Japan’s Body Image Gym

That’s right! 3 – My muscles are cramping!
– Don’t bend your lower back. My muscles are cramping! 4 The average Tanaka? When you start working, your opportunities
to make friends is narrowed, but here you can meet people from
different fields and in different age groups. Your communications skills will improve, you can do better at work, and you make more friends. So I really recommend this place. Right now I’m an assistant to a stylist. I’m a daycare teacher. I work at ramen shop. Human resources. I work for a water company. I work for SoftBank (telecommunications company). I work in (the) financial industry. Our members can use the lounge. It can be used as a cafe when members have free time, just to visit and hang out over coffee, or do anything they want. So we created this place for them to hang out
and communicate with eachother. That’s the purpose of this lounge. Basically I’ve always told everyone that
confidence makes a difference. So I want the members to be confident using fashion as a tool. Once you’re confident, your lifestyle will change. Here we focus on that. We not only change the appearance, but change the lifestyle. So that’s how I feel. There are many reasons why members join. For example, they want a hobby, to be busy on the weekends, be popular, have a girlfriend/boyfriend, make friends, change their appearance, be fashionable, be slim, get muscles… they didn’t have confidence in their apperance. So there are so many different reasons
for why they come to us. My friend recommended (Colors Lounge). He said I could become cooler, (I was hesitant but) he sweet-talked me. At first I wanted to lose weight. So my senior co-worker told me
about this and I joined. And after I went I found out they do
make-up and fashion, so I was excited about that part. Masters can be in closer communication with the artists. And how do I say this… You can take as many lessons as you want. And when you need advice you can consult with an artist anytime you want. I think that’s the best thing about being in the Master’s club. You get the chance to be part of a TV audience. I’m happy to be a Master because I can hear about
stories and experiences that I normally wouldn’t. I’m able to hear from body trainers about
“bedtime activities”, which can be useful. I knew it! – 6.6.
– Yes, 6.6. Let me see. SAT thickness… don’t flex. I see. Oh, sorry. Hmmmm…. – 24%
– 24%? – 24%
– You think? A llittle heavy. A little heavy. It’s simply really fun to be here. If you don’t know what to do about your body,
your appearance, your make-up, if you really don’t know about that,
they will tell you everything. So please come and visit. Hahaha, I don’t own the place, but there are many
friends here and I would like to be your friend. I hope that I can say that I’m more popular than before… I want you to wear that, I know it’ll suit you. Black or red? Red? Red is good. Isn’t this shiny? Hula dancer. Hula! Cute. That’s good! Nice, nice! (She does it) like this. So good, so good! Exactly like her! Wow, you’re it! So do you actually like shopping for clothes? Yes. Very much. This would be like torture for me, it’s like going to the dentist. Which one’s your favourite
outfit do you think? Umm… let me see. I think it’s this one. So this is your favourite? – Yes it is.
– Which one? Because it’s dressy. Red carpet dress. Thank you, bye bye!

100 thoughts on “Japan’s Body Image Gym

  1. To answer all your questions, I re-interviewed one of the members, Kensuke. Here's the Q+A https://youtu.be/nR9mOCaIHqM

  2. To be honest i think this an amazing idea. Usually joining a gym is about a lifestyle change. I know many people would love to be taught the best way to dress your body the best way to do your makeup for you etc.. these things can really help with people's self esteem and confidence. And if you combine it with the community and getting invitations to parties and discounts at stores etc..

  3. It's a pity we don't have equilivent character gyms, where patrons work on being better people emotionally. You become master when you can smile 30 times a day, only get angry once a month…etc

  4. I think it's an interesting idea, especially for those who eventually lose a lot of weight and unsure what to wear anymore

  5. Dude, don't talk about going to a shisha lounge while in a gym; That's blasphemy. Gyms like this make me pull a face; They are more about "being hot" or "being cool" than being fit. I exercise and I dress nicely; They are friends but not combined. These sorts of gyms can also be very dangerous; They may not only be placebos (really do nothing for your health) but may actually be damaging; There have been whole articles against places like this. "If you do get fat, they'll call you out on it."-Cause that's always had positive results for people's health. That schmuck pinching her for fatness (which we could totally see on her broad frame; I mean omigod, ew) would get a very Canadian reaction from me; As someone who's had doctors track muscle for health reasons, I can say 'Real professional, man. A+'. If this was dedicated solely to the fashion and social aspect, more power to them but to drag people's health into it, major red sign with sirens flashing.

