100 thoughts on “Matt Hypnotized while Recording Song for Musical! (Rewind Christmas to find Truth about Best Friend)

  1. Matt
    got hypnotized from the musicI thinking ahead because one time when he saw a agent in the store he heard the song and he got his nose tries to swim might be the same song

  2. 12:15 matt was checking something then when game master come in ull see on the back door chameber talking to mr x and chambers see gamemaster

  3. Chamber used his glasses to record the game master coming in Mr.x called.him because he knew the game master was coming

  4. In 13:25, agent C was looking through the window of the door 🚪and he was also recording from his glasses 👓

  5. Rebecca:is this about agent r?

    "No"? You literally eating ice cream every girls that just break up with their boyfriend literally eat ice cream

  6. Hey was I the only one that noticed but Matt was playing with the A/C I don’t think that’s the real Matt be careful guys I think it’s the clone s he was turning it up !!

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