we talked about Dorian Yates earlier and You know you’ve said that aesthetics is [reverse-engineering] the body and when I see dorian yates, and he was here just few weeks ago He seems as like such a polar opposite athlete to you or person to you, but yet you respect what he’s done But what he did was obviously build an aesthetic, mass by doing physical practices what comes to mind when you think about bodybuilding or You know fitness models? Yeah, I was there. You know I was there many years ago. I was doing the thing you know I was 82 kilograms huge like maybe you know [Seventeen] kilograms more than now very big over 30 pounds You know I have all the ripped skin you know in the back in the arms to to show for it I was there I was [doing] it. I was following people like dorian in the 90s and stuff I was doing it, but it was it was leaving me very empty eventually I realized it was motivating me I did the whole thing but the awareness was leaking and I loved dorian because of his mindset it can be something [completely] opposite to what you’re doing but his approach the way of doing things that I appreciate and One last thing about it. Where is all that mess? nowadays Where is it? It’s gone So what is left? Ideas awareness that you developed in that practice and maybe didn’t develop much because it’s bodybuilding versus Superior practices for developing awareness and understanding and relationship with the body stuff that will last you a lifetime actually nowadays Dorian is doing yoga yeah, and and Climbing up those mountains and hiking he’s doing movement these days. He’s doing movement practice. He’s living in a smaller body Because it’s more economic and sustainable, and he’s preparing himself for more awareness and is more aware, so I Love his example and his fire and what he did in bodybuilding is amazing and I appreciate him coming on And talking about other things Because it might be a risk it might be Dangerous for him. Maybe people don’t want to hear it. Maybe people just want to hear about the gold old days you know and Babbling on about that and the stories you know the Arnold stories and you know all this you know pumping iron for the million times And you know what? Doesn’t do it for me [anymore] And I had to stay real with that and continue to develop myself and find the same fire. I had for those things but in a more Deeper level sustainable level into older age and still maintain certain aesthetics Which I believe were very important for [our] image for the way that we move they’re connected with who we are We’re not just a brain. We’re not just the body We’re also an image of the way that we look at cetera, right is part so aesthetics aren’t Unimportant there is a place for them. Yeah, I never said they weren’t important It’s the people who want to take the black and white thing and present it as a you know gimmick I never said that I said Just aspiring for aesthetics is Reverse engineering you are aspiring for those aesthetics because it hints of a movement functionality. Oh that body can Fight can move can climb can push can pull but actually Not necessarily in Dorian’s case. He was still one of the last you know strong body builders You know it was dead lifting some serious weights. He was pushing around some serious iron But even that is just a small perspective of movement You know it might be a certain you know relaxation that allows you to throw the arm in speed and hit someone more efficiently versus Contraction to watch the rest of this fascinating interview click on the link below and go to London real [] there you can sign in with your social [media] log in and watch the [rest] of the episode for free Along with all of our episodes on London real my webinars and all of our premium Content all located over at London real academy calm. So click on the link below you’ll be directed there You can watch the rest of this fascinating interview, and I’ll see you there

100 thoughts on “IDO PORTAL on DORIAN YATES & Bodybuilding

  1. So many shallow minded retards hating without a basic understanding of his concepts, he actually makes excellent points in this interview

  2. I think he makes some pretty good points, being fit for life and the importance of body awareness. I don't really get all the hate?

  3. yes all the mass of dorian yates are gone, BUT can you still move like the way you move when you reach dorian yates age. every discipline has a peak and a fall.
    now lets see how you can move when you reach 57.
    then i will ask you….
    where is all that movement now?

  4. to all idiots- think how much functionality have bodybuilder how much mobility he has, bodybuilder loose mobility which we needed to evolve and survive

  5. this guy is so angry and resentful. Good way of tricking simple people into thinking you are an alpha – been there, hope he grows. nothing wrong with his movement as far as i can tell but he is a child screaming for mummy.

