Iceman Wim Hof and Weed? #AskWim

My favorite instrument Is the guitar Why? Because I’m able to take it everywhere. Piano, I love it, but it’s a
little bit difficult To climb the mountain with your with a piano on your
back And I mean I like traveling And traveling with a guitar You know, with a ukulele is even better Whatever is practical And makes music That’s my instrument, that’s my favorite You know the mouth harp? That one! It’s a great instrument! And it’s just *whop* In the back of my pocket Great instrument! Yes! That’s the one. What do I think about weed? Weed is great. It’s like a
cannabinoid. But if you are able to get high on your own supply That would even
be better Don’t you think so? Hey, man It’s the less money I’m Dutch, economics So I’m thinking, hey weed is nice Could be nice But I prefer to get high on my own supply That’s what I do! So I get the endocannabinoids And I’ve proven in science that the endocannabinoid system can be It can be activated. That’s the deepest part of the brain. My weed is
here. Inside. What do I think of that weed? Great! Do I ever feel fear? Yes, fear is a
word. Fear is a reality. And fear is a thing you learn to handle. And once you learn to handle the fear, you go to the fear Instead of fear comes to you Like the cold I go to the cold, that’s why I don’t get cold I go to the fear, that’s
why fear doesn’t come to me. I learned to handle fear. I challenge myself Mentally, physically, emotionally In many many ways And then the fear That not being able to
do something Is not there because I’m prepared. You can prepare yourself
towards anything That’s the way we are built We are built to be able to handle
a fear Before it’s coming to us. We learn about this complex psychic mechanism Called fear How to handle it? By challenging our bodies And mind. Its all there. Think about it So, do I have fear? No. I go to that before
it happens to me Before fear comes in I already handle it. I get my goals And I make the fear go away. I’m determined to realize my goal. And there is no space for fear. And I know fear is there. All the time But not in my course That’s the way we are built So a fearless state of being Is who we are. In the depth of our
self. But we have to retrieve it. What is my favorite yoga pose? Actually it’s now the archer. The archer And of course the Hanumanasana The Hanumanasana is the splits The splits… Yeah like… Without warming up guys Yeah like this. Or the Archer And also the lotus position Is a very nice one Feels like firm. I got quite some big legs And they are really It’s one piece, it’s like a rock Here I am. If I have to pick
one Which is my favorite pose to do You know, it always changes Sometimes it’s
the archer Sometimes it is the splits Sometimes it’s the one-armed bandit Sometimes just sitting Sometimes it’s just lying on the ground Completely relaxed Whatever makes you feel great with your body Your body awareness Lifting up your body awareness That’s your pose for that moment So my favorite right now is the archer I love it! Hey guys, thank you very much for your questions Love to you!

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  1. Is it ok to hold your breath for 2 minutes when doing the breathing exercises or is it better to stay with just one minute?

  2. fear is just a negative belief, out of coord with your spiritual pure vibration, which tells you the belief is not true, otherwise it would be excitement instead.

  3. I have terrible anxiety but when I go out in the bitter cold in the winter I feel better. It’s very strange. But I DONT want to take a cold shower!

  4. If wim Hof approves of weed that just proves for all you motherfuckers who are against DR.Green that marijuana ain't bad and it will heal and improve every single human being if used right way and properly I got healed from prediabetes my father was already type 2 and taking nasty diabetic pills untill I started making him smoke weed now he just smoked weed and diabetes gone fuck bigpharma pills they were destroying my old man ): I feel bad for all the poor diabetics or cancer patients who are slowly being killed and they have a bad idea of marijuana just because the stigma the government gives it

  5. He speaks the truth so naturally that consequently it's so succint and brief.
    There is nothing more to know about the human condition than what he said but first we must realise ourselves again beyond fear 💕

  6. Some of your faithful listeners have disphonia. Listening to you and the music causes us great anxiety. Would u consider stopping the music for us?

  7. Fear yes fear no ? No method gvn – here is one: fear is friend that always says" what if", talk to it, thank it and let go, deep breathing pranayama…

  8. They will look back in 100 years and realize the secret is both… Inclusive balance everyone … inclusive balance. Yes meditation and deep breathing and cold exposure is wonderful… A combination of that with cannabis will lead us to immortality. If you don’t get it this lifetime you can come back and figure it out next one

  9. Hello Wim.
    I really appreciate you to share ur method on youtube you killed it.

    I've done Wim Hof method for about almost 5 months. I've had a great experience (i could hold my breath for 2:30 on average and my allergy was almost gone) I do it daily for 3-4 rounds
    But now, idk why…Even I'm struggling to pass 1 minutes (on holding breath), and my allergy is getting back slowly.

    What's the solution to all of this? please gimme an answer

  10. Вим скоро я выучу английскую речь что бы тебя понимать и это будет моя первая вершина🧗‍♂️

  11. this is the most disappointing vlog by Wim – he must feel fear – eg of losing his children to disease, accident or murder – we all fear that and to say you go to all fears is untrue. His idea of weed – disappointingly puerile having worked with youngsters who 'self medicate' and become psychotic. Used to think he was great but have doubts now as unauthentic at times.

  12. My favorite instrument is the breath. My super power is withstanding cold temps until freezing 🥶 point. I am, ICE MAN 👨 HA HA HA

  13. Hi guy's 🙏🙏.
    I suffer with extreme anxiety and constant adrenaline surges.

    Will this help because I dont want to stimulate even more adrenaline,?

    Many thanks.

  14. Quick question: all my life (because of my kidneys making stones/kidney crisys) all the doctors told me to stay away from cold or heat. Should i try the wim hof method with cold showers? I've already tried the breathing method and it makes me feel good especially with my depression/anxiety. Now idk what to do about the cold showers. Thank you in advance for answering!

  15. Ganja as used in the ancient drink Soma, unlocks the mind as we have receptors in our brain to link with the thc or cbd form any source, If you use it with meditation, by far your results are amazing!

  16. #AskWim
    What do you think about hot-water-bottles or heat-packs? What about saunas? Can I use it even though I use your methods – particularly cold showers? I were so grateful for an answer!

  17. Sir please come to India and tell the prime minister of India to give a rule of doing the ice bath in every houses
    I like your "WIM HOF" method

  18. I've come to realize there's a difference between tired and relaxed. One is healthy and one can be an indication that you're not- a serious indication. Being relaxed means less or no stress in the mind and body. Being tired or exhausted means can mean mucho stress ,being under constant stress. That leads to a negative feedback loop,insomnia,overeating,compulsive and/ or impulsive behavior that lowers tolerance physically and mentally to deal with the source of stress. Medication can be used to breakthrough the PTSD or anxiety symptoms caused by stress but healing involves more than medication,weed,cbd,alcohol, psychotropic drugs etc.

  19. I see him as for Vishnu Sadhu instead of Shiva Sadhu ,Vishnu Sadhu are Yoga practises who do not use weed Shiva Sadhu are Yoga practises who use weed as for gift from Shiva
    If you feel on to gets on yoga that's each for themself to go on with
    If you feel on to gets on weed is the same each for them but to young age to go on weed is not what i supports better after twenty also each for them self to decide the result of that is than the same each for them to go on with i go for weed on occasions the same as for alcohol but also each from themself

  20. I wonder Wim… Could you speak about what you believe about autism or how to relieve a "overloaded" nervoussystem?

  21. Thc is a neurotoxin, if you dont have cancer dont be smoking it. Any smoke for your lungs is bad anything combustible in your lungs is a no.

    Stick to CBD.
    Weed on special occasions and parties people

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