French onion soup it’s perfect for rainy days sad days happy days you’re skiing on a mountain you break your leg you’re in the hospital for years you get out of that hospital you know you crave a French onion soup I’m Matty Matheson and I’m here to show you how to make the best French onion soup ever what you have is a cheese crunchy bread crust deep deep flavor it’s in my beautiful cookbook called Matty Matheson a cookbook it is selfish of me to keep these recipes to myself I got a red onion I got a Vidalia Onion I got just a yellow onion I got a shallot I got pearl onions Shh Bellinis these are different sweetnesses different bitters they all actually taste different we’re gonna start off at a medium-high heat this is just vegetable oil okay then we’re gonna add some butter unsalted butter what we have here two different kinds of fats we got the neutral oil that’s gonna allow the butter not to burn we don’t wanna burn butter butter bur bur bur French for butter so shallots yeah look at this see this little pot see all these onions so we have a big bowl of onions raw onions it’s gonna steam up and all of a sudden we are gonna be left with just an absolutely incredible bowl of caramelized onions there’s nothing better than the smell of onions and butter cooking look at this and you really want to listen [Music] what’s it saying and that noise is actually when the water is hitting in with the fat and the fast like I get away from me cuz well in water they are not buds but you can add a little bit of just a little bit of salt and that will help draw out the moisture as well we’re putting the lid on it there’s a heavy lid the bottoms on I’m gonna turn this down low now I don’t have to do fuck-all for four hours see this look at this we’re gonna add the wines here we go everyone one cup port yeah one cup into your uh 2 cups sherry so now what we want to do is we want to reduce this by half that’s gonna take in my cookbook I say two hours we’re gonna add the Cipollini and the red pearl onions what that’s gonna do is just give us another flavor profile cuz right now we only have that caramelized deep flavor which is amazing but I really love that taste of like kind of raw onion oh we got about 8 cups of beef stock here we’ve let it reduce by half cooking off the alcohol smelling all of the sweetness is from the Madeira of the pour the sherry oh goodness look at this you know what we’re gonna do here is allow this just to live and boil become itself just beautiful thyme leaves bay leaves just give them a little crinkle open them up a little bit beautiful oh look at this French onion soup look at this so rich so oniony so beefy so we’re gonna just bring this up to a boil okay trusty anytime yeah make sure you get a sourdough and you can just slice it with a ring mold if you want yeah there you go we got our bread it’s okay to have a little crust on it that’s fine we’ve got a little pallet knife here we’re gonna grill this up just like a grilled cheese so edge to edge lots of butter oh Lots that butter butters good put that in there we’re making it crunchy cuz we’re putting that on top of this wet soup you want it nice and crispy on both sides none of this fake crispy business I’m even gonna throw in more butter into the pan check this up you know I like lots of butter oh look at that that’s the motion of the ocean right there so here’s a little salt yeah get a ladle stir it up so you have like not a big bunch of clumpy onions you want to just like kind of give it you know work it out a little bit and we’re gonna fill this up right up to the top this is your big boy so then you put your crostini on top like that then we’re gonna put is that freaking you out oh yeah so then you put that much cheese on top so it’s quite messy but you need to put that much cheese on top to make that cheese crust follow me so we’re gonna melt this cheese now you want to put it under the broiler until it just gets crispy and nice this is the French onion soup see this all the cheese melts down caramelizes the crust crispy crunch on the exterior little char a little bit of leopard a as always desirable this is the plunge oh look at this see that that bite will burn your face off do not eat okay I like to mix it all up and then you just have like the onions and the cheese and the bread you can eat all this stuff like you literally just scrape the edges punch it in soup is like maybe not the prettiest at the party but it’s not the most friends oh yeah the dog live off the world ended I want that to be my last bite

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