Into the Light – Salomon Running TV S03 E08

I think I have a lot of dreams I think I am pretty confident
that which ever way I go I am going to be happy with that. My approach is very relaxed Sometimes I think maybe I am
just lazy, but the thing is, in the winter you
only have a few hours a day that you can be outside
without a headtorch. I spend some hours every
day outside skiing and then come home and drink tonnes of hot
chocolate and eat cinnamon buns and yeah, I’m following the season. That’s fascinating. Every year after winter and two
months of no sun, you don’t realise how much you miss it, until you feel it again. To be a part of nature — that’s
really important to me. I really just like to do what I
feel like doing in the moment. When I think about it, I really just feel very lucky that
I get the opportunity to do this. In summer time you can just pack
your running back pack with food and then you can be out
for 80hours if you want to! You don’t know what time it is, you’re
just going from mountain to mountain. I still feel very new, even though
I did 21 races last year. In almost all the races I couldn’t
believe I was in the lead! I just kept on running and waited
to see how it would all work out. I don’t train so much, I just move around… Yeah, it’s like, I don’t train so
much I just move but still– you move for 20 hours a week! Yeah I suppose not moving so much
can be a small morning jog. I grew up with a lot of people that
told me you should do what you love because that’s the most
important thing and I think everything will be fine, I really have a lot of trust in that. If you have a will and you
can see possibilities and you have direction and you can be confident that you
know you are going one way– then you just go for that. I don’t think every thing is
about running, absolutely not,but it is a
big ingredient. In two years I won’t remember a win,
or a good position, but I will remember a good day
out in the mountains. That’s what I’m going to remember.

32 thoughts on “Into the Light – Salomon Running TV S03 E08

  1. 'You should do what you love, because that’s the most important thing’ – I can only agree!

  2. I love running for me this is what I want, Eventhough injured right now this video is awsome

  3. Emelie, es grande por fuera, pero aun mas por dentro. Solo hay que ver su cara de felicidad. No cambies nunca.

  4. Does anyone know what kind of bindings she is using? Dynafit "    "…? Love trail running and skiing and this would be great for exploring the coast mountains of BC!

  5. Ok, I've definitely developed a crush on Emelie Forsberg. 😉 Seriously though, she's amazing and inspirational. I'm a middle aged man who has never been into athletics. But, I've recently got into trail running and I'm loving it! Emelie Forsberg is one of those people who makes me think 'I can do this!' No, I'm never going to be competitive. But, I do think this is the first athletic activity in my life that I can really get into and get pretty decent at. I also like that Emelie Forsberg doesn't look like "typical" runner. She's compact, muscular and her legs are relatively short. I have kind of the male equivalent of her frame. So, that's extra inspirational! Diving and gymnastics aren't my only options! 😉

  6. I remember watching this a few years ago and completely loving it, and now that I feel into running again I’ve fell in love all over again. I just want to live the live the life I want to be living

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