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  1. thank you so much for this. much much better than my actual physio was. I totally could not do the tall step they started me on with my knee injury and osteoarthritis. so are all these doable safe with the modifications? I love all the levels you share with us.

  2. Question: why not create tension as you're lifting your leg slowly? For those that don't have ankle weights?

  3. please dr. jo..make a thorough and complete video on anterior pelvic tilt, why does it take place and its treatment through exercises…it will be a gr8 help….can we communicate through mail?

  4. I did a lot of these in therapy, working on my patella. Will these help on "runner's knee"? I tend to get it in my left knee sometimes.

  5. great work…
    i will apprciate to you v.much if you give me instruction to help me in my problem in my hand cause i think i am sufering of carbal tunnel problem

  6. Thank you for making this video! That is helpful and gives you ways to improve your legs gradually.

  7. Is it wise to do these with diminishing cartilage? Weight on my knees make things quite difficult.

  8. Can you PLEASE do a video about how to stretch legs. knee syatic ham everything about the leg. please

  9. Thank you so much, love your videos and expression 🙂 & I was wondering that if you can make a full body stretch before the workout or any kind of sports is it possible for you to make video…

  10. whew! That was some exercise for my knees. I did one set of ten reps of each. The last one I was able to just do 5 each knee lol.. Well hard cus I got knee injury from car crash along with lower back and glute injury 😒

  11. Hi Dr. Jo. I have a question. I got an x-ray on my right knee and it came back showing nothing significant. Basically normal. However, my right knee gets fatigued, feels rubbery/hollow sometimes and it has buckled slightly in the past, but no pain. I've been wearing an open patella neoprene knee brace for support and that helps. I find it deloads it and allows active rest/recovery. I have mild genu varum and the x-ray showed the Q-angle was a little greater on right side. I just did a tape measure on my mid-patella and my right is 1/2 inch bigger at 14 inches and my right is 13.5 inches. Is this clinically significant or relevant? I couldn't find any norms online.

  12. Hi Dr.Jo , I have little cracking/popping sound in my right knee with no pain
    Will these exercises help me get rid of the cracking ?

  13. I want to do some backpacking this summer (I am 66) and know these will help me get ready in a safe way. Thanks so much!

  14. Hii doctor I love ua videos my mom having issue of RA since 3 years she started ur excersise from yesterday but she is getting pains and she is feeling tired … Is that because she is doing first time excersise?

  15. Thank you very much but I have in addition to knee torn ligaments a ankle torn ligaments with some swelling around the leg ankle joint😯

  16. So its the effected leg you have to work out right?& the leg which you are putting foward is the effected leg right?thanks

  17. Hello Dr Jo. I am having my cast removed after six weeks in a cast next week from a broken ankle. What exercise will you suggest for me. Thank you ☺️

  18. Hi doctor Jo, 72 yo male, not much of knee pain, just not flexible enough, your toughs on what type of exercises or stretching, equipment and medicine (sometimes I take meloxican 7.5 mg) would you recommend. thank you in advanced.

  19. I am grateful for your videos. Your experience and expertise is awesome. I trust what you say vs. other YouTube videos. Also, you get to the point vs. lots of self promotion or giving too much info.

  20. Thank you Doctor,I am 36 yrs old female. I have swelling on my left knee. My physiotherapist told me that my muscles are week and thigh muscle is tight. Doing some small excersises. I follow your patellar tendonitis and IT band exercises. It gives me good result. But if I stand for sometime I feel tightness in knee and calf.can you please suggest me the excersise which is suitable for me.

  21. Buy a printable worksheet with the Knee Strengthening Exercises in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-knee-strengthening-worksheet

  22. My knee hurts really bad. It hurts more with dance. The pain is on the inner side of my left knee. What can I do to relieve the pain? It hurts alot. Sometimes it feels like its pinching from the inside. At times its extreme pressure or something.

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