How To Run A Fast Half Marathon With GCN’s Dan Lloyd

– Okay, so you’re done a 5k,
a 10k, maybe you’ve already done a half marathon. Well now, it’s time to
do a fast half marathon. – Well that’s what GCN’s
Dan Lloyd is after. Isn’t that right, Dan? – Yup. (upbeat music) Right, well Mark and Heather have roped me into doing my first half marathon, at quite short notice, I have to say. It is my first one, but at the same time, I want to do it as fast as I possibly can. – Whoa, is your plan to
go as fast as possible straight from the start? – Yeah, that’s how you do it. You start off fast,
then you go a bit faster in the middle, and then
you sprint at the end. That’s my plan for the day. – Ooh, I think we need to give you a little bit of a hand, here. So here’s some tips on how
to run a fast half marathon. (rock music) Before we even tackle race
day, there’s actually a lot of prep and training that
goes on in the months prior. And one of those is setting a
realistic target time or goal. Have you got one in mind? – Yeah, yeah, I’ve got
on in the back of my head that I want to achieve. What’s your target time, Heather? – I’m hoping for around 1:30. – Yeah, so the one I’ve
got in my head is 1:29.48. – (laughing) Oh. – About 12 seconds quicker than Heather. No, I’m joking of course, but 90 minutes is what I’ve got in mind
because that feels like you know, a nice round number
and a good goal to have. – Yeah, so now that you’ve
got that time in mind, you can work out the pacing
needed to make that time and obviously tailor your
training around that. So you’d be looking at 4:16 per kilometre or a 6:52 per mile. – Right, that’s a bit
faster than I thought it was, actually. – Well there’s no backing out now. But now, let’s look at
how you implement that into your training. (upbeat music) – [Heather] The type of training
we do is really important and so many runners fall into that trap of running everything kind of hard with no focus on a specific session. For half marathon
training, you really need to focus on doing long runs and threshold. Threshold runs will help your body be able to adapt to the lactic acid and long runs will help you
improve your aerobic capacity. – [Dan] So what about speed work? Because Mark had me doing some speed work for my fast 5k. – [Heather] Well, don’t worry
Dan, it’s not entirely wasted, but if you’ve only got
time for a few runs a week, then you’re better off focusing
on tempo and longer runs. But if you do have time
to fit in a few extra then it’ll just help you
improve that top end speed and also make your running more economic. – [Dan] So where then
does my pacing, so that 4 minute 16 per kilometre
fit into all this? – [Heather] Well that’s the
threshold run and conveniently, it’s roughly at around
your half marathon pace. So a good starting,
well you basically want to be running continuously
at threshold for around 10 to 20 minutes and
you can obviously build it up. But a good starting point
to be doing a session is two lots of 15 minutes with a few minutes of recovery in between. And that leads us nicely
onto you pacing for the race. (thumping music) – [Mike] So, running at this pace during your threshold runs, will really help you dial in for race day. But if you’re like me, it’s quite easy to get carried away on the day, especially on the start. – [Dan] Yeah, I’m not too
worried about that because I am a bit of a slave
to numbers riding a bike or when I’m running, and also, I know that it should feel easy at the start. I also know that I could really pay for it if I do go to fast at the start. – [Mike] Okay, well personally
what I like to do is know my pace per kilometre. Then also know what time
I need to go through 5k, 10k and so on. I’ll just double check that. Also, for a lot of races,
they do have pacers. These are people that run a set time, and you can just look out for them. They normally have a flag. – [Dan] Alright – [Mike] Just make sure you’re on track. But, I have heard a lot of
stories that they don’t quite run at the right pace. – [Dan] Oh okay. – [MikE] So do also check your own pace. – [Dan] Yeah, well what I
am slightly worried about is the last 5ks, because that,
for me, will be going into unknown territory. So, an easy 4:16 average,
do I start dead on that, and hope I can hold it or even raise it? Or, do I start like 4:10
for 5k and give ourselves a 30 second buffer. – [Mike] Well, it’s actually
a really good point. So, you know, you have
adrenaline on race day, and I usually say to utilise that. So, like say run a 4:10 per
kilometre to start off with, but cap it and make sure you don’t run it for any longer than a k or two. And then, after that,
just make sure you settle into your race pace. If you have anything in the last few k, you can up it and hopefully
get that time you’re after. (music) – Okay, let’s start talking a little bit about fueling strategy
for a half marathon. Let’s begin with breakfast. I presume that’s not
dissimilar to when I was racing a bike and that you’d
have it two to three hours before you start competing. – Yeah, I mean you’re
pretty spot on with that, and obviously it just need to be something that your stomach can handle,
so practise that before hand. But the fueling comes a
few days earlier really when you start to up the
carbs, but nothing too crazy. You’re not going to start
eating bowls and bowls of pasta, and just be bloated. It’s making sure you have a
decent meal the night before, and you’re well hydrated before the race. – Yeah. And then in terms of
during the half marathon, I mean all my runs so far have
been about an hour or less. So, I’ve never even
taken water out let alone anything to eat or a gel or anything. Since it’s going to be
longer, 90 minutes, is that something I should consider on the day? – Definitely, I mean your
energy will get depleted over that length of time. So, again, you need to
practise this in training, but take with you a gel
or some other carb source, and have your own with you
so that you’re used to that. Then, take it at around halfway. I personally take it at about 10 miles, because I like that incentive. You got at 10 miles, and I have my gel, and then it’s only three
miles to the finish. So, it’s just whatever works for you. – Yeah, and then the fluids,
so I’m not really carrying a bottle with me the whole way around. There are fueling stations around. How much do you– – Yeah, there will be
energy drinks and water, so normally like the
Lucozade or something, or water. If you’ve got gel, you
probably only need the water. But don’t take the bottle and think like, oh I’ve got this bottle
and I’ve got to finish it. Take a few sips and run with it for a bit, if you feel comfortable,
and then throw it away. Make sure it’s in the bin
area or just take a sip and wait until the next station. – I think it’s definitely
something I’m going to practise, because eat on the bike, when
it’s a bit easier in a race, is quite easy, but I’m
starting to think how I’m going to do drinking and eating. – The drinking can get a
bit messy, and your trying– – Yeah, because you’re going
hard and you’re kind of jogging up and down, but yeah, I’m going to practise that before the day. – Good idea. – Before we finish this
video about half marathons, I’ve got one last question
that’s on my mind. That is about warmups, which
I know are really important from my days time trialling, etc. My worry is, I’ve only got
a certain amount of energy and I don’t want to use too
much of that in the warmup. – Well, yeah, it’s actually
really commonly neglected, which is crazy really
because considering how much hard work and training you’ve
put into the half marathon. Then just to kind of ruin it
or potentially ruin it all at the final hurdle. Actually, a lot of racers kind of make it quite hard for you, because
it’s not like you can just run anywhere. You actually get penned in
quite often from a certain time before the race. – Like my early days as a mountain biker, so you’d warm up, and then you’d freeze in the last 15 minutes before the start. – Exactly, so I normally
suggest trying to go for a 10 to 20 minute jog just
before you do get penned in. It doesn’t have to be
hard, just nice and easy, and then just finish with a few strides. So, just accelerations
where you’re kind of opening up the legs and
getting ready for the race. Then, when you do get
penned in, it does depend on the conditions you’re
gonna be racing in, or the start line, the
temperatures and everything. You can wear an extra bit of clothing, and perhaps, give that to
a spectator or a friend. Or maybe even just wear like a bin bag with some armholes cut in. Then just chuck that in a bin. – I’m not giving my (mumbles)
to spectators (mumbles). (music) – Thank you to both
Mark, and to you Heather, for those tips. I kind of feel ready for
it now, and actually, I was just thinking,
this is the first time, since I retired from cycling
that I’ve given myself a sporting target, and I
already feel motivated for it. – Well, that’s great,
it’s great you feel ready, because it’s just over a week away for us. – Yeah, so it’s all about
the taper now isn’t it? – It is, well we look forward
to bringing you the results from the half marathon. – I don’t think that they’re
going to be that bold about where we place. I think they’re gonna be
bold about who beats who. I mean, Mark is gonna be
about one minute per kilometre quicker than us. – We’ll forget about him. – But we could be, I think
it could be neck and neck, couldn’t it? Sprinting for the line. – Could get competitive here. – Yeah. – Well, it’s getting to
that time of year where there quite a lot of half marathons. So, if you’re entering any, do let us know how you get on, and any other
tips that you might have, that you’ve learned along the way. And if you haven’t done this already, subscribe to GTN by clicking on the globe. If you want to watch a
video with Dan and Mark running a fast 5k, click over here.

