How To Speed Up Your Metabolism Without Exercise (& Boost Thyroid Function!)

– Oftentimes when fitness
trainers talk about metabolism and weight gain, they’ll talk about how to
improve your metabolic rate with exercise alone. What they don’t tell you is that your metabolism is directly affected by your thyroid levels. If your metabolism is the engine, your thyroid is the gas. There’s another way to speed
up your metabolism with foods that boost thyroid
function without exercise. Yes, I said it, without exercise. It sounds to good to be true. I have proof from thousands of clients, so click the link below to find out more. (upbeat music) So let’s just keep this very simple. What is metabolism? Well, metabolism is the process it takes to keep you alive, how you burn calories, how you burn fat. The thing about metabolism
is studies are coming out to let us know that we don’t know as much as we thought we knew. We are learning more and more
and more about metabolism all the time. It’s constantly changing every minute of every day, always going
up and down according to what you’re eating, according to how you’re sleeping, according to your hormones. Metabolism is constantly being effected. One of the many myths about metabolism is that well, you gotta eat many meals a day to keep up your metabolism. Well, that is actually doing
you more harm than good. Frequent eating, it trashes your system. It doesn’t keep up your metabolism, so that’s not something that
we wanna use to help you. We can see that it doesn’t help because we’ve been doing that for decades and we’re the sickest and
the fattest in human history, so that is not working for
most people in this country. Something that we need
to understand is yes, metabolism goes down as we age, but that’s not a bad thing. That is just part of the aging process. We can fight this with our diet, and when you get to goal weight you can start building muscle back up to help rev up your metabolism as well. Again, keeping this simple, the thyroid effects metabolism because if you have a sluggish thyroid or if you have no thyroid, you’re gonna have a
difficult time losing weight. You gotta make sure you
get those thyroid levels where they should be. This is something that your
provider can help you with. I would prefer that you go
to someone who specializes in this kind of thing, maybe a functional medicine provider or someone who really understands thyroid and how it relates to diet, but definitely the
thyroid being wrong or off or having the levels be sluggish, you don’t want that. That’s gonna be a problem
when you go to lose weight. I mean, not just weight loss, but having a sluggish thyroid and having your levels off, oh my gosh, I mean you just feel like crap, so getting your thyroid levels correct, you’re gonna wanna definitely see somebody to help you with those levels. Job one is getting your diet correct and this means a high-fat lifestyle. Get that sugar down. Get those crap carbs down out of the diet, and that’s gonna put less
pressure on your thyroid and that will help
regulate thyroid levels. There’s nothing you’re
gonna be able to do, there’s no pill, there’s no other method that’s gonna be more powerful
than getting your diet right. Nothing else is gonna
work if your diet is crap, so getting your diet
right is gonna be job one. Another thing that’s gonna help your thyroid is supplementing iodine. You can talk to your provider about this. He or she will know more about this, but getting a good iodine
supplement is gonna help that thyroid. If you’re ready to join
the masses of people who have lost weight and
kept it off without exercise and were able to gain their life back and their health back along
with new-found energy, I have a program for you. Click the link below to access the code red 10
pound takedown challenge to get started. If you like this video,
give me a thumbs up and better yet, subscribe to my channel. That way you are notified when I release a new video, but listen, I would love to hear from you, so comment below and tell me, how have you noticed
your metabolism change since you’ve been on code red? I wanna hear your changes. Put ’em in the comment box and I’ll see you in the next video. (upbeat music)

3 thoughts on “How To Speed Up Your Metabolism Without Exercise (& Boost Thyroid Function!)

  1. Well, for me personally, my thyroid levels have stabilized since joining the Code Red Lifestyle. I have had Hashimoto's since my early 20's and my levels have been all over the place for most of my life.

    I started Code Red in August of 2018, lost 105# in a year and have successfully kept that off since then. (From 250.9# to 145-149ish)

    I also have celiac disease and my diseased gall bladder was removed as well back in 2018. While I will have malabsorption issues for the rest of my life due to my autoimmune conditions, Code Red has truly evened out my thyroid needs (my medication levels haven't changed since I started and I have my levels tested every 6 months) AND I lost weight while being true to this lifestyle! Pretty amazing considering all the other things I had tried to lose weight before this.

    And for those of you on the fence, give it your all for a month with a ten pound takedown challenge! Dude, it is only 47 bucks. I started by reading the book(10$ on a kindle) and followed with a challenge. I never got a custom program, just followed Cristy's sound advice given in the book and information given out during the challenge(s). I have done more than one challenge because I find value in them.

    Being stubborn is my super power and once I decide I am all in, the world better watch out lol! Decide to be ALL IN for the betterment of your good SELVES and reap the rewards of your excellent choices! <3

    If I can do it, you can too! <3

    Thanks Cristy. I sure am glad you are doing what you do.

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