Justice League HISHE – The Martha Origin Story

Hey everyone! We just launched our
Justice League HISHE and I’m noticing a lot of people have asked, “Why does Martha look like Adam warlock?” So we thought we’d take a little time to explain what
the heck is this Martha character. I am… Martha! We had this idea to create our own super
villain to one day attack the super cafe so when guardians of the galaxy 2 hinted
that Aisha was growing a secret weapon called Adam, we thought that seemed like
the best place to hatch our new character I think I shall call him… Martha. So then we set plans to put together a little Easter egg sequence to show Martha’s journey to the Super cafe but we found it was kind of challenging
to fit him in every episode while we were trying to also focus on animated
short so he only pops up a few times in the super hero episodes. and I’m gonna show you those episodes now The first is in how Wonder Woman should have ended where Martha officially makes it to Earth. the second time Martha’s mentioned in
the spider-man homecoming where M.J. is doodling in her sketchbook. What are you doing here? You’re not a superhero. I like to sketch
people in crisis it’s you what the… Oops! Not that one. This one. Hehe. You’re so mean. This is sort of a hint of what
Martha is and sort of a prophecy of what’s to come. Batman really should
have paid more attention that was very Un-Batman of him. The last time you see Martha is kind of hidden but it reveals that Martha has indeed found the cafe What do you mean? Everything is back to normal. My brother and I are together again… I have my hammer… I have my hair… I don’t have a girlfriend currently But that’s not even a problem for me. That’s not even a problem for me That’s not even a problem for me That’s not even a problem for me Everything IS back to normal. We did this to show that Martha has found them but perhaps he’s waiting to make his move. He doesn’t attack because Thor
isn’t the reason why Martha hates the super cafe. Initially we weren’t sure if Martha’s conclusion was gonna happen in the Justice League or Infinity War how
it should’ve ended After Justice League happened we decided that was the right time and Martha could represent DC’s greatest foe… An angry over-the-top
fanboy. Next was finding Martha’s voice which was a whole other element of
surprise we wanted to add. who would you guys never expect to be the voice of Martha so we contacted James from TheOdd1sOut and he was totally on board here we go Martha by the odd ones out Like who? Like Darkseid? No! Like Me! Ha ha! Ha Ha! okay that was a normal laugh not a super villain laugh. Hehehe Now I’m doing the death sounds! Nmaeeh Neah! Neweeeh hehe… like… Ngeh! Nghegh! hahehe Ngah Hueet Mweeh Meeeh Mneegh Neagh haha I don’t know how many more deaths
sounds you want. like my neck… my neck gets snapped. Hueeeh Nmeelh Blaagh Hehe! And after that it was time to Let them fight! Or NOT fight. And that’s really the whole neck-snapping story I hope you enjoyed it it was a lot of fun to do and I guess
the real question is is Martha actually dead? Right now he is but there are no
rules in this game. Okay thats all for now thanks for watching if you want to see any of these Martha clips and their entirety check the links in the cards be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram And we’ll see you next time Bye!

100 thoughts on “Justice League HISHE – The Martha Origin Story

  1. Martha chose not to mess around with Thor and Loki but to take on the entire Justice League. Guy has guts.

  2. 1:34
    Batman pretended he didn't know that man on the book…….

    Batman: BECAUZ I'M BATMAN!!


  4. Common you did Godzilla (2014) and King Kong (2017) do pacific rim uprising shin Godzilla Godzilla final wars destroy all monsters gmk gojira (1954) and Godzilla king of the monsters and invasion of astromonster

  5. When I heard james from the odd1sout I was like wait what
    Because I watch his channel by the way please upload quicker jaaames

  6. We need a whole animated vid dedicated to a Martha sequel on vengeance. And maybe he might not be alone. Just throwing ideas

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