Jacques Sayagh – SDF Bodybuilder à Paris (Homeless Bodybuilder in Paris)

With my three brothers were played sports all the time I trained in my room I did karate, weight training I was making the material with brooms I appear with buddies at school by pumps I was fighting, I was going to karate, judo, I was in athletics bodybuilder dare all, their clothes, their hair cut it is a world that I love when I see that I have a beautiful body is great, especially when you have 50 years it’s better to do what you want rather than being amorphous I am looking to have a good body because I’m in the street if I had not I might be dead. I do not want to find myself in a small apartment People do not understand that you sleep on the floor, but I’ve never cold. minus 12 degrees, I put the boxes in the former. I knew the crack, heroin, Montreuil, I slept with whores. I slept in the hottest neighborhoods the morning you see the bodies, bottles lying around those who want to give stabbing when you still have a sporting spirit… choose a number between 30 and 50 38 the homeless admire me you happen to drink one night and not the next day you smoke, do not smoke, you never sleep with a cigarette I am 75 years old and I have 50 years of martial arts I see the muscles there work. Cheerio your buddies watching your wallet I should have been like that with my wives they would have been happier me and my bums .. This is what my life rots when little glue when the skin is really stuck, it means that it is ultra dry I have the water May 3 there is a competition in the Pyrenees it is called the grand prize pyrenes I have sometimes dry, it is in a few days I have lost the water that I have on the body must evacuate quickly I didn ‘t have time to make fat beans, cabbage for five or six days I was in the plan with 1500Kcal per day with triple therapy, liver not working very well the doctors a little scared I can not stay young all my life with an adult body and Adolescent I have small children I want them to be proud of their grandfather my grandfather is an idiot, but that’s a good guy I have a son that I love

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  1. Bonjour, je m'appelle aussi Yannick. J'ai mon originne dans la Nigeria. It is my pleasure to find someone with the same spelling. I was wondering if you would tell me what your name means and where it comes from. I have heard many different things in the past and was interested in finding out what another Yannick had learned. My name means "The Loved One" apparently.

  2. I'll put him up, if he helps me get like him, and let's me call him "Daddy"

    also, great choice of music! i love that song "Digital Versicolor"

  3. hmmm. I'm kinda skeptical whether he takes steroids. He doesn't do full reps and has not enough resistance to do progressive overload. How can he force his body to achieve that amount of muscles especially when he is 50's and his testosterone is dropping drastically? Doing many reps also doesn't really create that stimulus for muscle growth. How does he afford his protein powder also?

  4. Now the english speaking world knows French music is modern Synthwave and not bullshit accordion from centuries ago that no one listen anymore since ages

  5. Imagine his youth, coming to that country with a well built body and lot of big dreams. But finally ends up in the street. It's sad.

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  7. How the hell is this guy homeless???….NO WAY! ….the movie industry would want him, women would want him, even the fashion industry would want a piece of him…

  8. This guy shouldn't be living on the streets. In fact, in this day and age, NOBODY should be homeless and or hungry.

  9. Qui lui paye les protéines dont il a besoin tout au long de la journée, je parle de blanc de poulet, blanc d'oeuf etc etc pas de prot en poudre !
    Et surtout comment arrive t il a s'acheter ses stéroides …mystère …
    Quoi qu'il en soit, il est chargé le mec

  10. Je respecte cette personne mais je tiens juste à souligner qu'un physique pareil n'est pas atteignable naturellement. On voit les boutons dans le dos etc. J'aimerai donc savoir où se procure t'il ses produits dopants. Ou alors ce sont les résidus qu'ils lui restent de l'époque où il se dopait beaucoup.

  11. Avec le nombre de vues, j espère qu'il a eu droit à une donation et je vois dans les commentaires que sa parle de son physique et sa calcule si il est dopé ou pas, mais sa oublie l essentielle que il est a la rue et qu' ont devraient parlé de choses qui améliorerait son quotidien et tout ceux qui disent "ah je le croise tout les jours "dit plutôt" j aide cette personne quand je la croise près de chez moi" ou ferme ta gueule !!!!! 😉

  12. He dont have enough money to buy junk food, nor time to spend looking at some smartphone. He has a lot of motivation, as you can probably imagine.

  13. Ha ha ha fuckin rubbish, people u are so funny, dumb and naive steroids, good diet not a starved random big guy, please stop believing that this guy is homeless, rubbish typicol rubbish

  14. Bro no shit u should open your own gym I know u might b homeless but never say never I recon u would make the perfect gym facilitator

  15. His t-shirt says: I don't wish for anything, I am not afraid of anything, I am free. Zorbas – And he looks like he is a real life example of this.

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