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what’s up guys i’m here at Gold’s Gym and i’m going to show you how to approach at the gym which can be a little intimidating especially if you’re not a really big you know buff guy like I’m pretty average and at this particular Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach there’s a lot of meetings a lot of spaces so it can be a little intimidating even for me. But the thing is I’ve been going here for about a month and a half and I’ve never seen a guy approache a girl at the gym. I think I’m pretty sure I’m the only guy that does it. I’ve done it about three or four times now so just try it, man and I’ll give you an example in just a second. But I recommend that you just go direct because if you just start a conversation and say “hey you have really nice form” or “hey, how do you use that machine” or “hey, let me show you how to use that machine” or something like that she knows what you’re doing. she’s not stupid. she knows that you’re trying to hit on her and you’re beating beating around the bush so instead just cut to the chase and redirect it shows that you have confidence it shows that you don’t need an excuse so you don’t beat around the bush and it just cuts to the chase quicker because women here are working out. especially at this gym in particular they’re really serious about their lifting and their exercise so just cut to the chase you want the interaction to be short so she can get back to her exercise and so that you can get back your exercise too because let’s face it you’re here to work out so the approach can just take a minute or two it doesn’t have to take longer than you know one or two minutes but the key is you have to remember to acknowledge the reality because she is working out she is busy so you want to say hey I know this is kind of rude i know you’re in the middle of your exercise and i actually have to get going but i just had to tell you and then whatever it is that you had to tell her whatever compliments that you want to tell her. excuse me, real quick… this is totally random and I know you’re in the middle of your workout but just I saw you here and I had to at least say hi. get going it’s actually a video blog what is this little thing is that a 360 [small talk] Do you have IG? yeah you should follow me. so I do like a dating coach vlog. Is it cool if I use this? Yeah! Definitely. Savannah right? yeah yeah I gotta get going okay so there you have it man even though I got caught with the camera it still worked I got our Instagram and I got her Facebook now sometimes guys will say you know is that as good as a phone number I think it’s better than a phone number because she can see pictures of your life see videos of your life which is better than just a phone number right those are just digits and i hope this disproves all the haters from the last gym approach video that we posted that said you know just go to the gym to work out it’s not a place to hit on girls you shouldn’t be doing that it can just take a minute or two out of your workout so why not do it there’s plenty of women there you know why not talk to a few here and there you know they’re not going to be mad and if they are if they’re like okay thank you but I’m not really into this and just say okay anyways have a great day enjoy your workout and then just remember her name and just say hi wave at her every time you know you can always befriend them, too. so try it man I know a lot of excuses might go through your head they go through my head to whether it’s appropriate or not to do this at a gym but I say why not so give it a try man and leave a comment down below let me know how it goes for you peace if you’d like to be able to approach women in any situation without fear nervousness or hesitation and overcome all your approach anxiety then check out this free training that I put together for you that reveals a simple technique that you can do in a matter of seconds to eliminate fear just click the link down in the description and i’ll send you that training my name is matt artisan from the attractive man and i’ll see you in the next video

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  1. when I'm at the gym I'm so confident about myself physically but I never think of hitting on a girl cause at the gym I feel like is rude to hit on her but after this video I should say hi to a girl at least and compliment her👌

  2. This is awesome and realistically achievable. I only go to one gym in particular and there are a lot of regulars there. I say 'hello' to a lot of these regulars and base on their reaction, it's pretty simple to see whether or not they want me to approach. I try not to make it awkward but do try to make my interactions nonchalant, quick and organic. I like your icebreaker and approach on this. No way did you come off as arrogant or creepy or even playboyish. No offense, I do enjoy this infield footage way more that the email posts. Good job sir.

  3. Matt you say that you like to open with a direct compliment. Are you opening direct to a very young hot girl (20-25 years) too?

    And what is your experience? Is it difficult for a guy (beginner) with 40 years to get such young girls or do i need a lot of experience?

    Thanks Matt!

  4. most woman hate being hit on at the gym especially if you're not a regular that they see a few times a week. it's a great way to get a bad reputation as a creeper. if you really want the girls to notice you just go in a do your workout , smile and say hello if you have your eye on someone and don't be using the mirrors to check them out inbetween sets, they hate that shit and they will also notice every other girl you're checking out to. if you feel compelled to ask someone out wait until you know they are done their workout and if you're declined don't be a little bitch and pout about it because if you're a true gym regular your'e going to see her many times a week so don't make it uncomfortable for her. she might change her mind sometime later or she might have a cute friend she wants you to meet that is if you're not a "gym creeper"

  5. i have done it before im no sinatra, but he is right you can get girls at the gym i have done this more than once. Then again i am 6' 2 and fairly built. 💪. i have seen other dudes with no game get girls , so its doable.

  6. I do this all the time and not once have I ever had any woman get creeped out by it. Just be natural and brief. Don't hover and go on and on. Cut to the chase and get to the point and if she says that she's not interested in "hanging out", just smile and say, "Well, nice to meet you. I'll let you get back to your workout." Even women who don't want to give me any contact info, will still want to chat a while, especially when I don't act offended by their rejection. The natural way you handled this and turned it onto a conversation about YouTube was a good recovery. You didn't get flustered or embarrassed and she seemed to really enjoy talking to you. Women like natural guys with confidence. The bufffed guys with huge egos come off like guys with huge egos. Women are turned off by that.

