Mindfulness Based Self Care Program  Introduction

Sound of bell (x3) Attention is a powerful tool. Scientific explorations in the West and old age wisdom traditions from the East tell us that, when we bring the power of our kind, gentle, and receptive attention to our moment to moment experiences we can help engage the natural healing abilities that serve our wellbeing on all levels—physical, psychological, and spiritual. The word mindfulness refers to this tender, and friendly yet powerful awareness that we can bring to our experiences and is known to reduce stress and enhance well-being. When we practice mindfulness, we are simultaneously practicing a number of overlapping skills such as: present moment orientation, non-judgment, letting go, patience, non-striving and acceptance. The audio recordings that will follow are meant to help establish and strengthen a regular practice of mindfulness. Daily practice is highly recommended. If you missed a day of practice or any number of days of practice, simply start over without self-criticism or regret. Be thankful to yourself for starting over. Kind and compassionate attention is in the heart of developing mindfulness practice. Sound of bell (x1)

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