this to your back you can
bend your knees you can plant your feet but you just want to think about rolling
over onto your back towards your arm and hopefully that arm stops you from going
all the way over there’s going as far as you need to to feel something resting
your head I will take one more breath on this side and using it inhale slowly rolling back
over onto your stomach we are gonna be taking that left arm the one that was
out nice and straight I’m tucking it underneath our chest so you can push
into that right hand to lift the chest slide your left arm underneath and then
just lay down on it so letting your body weight just kind of lay on that arm
feeling this through your upper back shoulder your arm a whole lot of places
and if you can just rest your head rest your head maybe use your hand or your
arm is a little pillow so when your arm starts to fall asleep
you can start to move no I’m just kidding well start to move now use an
inhale to lift yourself up we’ll start to bring that right arm out nice and
straight in line with your shoulder look away from it look away from it once it’s
in that perfect place and then you can just start to roll over like you want to
come all the way onto your back some people can some people don’t some people
come halfway what you decide just go as far as you need to and you’re probably
not even gonna be able to tell how far you’ve actually gone because we want to
close our eyes and just relax it’s not about what the pose looks like it’s
about how it feels take one last breath on this side before
you start to move I’m gonna be using an inhale roll yourself back onto your
stomach take a second if you need it or you can
start to come all the way up onto your forearms just to lift that chest and
slide your arm under neath and then lay back down this feels really good today so as he becoming ready you can start to
use an inhale lift yourself all the way back so we’re gonna push ourselves all
the way onto our hands and knees if you want to take a break feel free to stay
laying on your stomach for a second but we’re gonna move into our wrists so
you’re just gonna take your hands to the mat so you might be turning your fingers
to point to the edges straight out to the sides and pushing the palms into the
mat you might feel that stretch through your wrists maybe even into the forearms
if you’re able to keep churning and those fingertips might be able to point
towards your knee you can try to bring the hands there so you can do one hand
at a time let’s be gentle so only go as far as you need to or you can do both
wherever you are I want you to let your head be heavy if you’re doing one hand
to stay I’ll tell you when to switch sides but just try to relax you’re new
to this it can be a lot on those forums and on those wrists so be gentle if you
need a break take a break if you’re doing one hand though I want you to
switch sides if you’re doing both you can stay that’s all at our head be even
heavier so nice and slow let’s take the
fingertips bring them back to normal so facing the front you can sit on your
heels do a couple wrist circles give yourself a little bit of a massage
whatever you mean and then maybe if you want to come for a counter stretch
you’ll take the top of the hand and just bring it to the mat to spending that
wrist in the opposite direction you can also do both hands at the same time but
if you’re doing one just switch sides some work so find a nice comfy seat you
can continue to give your wrists a little massage if you need it but that
is it that is all my friends I’ll see you guys back here again tomorrow enjoy
the rest of your day let’s bring our hands together in front of the hearts
have a terrific day guys and namaste you

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  1. Yesterday we built strength, today we will stretch it out and create flexibility. Enjoy your practice today ūüôŹ

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