  6. Just discovered your channel at first i thought it was for bbc or cnn. Your story telling is really good! Awesome videos, informative. Not the usual vlogs i used to watch in youtube, your channel set the standard. Your family is beautiful. =)

  7. – "Image does matter in the real world. But I like to pretend that it doesn't"
    – Does well edited, high quality n' good looking videos to make success in Youtube.

  8. Image is Everything! It can literally take you 2 or 3 times as far in your career when coupled with competence. My philosophy is that by looking your best you respect not only yourself but the people around you.People pick up on this subconsciously and naturally gravitate towards you because of it. I would say since Japan is highly conservative and uniform, dressing proper and looking good is more acknowledged as even from childhood people are forced to appear in neat uniforms.But in other countries without this childhood training of school uniforms its a bit more difficult to admit just how important dressing good is.

  9. Hi, Greg, 

    What about sexuality and the LGBT community in Japan? BTW, I love the video you made on where I'm from; the Philippines.


  10. They basically teach you how to be less emotionally mature, so you need to rely in superficial stuff to backup your confidence.

  11. It's for people who are isolated and need help and fashion advice because they don't have friends that can tell them.

  12. While a place like this may seem superficial to Westerners, the Japanese place a lot of importance on image and how one presents themselves to the public. Belief that one's outward appearance reflects the inner person is a major thing there. By presenting a more polished or fashionable look, others will get a better impression of the individual. The idea of first impressions being important are heightened by 100 there, so places like this have huge social and professional benefits for the standard Japanese person. It's one of those cultural differences that we Westerners just have to roll with. Then again, look at all the fashion magazines/websites/YouTube channels; all the gyms; and the gigantic cosmetics industry in the West. Perhaps we're not so different after all.

  13. As I got older, I'm finally understanding the importance of appearance. I definitely wouldn't go as far as these people but looking "presentable" can really improve your life for the better so while I wouldn't attend something like this, I understand the motivation of these people. They want to enhance their professional and personal lives, and who can blame them?

  14. I really wish something like this was available where I live. To me this is a terrific and needed concept.

  15. Honestly Western guys could use something like this because they are not fashion or image conscious and it does make an impact. It's ok to be in track suits or shorts and t-shirt once in a while but you've got to learn to dress for the occasion. It shows you actually care especially if your target is a date etc. I think this is incredibly important. Sure if you are editing all day at home be comfy but if you go out even if it is a rare date make an effort. I as a musician had a hard time with this, its just too convenient to live by yoga leggings esp in Vancouver and a pull over sweater and runners. But for weekends? dates, night out, business coffee? even school? I had to make an effort because image as we are image wired animals, makes a difference. Plz don't shy away from topics outside of your range, this gave me so much inspiration in the sense that I saw another format of a business that is not common but is working and marketed the right way. You never know who or what you may inspire ;). But yeah I wish guys here tried a little more.

  16. who is the fool benching 60kg in the squat rack, with the bar pad, wearing his outside clothes? and who didnt put the rubber plates back where they are supposed to be? dont let me catch this fool in my gym x)

  17. I was on-board until they took a left turn to THEE MASTERS club. Yeah, not my thing, but I could see some insecure, young people who need a lot of outside validation based on appearance be totally accepting and embracing of this. On a side note, the one guy spoke really great English, yet he said, before joining Colors, he didn't have friends, he definitely could have made a lot of foreign friends.

  18. So it advertises look good > gain confidence > people will like you.
    What kinds of people are you attracting? If they only want to know you now that you look fashionable and act confident?
    What does that do for your own wellbeing if your confidence is based on your appearance? You will feel like you need to maintain your cool appearance, which is time consuming and expensive. And if you go for a job interview, you'll obsess over looking good, to give yourself confidence. Rather than having confidence in your abilities.

    If you look and act like a normal person, with normal individuality, try to be a good person, have personal inner qualities, you will attract similar people to you. People similar to you, also normal, also trying to be good people. This is my preference over any of these body image gym people.

    The Master's Club sounded to me like a Japanese version of Scientology.

  19. This shows the big underlying problem of Japanese culture of being judged by how they looked.
    This is really sad, since they aren't able to accept and love themselves.

  20. Well it's good to know Japan has it's own share of shallow and narcissistic people. Yes, it's preferable to be clean and presentable but most people really need to focus more on improving the inside than the outside – and I don't dismiss myself from that number either.

