42 thoughts on “How to Make the Sew Illustrated Snack Mat with Minki Kim | Fat Quarter Shop

  1. I have Minki's book Sew Illustrated but have never been brave enough to make anything. I think I'll try it with this design as it is so much bigger than most of her designs. Haha – I'm not getting in the car with Minki behind the wheel but don't mind her "driving" the sewing machine! Thanks Minki and FQS!

  2. I have never done applique; but I might give this larger, simpler pattern a try. I might even try playing around with the built in alphabet and memory storage on my machine too.

  3. Another great video Minki! I love your projects. I have your books but it is very motivationg to watch how you do the stitching!

  4. I love Minki Kimโ€™s work. Thank you for the pattern. Iโ€™ll be making this for sure. Cute quilt for my sewing room wall.

  5. Your husband makes fun of your being a lefty?! Tell him we want to see him make a sewing project. ๐Ÿคช I love this placemat, the plastic lid you put on the coffee cup is so authentic, now I need a cup of joe. For using the machine meant for straight stitching โ€˜at mach speedโ€™, your outline and cursive stitching was impressive. Enjoyed watching…you actually grew at the end.

  6. Very clever! I hadn't thought about snack mats and I certainly hadn't thought of using free stitching to embroider, I can't wait to try it for myself!! Thank you!!!

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