future gym owner at work Should I show you around? Raymon: show me around! Let’s start from scratch. Together with our pet today With watchdog Entry area entry area with two doors, we maybe throw this one out here we have already shown with the lines our future lifting area there we will have mats on the floor from strength shop Here will be a squat stand with a barbell and of course a bench for benchpresses and stuff like this here will be the pull up bars area we will have 1 long and 2 short pull up bars here the lights will be changed so we have some more anabolic light here Raymon: yes they are also pretty ugly on this beautiful wall we will probably screw wall bars til round about here Raymon: now you guys can see how high this room is yes almost 4m we’re plannung to add a big pull up bar to the wall bars so we have one big bar from left to right this bar on 2.30m and the other one on 2.50m for the giant @jannis_bud the floor will be replaced by mats, 10mm rubber heaters will be replaced by new ones and the windows will get a milky foil this wall or this wall will get some mirrors to flex here we will place some pbars that is not parallel but gets more narrow to the end so everyone has the perfect grip width for weighted calisthenics and yeah, we maybe will add a chillout area here The rest will follow over time, this everything we planned atm Raymon: here you can see the whole gym from the edge of the room here we have the bathroom, super clean… yesterday we had Chinese food just kidding, the dirt is from the rental before XD yeah now it’s on us to make it new UFF If you want to book a handyman this dude can not only write fitness programs and train he can also scratch some plaster off a wall wall 1 finish all the plaster removed I also just booked a little cleaning helper look super clean now only the runway is still there don’t look at this, this will be thrown away but the rest Hired as cleaning helper here is the gym doggo hey little man guys this room will be amazing now the fun part of the renovation I think we should use a screw driver I would say it works like this So let me sum up again what we did today wall 1 without plaster and also this wall is free of plaster so we can fill them and paint them soon nice! and this fuse box will also be replaced let’s start day 2 in the bathroom everything is a little cleaner a new toilet seat this area in front here is not 100% disgusting anymore we also put the first milk foil on the window we will add another one soon we also did that here and here yeah masterpiece here here sadly the foil goes off this was Micha, I did the other two Exactly that’s how it is…XD This was basically everything we did today tomorrow we continue any last words? no babe show me your hoodie did you paint? What are you doing? This is our self-made template our new low budget light just place your smartphone light behind it I would have used a candle We also did today: we painted this wall and this one in progress the foils are on the windows and hopefully, we can also bring the lights on the ceiling I will keep you updated So guys the first wall is complete in colour NICE here we have the new lights this room is nearly untouched sadly these two light have no energy this will be checked by an electrician everything else is now white, except of these 2 water spots, this will be done by the landlord this room here starts to look like something sadly the low temps destroyed the foils we need to adjust them when it’s warmer but yeah, that’s no problem trash will also be thrown away soon so soon we can start to train here first ‘workout’ in the gym this was the first vlog hopefully, we have some content for the next week So see you in the next video

19 thoughts on “MISSION 2020 | BUILDING MY OWN GYM | VLOG 1

  1. I want to train there when it is finished this should be the perfect gym for cali athletes
    goodluck with your gym man

  2. Bin schon gespannt auf das fertige Gym, werde bestimmt mal vorbeischauen. Ich wünsch dir viel Erfolg mit dem Projekt, hast du verdient!

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