How To Run Like A Pro | Running Tips For Triathletes

(dramatic music) – When you see a pro triathlete on the run, it can be hard to believe that they’d swam or cycled already. So what is it that makes a pro triathlete look so smooth and effortless? Here is how to run like a pro. (upbeat music) Ground contact time, refers
to the amount of time your foot spends in
contact with the ground between each stride. Generally the faster runners, will spend less time in
contact with the ground because they’re able to apply
force quickly and efficiently. You can improve this ground contact time by including some fast
intervals into your training like a few 60 metre sprints
at the end of your usual run Plyometrics is also being proven to improve ground contact time by increasing your leg stiffness. (upbeat music) Running off the bike when you’re fatigued can really affect your posture. It’s not uncommon to see athletes almost sitting down into their run stride. This is caused by muscles not engaging or hips being quite tight. Cycling actually renowned
for tightening the hips. As is sitting at a desk all day for work. Aligning head, shoulders, hips and legs keeps you tall and balanced. Running in this upright position allows you to utilise big muscle groups and ultimately make you
a more efficient runner. (upbeat music) Forefoot, midfoot and heel strike are regularly debated amongst
runners and triathletes. But rather than focusing
on how our foot lands, we should really be looking
at where our foot lands. Top runners do not over stride, as that can cause a break and forces the foot lands
out in front of them. Instead they take shorter strides with their feet landing beneath the hips. (upbeat music) Whilst it’s harder to detect I’m running with an ever
so slight forward lean, the idea of this is that I’m using gravity to maintain my momentum forward. Towards the end of an
iron man for example, the easier I can make the run, the better so I’m looking for the most
efficient running style possible This is often misunderstood and athletes lean from their hips
rather than from their ankles. There should be a straight line running from you ankles
up to your shoulders and this does take a certain
amount of core strength. (upbeat music) Running with tense shoulders,
is not just uncomfortable, it can really affect how you run. If you’ve got tension in your shoulders, it can really restrict your breathing and stop you from running fluidly. Pros will just carry
their arms effortlessly which in turn, relaxes their shoulders. So think of it like a chain, if you clench your hands,
you’ll tense your arms, and you’ll tense your shoulders. So really focus on relaxing your fingers and dropping your shoulders as you run. (upbeat music) There you have it, a few
tips on how to run like a pro and hopefully they will help you towards a faster run split in your next triathlon. And you can see more videos like this by subscribing to Global
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100 thoughts on “How To Run Like A Pro | Running Tips For Triathletes

  1. These are some great tips! i already incorporate all those techniques but it's nice to see that i'm doing it right haha.

    but really a good one to share amongst friends.

  2. Will there be a "ask anything" type of show? I would really love to see you guys comment on people sending in footage of their swim form, bike-fit, and running!

  3. I want to also add in, before transition maybe do the last part until you step off standing, this engages the muscles differently and the transition from biking to running will be easier.

  4. GTN came out at the right time. Im starting to run as cross training for cycling. Also thinking of starting a triathlon.

  5. Favourite place to run so far has been when vacationing on a cruise ship as the ocean is probably the least distracting most peaceful place to be.

  6. Any tips for people who are Runners/Cyclist on running with heavy legs?

    I competed for track for my university; my biggest fear is going out too hard in the run portion. I also train with the fastest group rides available here as well with self tempo cycle pace and got use to having heavy legs now.

    I normally race my 5K's in the high 16's during track season and XC season but finding that sweet spot for triathlon is somewhat tricky for me.

    I would normally run like low to mid 17's but would like to try and match to my standalone 5K as close as possible.

    Thank you!!

  7. I've sent some friends who are just starting out in triathlon this way 🙂 efficient transitions would be a useful video for beginners.

  8. It would be really useful to have a summary at the end of each video, reviewing the key points. This is pretty standard teaching/coaching practice and just means you don't get to stop the video if you're taking notes.

  9. Always run easy! it should be easy to go slow, easy to go fast and easy to go long, if it isn't make it! Because it is not about how fast you run but how you run fast 🙂

  10. Could yo maybe do a "buyer's guide" for the best bikes to get? (Maybe not the most expensive ones but the best quality/price ratio)

  11. Exactly the kind of stuff we wanna see on here – nicely done. As others have pointed out, could use a summary at the end, but otherwise great 🙂 Would love to see some videos on running shoes (reviews, pro gear etc) or perhaps even some thoughts on compression clothing (shorts, socks etc).. Cheers.

  12. Love club la santa. So many stars there that have inspired my kids over the years. Thanks to Helen Jenkins taking my daughter running, and autographs from the Brownlees, Cav and many others

  13. Awesome tips! I always struggled with running, primarily because I was never sure which technique I should use (heel, mid, fore), and I generally only have two speeds, 0 or 11. I have long legs, and a huge stride, so it's always been difficult for me to break myself of that, thus putting more effort into the stride. Seeing good form demonstrated has definitely helped me as, I'm more of a visual learner rather that an aural or kinesthetic learner. I'm excited to go give these tips a try, now!

