Mat Zo talks ‘No Words EP’

Hey, I’m Mat Zo Welcome to my studio here in L.A…. this is where the magic happens! When I first moved to L.A., I felt really lonely I didn’t make friends very easily… but eventually, I felt more at home in L.A., and I was able to enjoy the great things about L.A. like the mountains, and the desert all the great natural landscapes that the city has to offer. Besides music, I like to draw I play with my cat (laughs) I like to go on walks, exercise, watch documentaries. My first release on Anjunabeats was in 2008, I think It was a tune called ‘Rush’. Up until that point, I had been on Armada and I had been talking to Anjunabeats for a little while about doing something with them, and I finally got an opportunity to release something with them and yeah, the rest is history. When I released ‘Damage Control’ and it got a Grammy nomination, it sort of put me in a weird place I didn’t really know where to go from there. But looking back, I can see why it was an iconic album …even though I kinda feel a bit of separation from it now. But I’m still really proud of it. What I dislike about trance music is people usually tend to use the same sounds and it becomes less about what the music sounds like and more about, y’know, the melodies and stuff. I like music that has a variation of moods and emotions and that’s what I want to bring to trance music. You don’t need to have big supersaws to have impactful moments. Trance doesn’t have to be happy or sad. You can have a variation of emotions, You don’t need to have lyrics to make it soulful.

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  1. Once upon a time, Anjunabeats was quality, consistent prog. Now it's just unlistenable EDM sellout shite. Where's the drop, lol?

  2. I get what you're saying, but shouldn't a song be about the melody? My whole qualm with EDM is just that its "cool sounds" with little to no substance. While I agree trance does use a lot of the same sounds (and I am completely open to new sounds and approaches), the reason it's been my consistent go to style of music because there's usually a great melody. Even good house and techno that I enjoy, the bottom line is a good melody (no matter how sparse). Anyways, I am enjoying your new productions and look forward to hearing more!

  3. please can someone in the label pay him to do a behind the songs tutorial on his latest Ep or classics/singles/damage control .
    i requested faderpro and 789ten a bunch of times but at least ajunabeats has money….give him the money XD !
    i had the privledge to see him take over & destroy at the treehouse miami! epic set!

  4. absolutely agree with u that Trance can be a variation of emotions but , Matan the recent Trance and Progressive scene is incredible how is growing now, there are so many fantastic talents like Craig Connelly, Ciaran McAuley, Factor B or Will Atkinson, Grum and Ilan Bluestone, Davey Asprey etc etc. They are completely changing Trance sound with New Epic productions. Trance now is in the new Gold era from 2016-17. Probably is for this reason you are in Trance again? Maybe?
    Anyway i think you are one of the best in the world, so i'm fucking happy you're back man. Can't really wait what can you bring to us

  5. Hmmm… I find that the title is, at least, inaccurate. The video has 2:36m of length and at no point he talks specifically abouf his new ep. If it weren't for the snippets of the new tracks playing in the background, this video could've been used to promote any other EP or even Mat himself. With that being said tho, mad props to Mat for bringing, once again, the goods!

  6. Seriously Mat, Trance has just gone nowhere since you left it. There's just very few tracks that are unique or inspiring anymore. Show them how it's done again please.

  7. Mat Zo Are you going to be release a new album on Anjuna any time in the near future?

  8. I agree this is why I stop listening to trance if I do listen to it I'm very picky with it because Most but not ALL sounds the same

  9. I agree with Mat Zo. Although his past is morally acceptable rather than him being hypocritical now that he's talking about Trance. He's done trance before, but I don't know why he's not mentioning his past in this video. I can totally understand why the supersaw leads is an issue and it's a massive issue in Uplifting Trance. The genre is utteraly poop duped dead.

  10. He's talking about Trance doesn't have to be happy, but why are people dancing to the genre and it's making them happy?

  11. I can't think of a better example of someone who uses music as a tool to impact people in the most positive way.

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