we talked about Dorian Yates earlier and You know you’ve said that aesthetics is [reverse-engineering] the body and when I see dorian yates, and he was here just few weeks ago He seems as like such a polar opposite athlete to you or person to you, but yet you respect what he’s done But what he did was obviously build an aesthetic, mass by doing physical practices what comes to mind when you think about bodybuilding or You know fitness models? Yeah, I was there. You know I was there many years ago. I was doing the thing you know I was 82 kilograms huge like maybe you know [Seventeen] kilograms more than now very big over 30 pounds You know I have all the ripped skin you know in the back in the arms to to show for it I was there I was [doing] it. I was following people like dorian in the 90s and stuff I was doing it, but it was it was leaving me very empty eventually I realized it was motivating me I did the whole thing but the awareness was leaking and I loved dorian because of his mindset it can be something [completely] opposite to what you’re doing but his approach the way of doing things that I appreciate and One last thing about it. Where is all that mess? nowadays Where is it? It’s gone So what is left? Ideas awareness that you developed in that practice and maybe didn’t develop much because it’s bodybuilding versus Superior practices for developing awareness and understanding and relationship with the body stuff that will last you a lifetime actually nowadays Dorian is doing yoga yeah, and and Climbing up those mountains and hiking he’s doing movement these days. He’s doing movement practice. He’s living in a smaller body Because it’s more economic and sustainable, and he’s preparing himself for more awareness and is more aware, so I Love his example and his fire and what he did in bodybuilding is amazing and I appreciate him coming on And talking about other things Because it might be a risk it might be Dangerous for him. Maybe people don’t want to hear it. Maybe people just want to hear about the gold old days you know and Babbling on about that and the stories you know the Arnold stories and you know all this you know pumping iron for the million times And you know what? Doesn’t do it for me [anymore] And I had to stay real with that and continue to develop myself and find the same fire. I had for those things but in a more Deeper level sustainable level into older age and still maintain certain aesthetics Which I believe were very important for [our] image for the way that we move they’re connected with who we are We’re not just a brain. We’re not just the body We’re also an image of the way that we look at cetera, right is part so aesthetics aren’t Unimportant there is a place for them. Yeah, I never said they weren’t important It’s the people who want to take the black and white thing and present it as a you know gimmick I never said that I said Just aspiring for aesthetics is Reverse engineering you are aspiring for those aesthetics because it hints of a movement functionality. Oh that body can Fight can move can climb can push can pull but actually Not necessarily in Dorian’s case. He was still one of the last you know strong body builders You know it was dead lifting some serious weights. He was pushing around some serious iron But even that is just a small perspective of movement You know it might be a certain you know relaxation that allows you to throw the arm in speed and hit someone more efficiently versus Contraction to watch the rest of this fascinating interview click on the link below and go to London real [academy.com] there you can sign in with your social [media] log in and watch the [rest] of the episode for free Along with all of our episodes on London real my webinars and all of our premium Content all located over at London real academy calm. So click on the link below you’ll be directed there You can watch the rest of this fascinating interview, and I’ll see you there

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