Microsoft Mat VR Patent with english Subtitles

Hey guys, microsoft just few days ago filed a patent of a floor mat , which will enhance your virtual Reality experience at a different level, so they are planning to bring a mat for Virtual Reality Users which are using it since months or since the time its launched and want something more new and stable So basically when you Watch anyting in VR or do gaming in it anything which the mind senses a way more real , so generally there are some scenes or parts where people loose their balance or stability as Virtual reality captures both of your eyes and in that the mind starts to go with what’s coming on the screen and that’s how people fall or loose their balance, microsoft has filed a patent in which they will bring a mat which will give your feet a haptic feedback according to what’s going in your VR , this might include some vibrations and motions so they will try their best that people don’t loose their balance and enjoy more of it with stability so i think its a good as for now it is recommended to have a safe zone while using the VR be it outside or inside your house , its always recommended that you use VR in a Safe place SO yeah , VR actually hacks mind in terms of movability , so it feels like microsoft is upto something great So you guys COMMENT ABOUT THIS , what you guys think about this all ? So it feels like there are going to be some serious improvements in VR and AR Please do LIKE the video and share it with your friends and thanks very very much for watching this video

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