  6. If you can't learn from ido or completely disregard his views then that shows you are brainwashed and are viewing this interview in a biased state of mind and most likely a bodybuilder with cognitive dissonance. The truth hurts and the comment section is filled with cry babies. What does that say about our society? The complete dismissal of an valid concept only to be acknowledged as true by the mass populous in 20 years , not the first time in history that has happened. Bodybuilding isn't sustainable. Economically, mentally and physically. All that animal protein? All that oxidisation? High metabolisms? Steroids? Tanning beds? Extremely Low bodyfat/Calorie restriction?(Cutting)? Extremely high bodyfat (Calorie Surplus)(bulking)?I don't see western society churning out centenarians or having a healthy society free from diseases of affluence & corruption. 97% of disease is preventable, but yet people seem to think they are hopeless. Functional movements make functional people. dysfunctional movements make dysfunctional people. We have lost touch with what really matters. Our food(whole food plant based) & movement (running & combat) as well as our spirituality & suppleness (meditation & yoga) Quite simplified but still my argument stands.

  7. Guy sells circus tricks and superiority complexes. That's all.

    I think bodybuilding is pretty silly, but 20" biceps are no less silly than backflips. Both are just for showing off.

    And 82kg is huge? Maybe if he's 5'5".

  8. So sad how many people here missed the point. He doesn't sound smug to me at all, sounds like a philosopher. So many haters because he's a good looking dude with a man bun who can do amazing things you can't do… don't hate, appreciate and please try and learn something people!

  9. I wonder if Brian played 'touch butts' in the park with this dork after recording finished? Dorian's mass transcends time and the physical realm, living on forever in his six Sandows, in photographical and videographical form, and in the minds and memories of all that his endeavours touched…Legacy…

  10. I really liked the guy until I watched this, what a arrogant, know it all type. To me the important thing is to be be adaptable and open and I believe anybody can do it. It's not clear if the man talks in terms of combat or movement in general. Please watch some of Dorians performances or guys like Kai Green and observe great movement. Do you know what kind of Mind Power it takes to develop the Mr Olympia body and the adversity it takes.

  11. Speaks a lot of sense this man , I was not aware of a lot of what he was about to be honest other than his work with ufc champion Connor McGregor but after going down the YouTube rabbit hole and watching these videos I have to admit that I am quite embarrassed at how dismissive I was of what I believed he was all about. I think it is still a bit of a stretch to be able to transfer these movements to mma without years of practice but I guess that is just a testament to the level of McGregors talents … you crack on ido you mental bastard keep on moving 😂

  12. ido has a lot of interesting and insightful things to say. but the end of the day your just a dude who does flips and handstands. i wish hed get of his high horse.

  13. Just because something leaves you empty doesn't mean that it is completely wrong for the other person who feels fulfilled by doing it don't pass judgement on what others are doing this is why there cannot be not one system of anything for any one person it's all gray it's all in layers whatever makes you feel good and you enjoy doing it as long as you're not hurting anybody

  14. Ido is a swag guy with his movement concepts and I actually like what he does. But fucking ell you can tell he loves the sound of his own voice 🤣

  15. Dorian was obviously a one off, but his way of training would fuck you up after a couple of months, its just far to tough on the body.

  16. I take only the good stuff from him and i must say he has great deal of good stuff!!!! Thanks Ido for the awesome mechanisms!!

  17. Don't understand the hate here. Making logical points no hippie theory in here like many suggest . He's clearly a fan of Dorian too. Passionate about movement. Internet these days yikes. Full of idiots.

  18. For bbs and crossfitters i would like to see how well they compete without steroids and who knows what other crap they take. Probably wont do very well. Fakes. cheaters.

  19. sounds like someone that took up weights to look good for women, after realising most women don't like these massive muscle heads but other men do he then had to find some "spiritual" approach to con these yoga chicks how amazing he was. haha

  20. ATM– gym people are on other side of coin and ido portals movements is on other side of this coin !
    offenders will offend
    rest follow ido saying!
    jai hind jai bharat

  21. This Guy and his Monkey movement is what got Connor McGregor knocked out LOL Humans walk on the legs not hands moron and morons who follow this evil person.

  22. Bahahahaha Who the fuck are you BIMBO??"I was 82kg before, 17kilos more than i am now, HUGE you know"… Go shave you clown idiot ! Bah…

  23. Funny how Dorian is now climbing mountains and practicing YOGA. Weightlifting is just not practical enough as as an application or as you age. Look at Arnold. How many heart attacks has he suffered. Especially the loss of movement and range. And lifting weights contributes to that stiffness regardless whether stretching is involved or not. It's just not economical to be big or to contract your body that many times without release. Body needs to unhinge and unlock the power of movement smh. And that's the problem with avid gym goers and their fragile egos. Because from that, the perception of their self worth and recognition was created. And that's a very fearful place to be operating from. It's almost pathetic.

