100 thoughts on ““I Am A Different Breed!” – Gym Motivation – Epic Motivational Speech

  1. Are you a DIFFERENT BREED?
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  2. Team fearless If You Reply That Will B my Greatest Motivation For My Day….. ❤️ Love From 🇵🇰 Pakistan ♥

  3. different problem have different solution ……..so I have little extra guts for different problem

  4. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    Have We not opened forth for thee thy breast?(1) And We have taken off from thee thy burthen, (2) Which weighed down thy back. (3)And We have upraised for thee thy renown. (4)Then verily along with every hardship is ease.(5) Verily along with every hardship is ease. (6)Then when thou becometh relieved, toil; (7)And Unto thine Lord, attend. (8)

    God bless a tryer…as long as within limits set…


  5. Gona work out so much your body will give out on you when your older. Like girls who get fucked in the ass too much. Soon they wont be able to hold their shit

  6. The backround picture remind anyone of the 80's video game Altered Beasts ? Or is it just me ? Great speech though

  7. It’s so funny how you say some normal facts in different tone and an epic background music with a cool wallpaper, it becomes this motivational 😂👌👍

  8. Existen 4 tipos de personas
    1 aprende atravez de la lectura
    2 aprende atravez de visuales
    3 aprende de otros
    4 aprende que cuando quiere aprender ya es demaciado tarde

    Yo gracias a mi Padre tengo todos esos dones si me entiendes dime de que forma aprendes o te sientes mas comodo de explicarte Las cosas
    PORQUE Al buen entendedor pocas palabras que Todo lo que he ecrito
    Y posteado ya nos hubieramos echo Ricos todos Los que y lo que falta porque esto apenas es El principo de algo que nose como va funcionar pero estoy 100% seguro que va a funcionar

  9. Could anyone tell us in which video it is said miracles happens to those who believe in miracles

  10. Yes I knew I’m different I can I will believe that👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  11. No pain no gain screw the quitters they will not have a chance to face the fearless breed that doesn't quit

  12. This is Deyvid
    D- Don't down
    A- Anymore don't give up
    V- WeekendHaveMeCheersForU
    I- I'm proud of you
    D- Do not die!

    That's my David!

  13. " walk a mile to avoid fights; but when one starts, don't back down even an inch!"
    Please make a motivational video on this quote.

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