Longest Trail Run Ever – 18km | Volvic Forest Force 50 Training 2

Oh god, where am I? Morning runners! I am back in the location of Dairy Farm again back with Volvic training session – so today we are
running 18 kilometres and again as usual overwhelming overwhelming crowd
participation so so so many people who loved Ferrari this position here so I’m
getting getting on my toes for a little bit just gonna sit here for a few
seconds just build that balance and you could get the feet stronger briefing and
a slight warmup that’s all we are split into three different groups again just
like the previous run I’m joining Bob possibly joining Group one hopefully
they are not do fast because I see a lot leads today this is yeah okay so the training tool for Bob fit
kicks off with so many it is around me and feeling very friends arises personal
capital behind me nofollow’ mattiyahu so doing that if I’m previous video was 15
kids are not wrong so this time it I think he studies off you go the stick
review of the 25 kilometer route but on 29 March I’m not joining identify I’m
joining the 50 up there now so what’s kilometres done
so many of them down ha let’s read it pop off for a run and I need to be able
to navigate all this particular path again I mentioned my favorite video if
all the different surfaces constantly evolving on Mac so I stole and finally
we’ll go on route and then Oh Busan is yes there’s a big out of nowhere and of
course if you look over over hit stop which and taken away my head before so
yeah hello bridges like this but like other runners measure oh yeah okay look
at is up one view that’s really spectacular so I see a cameraman down
there so regardless of how high we are Honus must master the skill to be able
to smile for the camera yes haha yeah a better job so again either show off dairy pump
you’ll be able to see a lot of hikers runners going by their usual activities
oh man whoa get this they’re in ha ha now look at this open to its last line
running towards paradise all their running form distinction out
of the window video so I need to look up I need to lose out at the time look at
all the runners go because this water pipe very very carefully comes right
here if not you may just fall right in Oh God so that is dangerous outside India it is
around 500 meter block but in less than 1/2 to the do as a reminder parent it in
tomato sauce 13 more to go yeah so I think I’ll not be able to stop working
in once you keep this true so yeah and join the roots
Wow it can’t but I can possibly I would take too much video
today because this is the route that we you ran record uploaded just my man ago
so yeah how do you doing more talking today please yeah God is not official event takes it
is some huh a moving object that we need to look out for the vehicles on the
income is now having our break good good to see or Brown is taking care why
another shorty whenever there’s any danger about shut
off who shoots it with water or other runners which is good I want to get a break now we are around
5 k + 4 either stop my watch so yeah Marcus how do you feel oh great I think
you feel nothing I don’t blah blah if you feel nothing
hi Ronnie hi you’re always high I always Hank you always is never been to this
rest area this is a nice place to take a photo probably I would be
so some some powder a lot of runners hollowness to me oh yeah Neal hi this
this is new field running over yes great how do you feel cool pretty girls will
be back don’t worry we were in this together yes we will
how do we address here my name is Kalpana my China is run a cow a cow
Danko subscribing thank you yeah thank you
oh the best believer there’s some Elise down here that I see a guardian I’m a
fear launch if not this could be just mean go so that’s a defending champion
is it a movie defending champion I don’t know a name so again I’m new to running
scene so I don’t already know or the in its name so starting again Choma Cheon is yes you can also be used
as a term for do things very fun yes teaching my friends I’m Singlish Lester
oh man back from my wonderful myself under the fish again yeah double digit
10 kilometers done so hey Maju go and that is a killer really killer focus
Pico and changed into my slippers so again another memorable right 18
kilometres ton of dairy farm true so now I need to rush for school rush to
wouldn’t do the most probably I’ll go take a bath straight there so before I
go I can say goodbye to her my brother gray we had control about everything
goes inside is guaranteed oh yeah is awesome awesome awesome awesome
experience again thanks to ash and the rest of the guys who make this happen
ready kudos Bobby hahaha really really awesome so yeah I’ll go back and you’ll
see me at home

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