  24. It’s funny to see some of the comments here…how ignorant can people be? This is why as a society we are in the place we are – too many close minded individuals without the capacity to step outside their little safe box. (Identity politics to a tee) Someone critiques an ideology you hold so dear to your heart, that you let it consume you so much it becomes your identity – so therefore when it’s questioned, you feel attacked. And a bunch of chumps on here talking about egos? You have to check yourself, because to those of us who are open minded, and trying to progress, you sound ignorant and misinformed. Ido is a movement genius, and moves so close to how your body was designed to move, he is practically still animalistic in his body. This is the functionality in which our bodies were designed. Clueless sheeples

  25. Bodybuilders want to look like Greek statues, the muse for those statues didn't train for looks. Bodybuilding grew out of admiration for the strongmen, the abnormal size muscles. But then the perversion of blowing up the muscle to the maximum size regardless of use happened. There are a few things to learn from bodybuilding, but not much from looking at yourself in the mirror all the time.

  26. 82 kilos…huge…wow….im 17 and I weigh 82 kg after 7 months what the hell is this mook talking about

  27. Body building and crossfitness are two different things, different sports. Anything in human endeavor ultimate meaningful telos is hard to come by. Competition can serve as a motivator for a time being, then movements, gymnastics. One can be a navy seal for a time, then one must retire. The next phase isn't necessarily better or more important than other phases in one's vicissitude of pursuits. Do whatever you like, no sense to compare and judge. There is no universally valid ultimate end of any pursuits beyond the meaning the individual makes of it.

  28. I'm glad Ido is a man of that "sharing" caliber. Having this mindset I wouldn't even care about what others do or think. It's hard for people to understand. Big egos everywhere. Maybe he has some faith on humanity but probably he does it because of economic profit.

  29. He is doining yoga because he injurd himself, he is not allow to work hard as he did, so it was not a choise he made back then

  30. Did he really say he was big at 85kg? That's not big! And Dorian yates being one of the last strong bodybuilders? Well Coleman was after Dorian, and Jonnie Jackson and Branch Warren and many more

  31. Bodybuilding is not only the weights in the gym. Just the gym rats took over the word. There isn't an analog of Ido Portal worldwide.
    I bet the 134 down votes are Bilzerian fans or however this prick was called.

  32. My dad woud say: "Adding complex philosophy to a trivial fact".
    Ido portal movement is like another fad diet (i am not hating. he obviously is right to a certain degree). and like all diets, they talk about the same thing, (calories and macronutrients breakdown) just from different perspective. They also add some name and unnecessary philosophy to it, for the sake of sales and creating cult like following. When you are a smart person you know all diets are the same. Its all about calories and macronutrients breakdown,depending on your goal and personal preferences. Only people thet don't understand it, start following some diets and identify themselves with it (just like people belonging to the fitness trends). TRIBALISM anybody? As for some sports (like bodybuilidng) being unsastainable. Its just as sustainable as many gymnastic complex movements. I've never seen a guy crawling or doing flips while going to work. Its only usustainable if we compare it to older times. Apparently it's sustainable since you can make living out of it. We, as a human race are way past survival and sustainability level, and that's what allows us to specialize and do whatever we want. because our ability to move has nothing to do anymore with our survival.we dont have to hunt for food or fight physically with others all the time. Imagine if we would have approach of not specializing in medicine. We still would be in dark ages. 
    I've been doing sports all my life. Ive pretty much done all of them to greater or lesser etxtent and i love all of them. I love learning new stuff and getting better at it. thats why i cant identify myself with any specific form or trend.
    So I would say this: Go and do whatever you want. You can do one thing or do them all. it all doesn't matter anyways. But please stop, adding those unnecessary philosopies to it. You are not something better because you do something differrent. its all been done before, its nothing new.

  33. He is just stating his personal opinion, he is not inspired by basic bodybuilding, no big deal, doesn't mean your wrong for loving it, don't get so triggered, everyone has their own philosophy

  34. Ido Portal is truly changing the dialogue and he does so without any disrespect to the legend that is Dorian Yates. Refreshing and inspiring to listen to him instead of Maxwell who needs to spit before he speaks.

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