Iguane VS serpents : tension maximale – ZAPPING SAUVAGE

Everything seems calm, the ground is clear. However… These snakes have sprung out of nowhere. This newborn is a prey of choice, but he felt the danger. Fast as lightning, these reptiles are small and little venomous, but they swallow, after having smothered them, all sorts of insects, rodents, stranded fish and of course iguanas. This baby saved his life. The snakes reacted too late and leave empty handed. But other little ones are already pointing the corner of their nose and this time, a welcoming committee awaits them. Every year, in the spring, it’s the same story: these births are the promise of a feast. On flat land, the little iguana is faster than snakes. But here he is ambushed. One last little spell the head of the sand … But immediately, he sees the danger that awaits him. Prudent, he ventures out of his hole. … stop, before spinning like a cannonball! The eye of a snake only detects movement. If this little one stays perfectly still, he may be able to deceive the enemy. But this time the snake was too close, he felt it. Wonderful survival instinct! Speed, agility, courage, even crushed under the weight of his opponents, this little iguana struggled to the end to save his skin. n nature, this perpetual struggle for survival pushes animals beyond their limits. He is also at the origin of their tremendous diversity.

100 thoughts on “Iguane VS serpents : tension maximale – ZAPPING SAUVAGE

  1. اووووو قوووة القووووه أنقذ نفسه

    بس لا أدري إن ينجو مرة أخرى

  2. The real question is how the iguanas got there? They wouldn't survive in that place for a day but there are lots of them. Sabotage?

  3. When do you give up on life, when do you curse yourself, if you weigh yourself with this iguana you will never be disappointed

  4. I knew it! The last Iguana, he is the ONE!

    The one who would become Godzilla and will destroy those snakes once and for all. 😁

  5. The last iguana escaped the snakes strangle-hold the same way Khabib Nurmagomedov escaped Dustin Poirier's guillotine attempt. LOL

  6. Truc de malade !!! J'adore ces zappings sauvages 😍😍

    J'ai eu peur pour le dernier iguane sérieux j'en ai eu des frissons 😥😥

  7. This video makes me feel the fear of life n ….. Makes gussbumps .
    Just aswmmmmmmmmmmm
    Wow .,. I have never ever seen like this before ….. !

  8. Never seen before such a thing, snakes together hunting like a pack of hyenas, horrible! And the height they jump to climb upon the rocks make them too dangerous.

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