Lumo Run – Smart Running Sensor

Self-motivation can be a runner’s greatest asset But self evaluation can be our greatest challenge You could pay a lab or a coach to evaluate your performance But what about when you train by yourself? Introducing Lumo Run A revolutionary motion sensor that collects data like a lab and provides motivation like a coach all while you run And it fits in the waistband of your shorts Lumo Run analyzes running biomechanics from your core then suggests adjustments to your form that help maximize your true potential while also avoiding injury Access your pesonal data anywhere With a full post-run analysis on your smart phone No goggles, no wristbands, no wires Just your desire to be great So you can not only meet your goals, but exceed them Lumo Run For those who want to run faster Farther Forever

8 thoughts on “Lumo Run – Smart Running Sensor

  1. I understand that your company has folded, but how hard would it be to keep the app going indefinitely? My husband bought a Lumo run sensor recently – according to your website, the app will continue to work for 9 months, but then it's gone. Not good enough!

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