  21. I'd want to join a place like this, but it seems to be only for one certain fashion and frankly, the body weight thing is bothersome. However, the masters club does make sense to me. It's not about getting the card, it's connections. They aren't saying it, but it's the chance to make connections to help you do what you want to do.

  22. They’re teaching to fit into stereotype, conservative Japanese fashion boxes, not developing true personal style. Wouldn’t generally recommend.

  23. Though this is something I wouldn't join, I do appreciate how well they do it and the people seem very nice.

  24. I think it's more of a problem when people get obsessed of how they look 24/7. Most of regular people that have social issues are just shy. I don't think that fashion alone can do much. Of course if you're wearing old stinky clothes and have oily hair then yeah, maybe you won't be approached the same but it is a question of how to succeed and not how to overcome something you don't know yourself of what it actually is.

  25. very interesting concept indeed..thanks Greg..keep up that unique content. How Aiko..bet you subscribers miss her and her brother.

  26. Well, yea but every person has a different kind of view on life. Like a nerd who has ugly teeth is fat and has pimples, if that guy feels shitty about himself all day, you can't just say to him "Who tf cares?" when you look handsome. Perception is still really engraved in our DNA, if someone looks unhealthy or weird, he'll get rejected from most of society, it's our natural instinct. So to feel more comfortable when you look good and kinda fit in, it's really natural.

    Like, to say it is bad to watch out how you look is like criticizing human nature, and you'll get into really dark territory if you start with that.

  27. I don't quire get why are you so sceptical? This is an awesome concept! The book is judged by a cover, regardless of do people want it or not. And if this place really does what they sell – helping people to improve image, build confidence through an actual workout – why not? They gain it, it makes them stronger and better.It's not about depending on other people's judgement or something like that, it's about knowing what fits you more and how to feel better. I really love this idea.

  28. I did something like this in the late 80's and it cost about $3k back then. It was not to make friends, and that did not really happen. However, I sill carry forward some of the lessons learned and how to appear around people, make myself look better and find fashions that fit my body type. I think everyone can benefit from some styling lessons, but no NOT need to be come a clone. Thanks for the video.

  29. Thank you for the very informative content about japan , i enjoy it! I just tend to shy away from commenting because certain times people get affended for everything even if its non intentional. That aside it seems like a cool concept if thats a persons preference, i personally wouldn't like that place because I get discouraged easily on lets say body image because i struggle with being very selfconcsious about not being super thin. Fashion wise i wouldn't mind the help but in a sense it seems too stressfull to always look perfect im clothing for every occasion especially if their are people whom are there to judge on if you look fashionable or not .

  30. We could feel your discomfort on this subject, Greg…lol! I think it could be beneficial for those who lack confidence and want a change in their life. It may also help those who are new to the business/working world and want tips on projecting a confident image. Yes, I agree, image shouldn’t define who you are, but for some, a confidence booster may be needed. Whether it’s in the western world or Asia, first impressions are often important in the business world or service industry, as well as job interviews. After all, most people represent a company or a brand or service, so employers want their employees to be reflective of that. It’s not just the exterior, but it appears that they also work on communication as well. I could see this helping with people’s professional and personal life. For some, confidence comes naturally, but for others, they may need some coaching and motivation.

  31. This is really, really strange. First I was like: Oh a combination of stylist and health advisors? Thats great! – but it seems really weird later on.

  32. Kinda sad actually. Especially when you should love people for who they are, not for their hairstyle or clothes. This seems to show status rather than true hearts. Now everyone will mimic Hollywood stars which are the most shallow people on Earth.

  33. This is a borderline business that can sometimes considered a SCAM due of abusing people insecurity.

  34. Honestly, being a creative, art person, depending how much control I'd have over everything but I'd like other people's views and ideas for my clothes, if ofc they'd take into consideration my personal style

  35. Maybe you should see it at the perspective of someone who thinks beauty standart is everything and beauty is something that he/she required in their profession.

  36. it would be so great if you had english and japanese subtitles at the same time, that would improve my learning japanese so much. but i guess its kind of a lot of work to implement

  37. Hey Man, I just wanted to thank you for your transparent videos. The other day I was talking with my Dad about Japan, and he scoffed some comment like "Well, why are they all committing suicide?" and if I remarked "That is a short-sighted perspective of japan's conformist culture"(my actual comment was not as well put together). If I'd never seen your videos, I would have just shaked my head and had nothing to say, but after watching you're videos I have enough insight into Japanese culture to understand these things, so Thank you, You're videos are truthful and well put-together.

