How to run a store from outside – Locked Out

What’s happening Rowan? Forgot the keys So why are you just standing outside because I forgot the keys Alan. I can’t walk through walls Well go and get the keys that would be over a dozen minutes away. I’m not gonna drive a dozen minutes So what’s the plan for today then? Well, nothing changes. We just work from outside Rowan, we cannot run a store from outside We absolutely can Alan and we absolutely will Rowan if you are not gonna go and get the keys I’m gonna go we can’t run a store from out here you’re not going home No, I am I’m gonna go you can’t you cannot run a business this way you’re definitely not going home You’re gonna stay right here. No. No You’re a b**ch You’re you’re a dirty little b**ch He’s a dirty little b**ch ummm… I I might go as well actually. No, you’re not going anywhere. Look, there’s a customer. Serve the customer are you guys closed I thought today you – Yeah sorry we are – we’re closed No, no. No, we’re not closed. We’re absolutely open. Oh look Serve the customer. Serve the customer So you say hello sir, how can I help you? Hi, sir, how can I help you today? So you say ‘yes I’m looking for I was looking for…’ Ummm I was looking for some headphones Really So you say ‘yes, sir. We have a wonderful selection of headphones. May I suggest the SteelSeries arctis pro?’ Um, can I suggest the SteelSeries arctis pro? My god, oh my god, okay You say ‘yes, that sounds great. I would like to buy that right now’ Yeah, can I try those please? No, no. No, that’s not what I said. I said ‘I would like to buy that right now’ That sounds perfect, I’ll take it great. Have you got any cash? Yep All right give it Is it in here? Well how much is? how much are they? Well what have you got there? Lets have a little look That’s good great. Great. Right! Okay – can I have them? Well, not right now – we’re locked out Right right so when do I? I don’t know when we’re open come back some other time, okay great when are you open? Can you just f**k off? Okay And that Adam is how you run a legitimate business. Oh we didn’t get any details from him. I don’t care sir You guys may not be aware that we’re actually sponsored by the SteelSeries If you want to get twelve percent off SteelSeries products and support us we get a bit We make some of the money. links below type in the VLDL twelve to get 12% off We make some of the profit everybody wins. Let’s go

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  1. У нас в России это не удивительно 😂 а парням респект за крутые видео . Лайк подписка !

  2. Oh, is this the channel that create those pubg and a medieval game videos? If this is it I wanna say keep it up this is good.

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