Now let’s talk about a retreat. A retreat includes intensive practice which
allows students to solidify knowledge they’ve got at a seminar. It continues for a number of days, and, each
of these days, students undergo intensive practice which transforms their consciousness
and the consciousness of their cells. It is a powerful process of energization and
transformation. Sure enough, ten days of retreat, a week,
or a week and a half (depending on the task and the purpose), – isn’t too much. Nevertheless, this practice impresses upon
people’s consciousness greatly, and, during the upcoming year, or half a year, you have
a chance to feel this powerful energy. After the retreat your consciousness changes,
and you raise to a higher level. The word “retreat” is quite social, but,
in fact, it is an intensive practice of the Supreme Presence and living this Presence. This Supreme Presence can be expressed as
Cosmic Consciousness and aspiration to It. Each day of a retreat is given up only to
this. A retreat is a good opportunity to find time
and create such an environment which will help you to avoid a decline, living your usual
life. It will help you to uplift yourself. Any retreat is very beneficial as it helps
to solidify knowledge and, quickly but gently, raise to a higher level of consciousness.

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