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  39. But that's such sad, cause u can't be fat even if you have idk a disease or whatever, no u can not be fat. Maybe being fat is the problem of the world. It can make a lot of people feel stupid or worthless but whatever

  40. I hate how so many people see trying to be fit, liking fashion and makeup as superficial, it can be a hobby as valid as any other. It's no worse then the people who work hard at their sports. I would go to this gym if I could

  41. Sounds like an interesting concept. I live in Germany and I pay 52 euros a month for my gym and it's totally worth it. I get regular body scans, so I can see the relation between fat loss and muscle grow, minerals etc. My trainer taillered a training plan for me but the focus is always HEALTH, not appearance. I think this is very important. My goal was to release stress and get rid of back pain which I totally achieved. My appearance improved as a side effect. However, I kinda stopped wearing make up during the summer heat. It saves a lot of time which made me lazy to bother applying it again now that the heat is gone. xD I finally got clear skin because I found cleansing products that work, so I feel good enough without make up 🙂 but having someone show me how to apply make up in a way that makes me look even better wouldn't be bad I guess. It's a kind of art after all. Same goes for hair style and clothing. I never know what to do with my hair and sonetimes picking clothes for the day is just meh… My fashion sense isn't bad I guess but still, getting taught how to improve on it sounds like fun. At least I hope it's a place where you can go back to regarding fashion as a game in a playful sense, you know, like people use to have fun getting dressed up as kids, not for superficial reasons. So Idk how to feel about the Master concept. It kinda takes away the playfulness…

  42. You know, if I think back to my mid to high 20s, I could see joining a place like this, although I wasn't lacking friends. Fashion, fitness, nutrition, activities, meeting people all in one place for a fairly modest price? Seems like a decent idea.

  43. I can see how exercising and working on your fashion sense can be a confidence booster. Just like anything else, I think it's important to not let it consume your thoughts and to remember that make-up washes off and everybody's body eventually breaks down, so working on the parts of yourself that last is vital. It's cool that this is a place where not only can a person work out or get makeovers, but also make friends and do other activities together. Great video Greg! 🙂

  44. This is actually really cool as an idea. Being aware of your body, appearance, confidence. Taking care of your hygiene and knowing how to dress is part of helping you take care of your body. It helps your mindset.
    I enjoy being casual, but dressing up and being smart is important and enjoyable too and being able to understand how to make yourself look good is worth it just for yourself.
    Edit: there are trappings, think what you want about them and I won’t disagree.

  45. This sounds like a place I would like to go to. Alternatively, you could pick up a bodyweight training program/book and watch the gentlemans gazette on youtube 😉
    But still, I think this kind of club would be an interesting experience.

  46. We choose what to wear, how to style our hair, wear make.up, etc to feel comfortable with ourselves. Our image is how we present ourselves to the world wether we want it or not and we all feel comfortable with different things.

    Some people rather be wearing sandals all the time and others prefer classy shoes, some women feel comfortable not shaving, others do and that's their choice, you know? Wanting people to be a certain way is already pushing something on them, its good these guys want to explore their wants in a community that supports that.

    Rather than "what you're being sold" is "what are YOU buying", you get to choose what to keep for yourself.

  47. The fashion styling and makeup lesson aspects of this are a really good idea, also general exercise to stay healthy, but the part where you have to be under a certain body fat percentage to be a "master" really lost me 🙁 it sets a dangerous precedent and your body doesn't have to look a certain way to be confident and stylish

  48. "Just because I don't like it and don't agree with this, doesn't mean it's wrong or bad."

    My thoughts on the body image gym

  49. I suppose it's pretty cool but that's offered, but I have my very own distinct style and get complimented on it every time I put some effort in. But I'm like you most of the time, I wear the same things and don't worry too much about what I look like. Some people are just more fashion-conscious than others. But I like to live a more minimalist kind of lifestyle and spending money on clothing doesn't really fit into that. I only buy what I absolutely need and nothing more.

  50. I'm too old for this kind of thing and I don't think its my style, lol. But if that's what you wanna do, I'm not going to judge. I'll just sit here on my sofa in my pj pants and tshirt, lol.

  51. Oo yes this is strange. But I love it. But I would never be a part of it, I think I lean more towards inaka in my heart and this is a bit too 'big city' for me. i just wanna find snakes in the forest and jump off cliffs into bodies of water

  52. I think one should preseant themselves well, but not base their entire exsistance on how they appear on the outside. Be healthy, happy, and hip.

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