How to Make the Fluffiest Pancakes with Matty Matheson

pancakes, pancakes. It’s like a, someone’s running away
from like the cops theme. Pancakes, pancakes,
fuck cops, cops suck. Hey what’s up guys
I’m Matty Matheson, we’re here in Parkdale,
Toronto. We’re about to make
some fuckin pancakes. I love pancakes, you guys
should love pancakes. Let’s make some pancakes. [MUSIC] What should I do? You’ve never had pancakes
like this cuz these ones are going to be the best
pancakes you’ve ever had. I make the best
pancakes in the world. Try to fuck with me
on this, you can too. All right, so to make pancakes you need
a few ingredients here. This is everything
that you need to make
a perfect pancake. You need flower,
what’s up. You got some butter milk. If you don’t have
butter milk you can use just milk and
then add some white vinegar to it just
like a table spoon. That’ll sour it up for
ya. We need that baking soda,
Arm & Hammer. And then we got
some baking powder, the magic powder. Don’t put it
in your nose. Then we got Pam, we got
the grease lord, the OOG. We got blueberries for
blueberry pancakes. Little bananas. Some beautiful eggs
at room temperature. We’ve got some butter
at room temperature. Last, but not least,
for pancakes in Canada, at least,
I don’t know why you guys are eating
pancakes anywhere else, you need some
maple syrup. The last time I at a pancake was about
three weeks ago. I had a pancake at work. It was great. These are all
the tools you need. You need a whisk,
you need a spatula, you need a spoon or a ladle, a dirty ass
strainer, sifter. We’re gonna sift
the dry ingredients. So first you always
gotta remember, you gotta separate
your dry and your wet ingredients,
right guys? So first,
we’re all fucked. We’re gonna start with
two cups of flower, and we’re gonna sift all
of the ingredients. You got that
trap house vibe, making the fish scale
here, get the fish scale. You want the flower to be lumpy when you’re
making pancakes but you don’t want the starting
base to be lumpy. Then, we’re gonna add,
[NOISE] fuck, I like my shit sugary, so we’re
gonna add some sugar. That was about like
three tablespoons. So baking powder, you
always need a little bit more than baking soda. Baking soda’s like
the crazy shit. Baking powder’s the stuff
that will make it like fluffy. So we just need
a little bit, like five key
bumps of that. Then we got baking soda. Just a little bit. And then we just sift
that stuff in there. Oh, also,
when always baking you always gotta remember,
a little pinch of salt. And then we just
sift that stuff. We got our flour,
baking soda, baking powder,
salt, sugar. So there is your dry mix. Now to make your wet
mix we’re gonna need some eggs. I need to melt some
butter really quickly. [SOUND] This is
what not to do. This pan is way
too fucking hot. This butter is
now brown butter. Bush league move. You gotta start again,
you’re a fucking idiot. Okay, so now we gotta
start over cause I fucked up that last shit. So, take about this much
butter, that’s about, like two tablespoons
of butter. You don’t want
it to be brown, you want it to be
nice and yellow. So to make really good
pancakes, I’m gonna separate the eggs with
the yolks and the whites. To separate
the whites and yolks, you can just pour
it back and forth and let the shell kinda cut off
the egg yolks and whites. So for this amount of flour we’re gonna
need four eggs. Aw, see this yolk? See this yolk broke,
that’s no good. [SOUND] Okay. Now check this out. We’re gonna take
the egg whites. We’re gonna just
stir them up. Pretty much a whiskey
sour down here. We’re gonna add
some buttermilk. At home, you’ll probably
do about two cups, which is about that much. Okay, so
then we have our yolks. So we’re just gonna
stir these guys up. So we’re gonna add
a little bit of sugar. That’s a lot of sugar. That’s okay. So we’re just gonna
stir this up. I should have got
a smaller bowl to do this, idiot. We’re gonna add
some butter. So when you’re pouring
something like warm, like this, into egg yolks
or any kinda eggs and stuff, make sure it’s
not hot, hot, cuz it’s gonna just turn your
shit into scrambled eggs. Okay? So there we go, so
we add our egg yolks, and our sugar, and
our butter. And then we add our
egg whites with our buttermilk then we
combine those guys. And then we had all of
our dry ingredients, and then we combine those and
we stir those in. Now we are just gonna
pour in the flour. The biggest way people
fuck up pancakes is by over stirring pancakes. You don’t want to
become flat and dense. You want to just fold it
in just enough to make them kind of look fluffy,
and those clumps of flour that you see, that
you think might be weird, are really good because
they’ll make things fluffier when you’re
frying up the pancakes. I’m gonna put this
in the fridge for a little second. Let this kind of just
sit and marinate. Okay. We’re gonna make classic,
just pancakes and maple syrup. And then we’re also
gonna throw some, some blueberries in some
and we’re gonna throw some little bananas
in some too. These bananas are cute,
aren’t they? And you can just
cut them up. Here we’ve got some nice local nature ripe
blueberries. These are from
Product in the USA. So we’re gonna
use those guys. Let’s start makin’
some fucking pancakes. So you can kinda see
it’s kinda set up there. Now, Pam. So spray out of the Pam. All you YouTube trolls,
probably gonna comment on how much Pam I just
put in the pan. Fuck you, how about that? You don’t wanna
press on them. You don’t wanna
do anything. What you wanna do is
just let them sit there. Your pancakes
are cooking. Just chill out. Think about your woman,
think about your dude, think about that
special place you wanna go with them. It’s getting
a little nice and brown here on the side. Whoo. A perfect little pancake,
isn’t it? It is, yes it is,
Matty, yes it is. Got some cakes here boys,
made with love. I’m Matty Matheson and these are fuckin’
pancakes. I flip these guys once. They’re pretty good. I’m gonna take them off. Got a short stack. This is called
a short stack. The best pancakes in the
world are right here on this plate. And now we’re gonna take
some of Montreal’s best, maple syrup. So this is the OG
pancake here. Then we’re
gonna make some blueberry pancakes next,
okay? I hate when
people make like blueberry pancakes and
they put like three fucking
blueberries in it. Let’s just make a lot
of blueberries in it, fucking load it up. You know? What’s up! This is a blueberry
pancake. It’s the best one
you’ve ever had. I just showed you
how to do it. Don’t fuck it up. Don’t tweet me about
your ugly ass pancakes. These are beautiful. I only wanna see beautiful pancakes
coming from you guys. You can make any
kind of pancakes. Throw some buttered,
chicken roti in there, throw some jerked
chicken, some McDonald’s. Banana blueberry
pancakes. See how easy that is? It’s a blank canvas. Do whatever
you guys want. Don’t put your
buggers in pancakes. Don’t wanna see your
fucking buggers. Perfect pancakes. What you know about them? I’m out.
I’m gonna let these camera dudes eat some of
these perfect pancakes. Eat some fucking
pancakes, pancakes. Eat some fucking,
pancakes.>>Mm-hm.>>Yeah.>>Mm-hm.>>Good cakes?>>Very good cakes. Good cakes.
>>There are
>>Mm-hm.>>You should try some.>>Mm.>>So all the ingredients
I bought today to make all those pancakes,
every single thing on that table today
was $19.56. World hunger can be
solved by $19.56. Everyone just needs to
eat fucking pancakes. Once again you’re
welcome world.>>Pancakes.>>We’ll get you in
the booth later.>>Yeah [LAUGH]

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