    GCN has done wonders in helping me with my cycling (my strongest sport, even though I only average around 17+ mph), and I am extremely grateful that this channel came into existence! I'm not AS nervous about my first ever Super Sprint Tri next month!


  14. Amazing video I'm so interested! I have a decent sprint but distance is my thing!! I play hockey and getting back into shape from the off season is hard but running is the best way for me.

  15. A lot of running technique is hard to impliment. We tend to get use to something and those old habits are hard to break. Videos like this are nice, but don't be overly critical of yourself if you don't have perfect form.

  16. I may have missed it but tangible tips on how to increase cadence to get to 180 and why it is good would be awesome

  17. Yes! As a triathlete without a coach I am swimming in tips from all over the place. I've tailored my run style much like that seen in the video. I am excited to get confirmation and denial of the various suggestions out there from this site. Thank you again for putting this together.

  18. I'm a very long term subscriber of GCN who just yesterday decided to train for a sprint triathalon. Amazing that this channel just popped up when I needed it. Great group of networks. Looking forward to some more awesome content.

  19. Nice video with lot of resourceful tips, gonna start applying them from tomorrow and we'll see how it goes!.

  20. Some great tips!

    However, there is one thing that kills my running – shin splints. I came form the bike and swim world and now am looking to get some running in. Anyone got any tips? Thanks in advance!

  21. I think one thing you specifically forgot to stress is the cadence. This is a very important factor when trying not to overextend your stride. In my experience when you lean forward your cadence will increase and your stride will shorten with foot placement improving. So these factors should improve one another.

  22. Does anybody else agree that GTN, GCN and GMBN should do a episode together, like monthly GCN show + GTN show + Dirt Shed Show. Talking about different benefits of trying another discipline or what content on the channel may appeal to other channels' subscribers.

  23. I come from cycling and would love to see some sort of correlation video as to what for example 4 watts/kg equates to in swimming and running, assuming I've got below average technique in both

  24. As a newbie, how does one determine how much to train for each of the three disciplines? Is it best to break training time into thirds (1/3) …and spend equal time training on each discipline? Or should one focus proportionally on weakest to strongest?

  25. Those broad lines are certainly helpful but as a complete beginner I would need some more in depth coverage about every single stuff you talked about. Because right now, the only thing I am sure I understood and can apply right away is loosening shoulders and fingers 😉

  26. I have started running with the launch of the channel, ive been out a few times, but I sometimes feel like Im swallowing air, I start to feel sick and cant help but beltch. Are there breathing exercises or anything I can try

  27. Could you do a video of a person starting from nothing and getting into a running regime, avoiding stress fractures, coming back from injury etc?

  28. Great video! It would be AWESOME to see a video dissecting the different running techniques of pro triathletes like ferdeno, keinle, ryff, etc. It would also be awesome to have a side by side slow motion video comparing running technique of a pro as compared to a beginner. It's so much easier to see the mistakes when they're compared like that! Looking forward to more videos from you guys!

  29. Had to put a halt to my training a year ago due to the ITB syndrome. I feel like i've tried everything to get back to running and yet it still hurts. Have you got any tips on how to fight that injury? By the way, GTN is already becoming one of my favourite channels on youtube 😉

  30. Very good and valid points. I like them! I'm also interested in the logic or rationale about those who run whist keeping their arms almost totally straight and their hands down near their hips. Is there something to this and why don't top runners do this technique? Thanks!

  31. Seriously great channel. An perfectly timed launch. I've just lost 23kg and have just signed up for my first triathlon, sprint distance. Looking forward to videos to come.

  32. I have a bad habit of overstriding with a low cadence and not pushing backwards as my foot makes contact. Any tips?

  33. run like a kangaroo like Alistair? or like a tazmanian devil like Javier? Rinny? simply runs like a boss, have her show us some tips as well? well done Mark, good pace mate!

  34. GTN sock game is horrific. Black socks on the bike are bad but common. Black socks whilst running is unacceptable. @gcnworld sort them out!

  35. was looking forward to this channel… the logo is shit tho.. why didnt u make it in the gcn and gmbn style? could be something like this in red color without the ironman logo…

  36. My foot contacts the ground like yours (slight contact on the outside of the foot). Do you wear neutral shoes or another type?

  37. Hip bursitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints,peroneal tendonitis. All at the same time too, they've made me stop running. 😐

  38. You don't need to follow these tips to be a professional runner. I became a professional runner by finding loose change on the ground. Since then I haven't looked back.

  39. There are psychological elements to actualize the body to achieve amazing speeds. However, even though its too weird to be illegal, releasing bears from cages behind the starting runners is quite unethical. I thought of that! I may need a spanking. Just a second, I need to text my phone number…

    Just a second…

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