  7. bullshit who does not agree, gym is one of the best places to get a girl and I myself have been successful many times, just be natural and not intrusive

  8. Since it's a gym, they have a bathroom there.

    So, draw lines on your arms with a red sharpie and when you get turned down, visibly rip the blades out of a a razor and scream that you're gonna cut yourself while stomping to the bathroom

    I guarantee you'll get a response every time

  9. Free Training: How To Be Confident & Eliminate Fear ►►►

  10. This was the best social media marketing I’ve seen. Super low-key. I want an Insta360 now. how much did they pay you for vid? You even gave us the price. #genius

  11. Hello Matt I am a huge fan of your vlog I just wanted ask this.Actually I live in India and the girls here are not that open to these things so what should I do about it, about the approach please help!!!Waiting for your reply!!

  12. personally, the roid heads/jacked dudes & worrying about "imposing" on her precious space isnt the problem.
    I just can't think of anything to talk about while all light-headed & pumped full of adrenaline. I get worked up thinking about having a brainfart and vomitting

    anyone else feel it's just tricky adjusting 'modes' like that?

  13. I’m part of a 24 hour gym chain but most of the members are guys and if there is a hot girl who lifts they are usually with their boyfriends.

    But years ago I went to a gym in the city near where I was working and 70% of members were women doing mostly classes. The weights area was mainly men.

  14. Indeed there are faggots who claim that you should not approach women at the gym that you are only annoying them but these are only a bunch of excuses when in fact It is women their reason for them to try to look fit and well and they are diying to approach them and getting to know them because to be honest. women look hot!! in the gym and many of them want attention and be approached!! though they dont obviously show it!!
    Gyms are for working out and picking up both!!

  15. I would suggest being friendly to everybody at the gym especially the regulars, and whenever you see a hot girl that you haven't met before, just go talk to her.

  16. It's true that you need to be careful cuz you don't wanna piss a girl off that's trying to get her work out in, but the truth is a lot of them are there to meet guys too.

  17. we have been chasing women for thousands and thousands of years. of course, it's totally NORMAL to approach them and say "hi". we have been saying "hi" to them since we were living in caves, but, back then a "hi" was different, our hairy ancestors would just grab her by the hair and that was it. Today, we don't do that anymore,
    but, we do it in a more refined way. We are a bit more "civilized".

  18. It's really cool how you teach guys to be good men and not steal other guy's GFs and wives. It would be so easy for someone like you – we all know it.
    Altruism is a definite biological concept, it always makes me happy to see it in action and actually work. Most men are definitely not so good! Some are even evil. You take the time to put this out there for free to help loosers like me, when you could make profit on it or reduce the competition, or just teach guys to be totally narcissistic, nihilistic, and machiavellian.
    It always brought me joy to see the good guys win. Thanks for all you do. If I had the money I'd gladly travel and pay to learn from you. I need this so badly.

  19. My gym is in a small town where most people seem to know each other. In this regard I think it's better to open indirect then build up to direct. You do have to be cautious because it can go badly wrong.

    Another thing I'm scared of is getting an embarrassing erection as I'm talking 😂😂

  20. Can a white man attract a woman or do anything in life without being manipulative? you want sex and you have to dance around the bush like she doesn't know that's what you're up to?
    These dating coaches spew a whole bunch of bs and slide a few lines on truth in it to make you relate but, unless you're naive, you know you're been sold the snake oil: seminars, 1 on 1 sessions, merch etc.. You're not going to talk your way into sex with a girl doesn't find you attractive. And as long as a "dating coach" is the same one filming his own "infield game" how is he going to prove he didn't hire actresses in this world where everyone wants to be the best? Im just supposed to believe you took her home and had sex with her because you entered the same taxi or building? was anyone there to actually see the dick sliding inside the pussy? if that isn't shown, I'm sorry it could be staged like the moon-landing. White people generally are deceitful by nature and will do anything to gain glory. Lance Armstrong was supposed to be the most successful cyclist until busted for being on PEDs.
    Im supposed to believe if I wasn't trying to buy any car at all, you can talk me into buying a Ferrari I can't afford? to you gullible 5"1 white and Asian virgins, ain't no way a "dating coach" can mold you into being a girl magnet, if you ain't attractive to her to begin with, you ain't getting shit!
    "Women do the choosing" what part of that statement is hard to comprehend? if she ain't chasing in the first few seconds to a few minutes of setting her eyes on you, there is no amount of talking or "gaming" you can do to change her mind.
    How about do some investigation, get you a camera and spy on these fake dating gurus to see how good they are with random women in the real world.

  21. I'm the only one in my gym who approached women, and I'm married, so I'm really not doing it to pursue, but just for fun

  22. Alright – I'm confident now to talk to some one at gym but I'm on bed now😎. Will try this tmrw at gym.. will be back tmrw to share results.


    Try 1 :

    Me : excuse me… excuse me..(no response)..(in my mind this sucks but don’t give up) again excuse me now by tapping her on hand slightly

    Her: sorry..

    Me: are you waiting for this equipment?

    Her : No

    End of story..😂 I left from there.

  23. I prefer phone number because then you’re a mystery. So when you and her hang out, it’s easy for conversations when getting to know each other. That’s just my opinion.

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