Hyunmoo forced to go to gym [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.29]

(The day when Hyunmoo’s relationship became public) Alright, great job. This is the day when we finished filming and went our separate ways, right? (Hyunmoo was on his way home) It’s weird to see me on the screen. (Hyunmoo is absorbed in his cellphone) Hyunmoo is addicted to his cellphone. (As always, he gets into his car but…) Let’s go. What? Welcome, Hyunmoo. What? (Horrifying, Peek-a-boo) How scary. (Why are you sitting there?) I want to try training Hyunmoo. Seriously. Don’t even joke around about that. – No… / – He’s talking nonsense. Hyunmoo needs to train his body now to show his girlfriend a nice body. We can exercise together. What are you doing? – What? / – What’s wrong? Where are we going? Where’s Jaesang? Are you looking for your manager? Yes, my manager didn’t pick up his phone. Your manager was a co-conspirator. I already spoke to your manager. Where’s Jaesang? – What’s wrong? / – He didn’t even tell me. You like to exercise comfortably, so I’ll make sure that you do. – Comfortable… / – You’ll lie down while exercising. Even if you say that it’ll be comfortable, I don’t believe trainers. – I hate them. / – Trust me. This guy’s suddenly kidnapping me. He really looks like he doesn’t want to go. Yes, I really didn’t want to go. You got such a pretty girlfriend. (To become a healthy boyfriend for his girlfriend) – She’s 15 years younger? / – This is driving me crazy. If you exercise hard today, I’ll make you instant noodles. You can look forward to it. He was a bit tempted with the instant noodles. If he just gives me one hour to train him, I can make him lose all his fat. Will you give me instant noodles as well? I will. (Hyunmoo was tempted by instant noodles) I’ll give you instant noodles, eggs, and kimchi. I like instant noodles so much. – I filmed an ad for instant noodles in the past. / – Yes. – You’re supposed to spit it out, right? / – Yes. – Because you get full if you keep eating it. / – Yes. I ate all of it. Because you liked it so much? After the ad, my face was swollen this much… (Plump) Because I ate so much instant noodles. My face was plump. They film that for the whole day. I ate about five pots of instant noodles. That’s how much I like instant noodles. I’m looking forward to the instant noodles. When you made the noodles, you cooked it just right. Truthfully, I’m going along despite being kidnapped because of the instant noodles, right? Of course, I do. You have to give me instant noodles, alright? I’ll be sure to give it to you. I’ll cook you special instant noodles since you came. Whew. He must’ve been tired after filming. I was never able to pick up exercise as a hobby. Will you succeed? Will I? Good, come here. Come here. (A commotion) (Rumbling) I hate the air in here. It’s so nice, what do you mean? Come here. – I hate the smell of these machines. / – Come here. It’s so nice, what do you mean? Come here. What’s so nice about it? There are so many machines here. That’s fine, but I don’t like the smell. Hyunmoo really doesn’t fit in with that space. I stand out in that space, right? It doesn’t fit you at all. I hate the smell of sweat and machines. How did you honestly feel after going there? – I was very surprised because… / – Yes. He didn’t even turn on any music. He was probably trying not to pay for music. It was so quiet there. That’s right. You can only hear people exercising. There wasn’t any music there. I smelled his cheapness the moment I walked in. (He can’t hide his cheapness) (Who am I? Where am I?) I was so scared. He’s a bit different from when he’s in the studio and when he’s wearing ordinary clothes. When he’s in the gym though, he’s the grim reaper. What should I do? Should I sit down? Yes. I like sitting down. Of course. We can just warm up while chatting like this. This is nice. We’re spending time as we chat. This is nice. – I was so tired. / – I’m here to exercise but I’m tired. It was almost midnight. That feels good. – It does, right? / – I’m enjoying this. I’m not doing it hard. I feel like I’m at a Thai massage. – What is he doing? Is he warming up? / – Stretching. That feels good. – That feels good. / – He liked it a lot. It’s so nice. I felt my blood circulating. He said that he felt his blood circulating. Why don’t you open up a massage parlor? You’re doing what Hyunmoo likes for now. – Right? / – Yes. At first. I got caught at that moment. You’ll do great with massages. That feels good. What is he doing? (This is nice) I was trying to act cute. (You don’t look cute at all) Call Gyeongtaek. As you’re exercising, take some photos of him. – We need to advertise it. / – Oh, photos? – Yes, when he’s exercising. / – What did you say? – Photos of Hyunmoo. / – Nothing. That’s not it. He said that he wants to take photos of you. You’re a complete crook. You just gave me a massage and now you’re trying to use me for advertising? You warmed up, so let’s take some photos. Your shoulders. They’re very stiff. (An exercise to stretch Hyunmoo’s stiff shoulders) I’m always sitting down at work so it got stiff. (The side-effect of working with bad posture) It’s stiff. (Jab) That looks so bad. My arms are too short. (Narcissistic) – I won’t make you do things like that. / – What’s that? It’s nothing, just do this. This. (Stretching with a wooden stick) This felt good. That does feel good. I should buy one of those. – That feels really good. / – Slowly, good. (Perfect for Hyunmoo’s stiff shoulders) – Good. / – Oh, this is nice. I told you it’s good. Slowly. (Advertising) This person. (He’s filming for ads in front of his face) – Why does he keep taking photos? / – No. – He’s not. / – Oh, really? Do you think that we’d be able to advertise with you? We were trying to advertise. We thought that if a celebrity visited us, we’d have more celebrities visiting us, so I think that’s why Boss Yang invited him. They were filming me secretly. (Impossible to focus on exercising) I was so surprised. What are you doing? (Oh, right!) – It’s nothing. / – You’re such a con artist. – I’m not. / – I want to keep doing this. (He turns his body toward the camera) Toward the camera. He tied up my hands and kept filming me. He kept turning his neck like this. What do you mean? You’re the one who turned it. (Hyunmoo is exercising) Will you be able to use it as an advertisement? (Hyunmoo’s hell training will continue shortly)

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