HR Chair Yoga With Megan 2

hi my name is Megan we’re here for a
short break to connect to our body in our breath and to bring our best self to
every single thing we do please take this time to find a comfortable seat and
if it feels good go ahead and take off your shoes make sure you find a seat
that supports you and if you can adjust your chair make sure that your hips are
in line with your knees and your knees are in line with your feet let’s get
started let your hands just rest on your lap close your eyes and start to hear
your breath in through your nose and out through your nose notice your spine tall and straight and notice where your body touches the
chair notice the textures the warmth and just be aware of anything you’re feeling
right now there’s no stories to tell or nothing to
explain just here to notice breathe in through your nose and out through your
nose deep breathing with sound on your next
inhale let’s reach up press your palms together let’s do some side stretching
bring your right elbow down if you have a armrest rest on it and stretch your
left arm up and over your head press your sit bones into the chair and feel
the stretch from your hip all the way up to your fingertips inhale reach up on
your exhale drop that left elbow and reach over deep breathing the sound inhale reach up
and exhale hands by your side inhale reach up
Eagle arms if you can’t reach your right arm under and left arm over bring your
palms together in front of your face stay here for deep breathing and if this
is challenging for you the other option is to just bring your palms in front of
you like daniel press your palms press your elbows together and lift your
elbows up and away from your body everyone lift your elbows up and a wing
deep breathing stay there and breathe for a few more breaths inhale reach up release your arms and
exhale hands by your side great next make sure that you’re sitting
on the front edge of your chair so that you have room between you and the back
of the chair place your arms down fingers face forward press your sits
bones into the chair and lift your chest drop your head press your feet into the
floor down and out with your feet deep breathing with sound really good inhale come up and bring
your hands to your lap close your eyes and focus on you on your next inhale
drop your head to your right shoulder and if you want a little deeper stretch
you can bring your right hand up and just rest it on the top of your head on your next exhale drop your chin to
your chest stay here and hear your breath on your
next inhale bring your head to the other shoulder and if it feels good you can
bring your hand up and over and just let gravity pull your head deep in the
stretch as you breathe into it really hear your breath and your exhale
drop your chin to your chest and let’s continue with a couple neck rolls all
the way around as you exhale bring your chin forward inhale to the side and
continue just like that really focus on what you feel in your body right now if
something feels really good stay there and explore it you can go fast you can
go slow but just move with your breath and if you haven’t already go ahead and
change directions deep breathing without when you’re ready
bring your head back to neutral sit up tall and straight for the next exercise
let’s take some time to just notice our breath bring your right hand to your
chest and your left hand to the lowest part of your belly inhale your chest
inhale your belly exhale from your belly exhale from your chest continue just
like that inhale to your right hand inhale to your lower hand exhale from
your belly exhale from your chest keep going just like that slow and steady your hands are just tools of awareness
tools to be aware of your breath and notice your breath breathe deeply and
notice the air that fills your body notice your lungs expanding and
contracting inhale and make sure that you pull in
just a little more air on your exhale squeeze it all out and get the last drop
of air out continue just like that seesaw breathing in and out through your
nose feel the air fill your body as you do this just notice what’s going
on your body there’s nothing to explain or describe
nothing to fix just here to be fully aware go ahead and finish up the round
that you’re on take your time when you’re ready let your hands melt to your
lap keep your eyes closed and just hear your breath bring your hands to your heart press
your palms together and let your thumbs rest on your sternum thank you so much
for taking this time for you for its connecting to your body and your breath

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