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  1. For the first time in several years I won't be running a spring half marathon, postponing it in May. I like to kickstart my season with these though. In terms of clothing it's often quite cold at this time of year, you might want to wear thin gloves especially if it gets humid. Never run a race with brand new shoes either, break them in. Since your running nutrition isn't dialed in here are a couple of things to do/avoid: make sure you never eat chocolate because these will make you super thirsty. Why they distribute this at half marathons around here is something I don't understand. Slices of apple is good. Gels aren't always provided so you might want to bring your own if you can. Also drink while taking little sips at a time rather than drinking a lot at aid stations. What I like to do is having a little bottle and fuel it with whatever liquid they provide at aid-stations, or if they give little bottles I drink from it every now and then and give it back at the next aid station (or whenever there's a dedicated area for waste). If your watch beeps every kilometer it could be a good time to remind you of this.

  2. Did my first half marathon last year as a 17year old in 1:56 (target of 2hours) raising £500 for Cancer Research…. didn’t think that was too bad considering I hated running back then!!

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  4. Actually, Dan brings up an idea for two GTN videos: "What to do before, at, and after a Bike Aid Station" and the same at a Run Aid station. Focusing on how to get ready, take the hand up, and how to drop the stuff. You can do a video for the athletes and another for the volunteers.

    The big thing at the run is to pinch the cup to reduce its width so more water ends up in your mouth and not on your shirt. I found this works well for paper cups. I did one race that had plastic cups and thy exploded when I tried it.

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  11. After a quite a few halfs, my suggestion for drinking water is to just slow down. It's much more important to get that water in quick and get your breathing back in check, if you get small cups of water, not bottles. You can easily make up the time you lost, as it's gonna be just a few seconds.

    This is what I do and tbh I've never lost a place I couldn't get back because of drinking water and felt better afterwards. Good luck! 😀

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    My plan is to rely on RPE / HR to help me pace to the top, and then push on when I hit the downhill

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    A lesson ive learned over the years
    Ive run hundreds of training runs over 21k over the years and run quite a few organised 1/2 marathons and full marathons
    Ill never be in their league
    Im a 1:50 1/2 runner and 4:00 marathon runner with a
    My realistic goals are 1:45 and 3:45
    Ill get there one day

  26. I never ran long distance in my life and I wanna do a half marathon in October with training starting 1. of August. If you are experienced can you pls tell me if its possible to prepare by then and give me some tips pls. (Im 17 years old, 5 foot 8 inches, 158 lbs and I did powerlifting a lil bit but never ran long distance before )

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