How to Install the BedRug Carpet Bed Mat on a Ford F150

Hey guys, John here with I’m
going to show you how to install the BedRug carpet truck bedliner onto this 2013 F150.
One of the first things we want to do is to take all of our BedRug components out of the
box that it comes in. And once you get it out, you’ll see that you have your BedRug
that goes in the bottom, plus you have your sides and your front bulkhead piece that we’ll
be attaching to this. Also, it comes with your loops and hooks for your Velcro. These
attach to the sides to help hold it in place nicely so you get a nice, custom fit, and
also for the bottom of the BedRug to hold it to the bed, as well. And, if your vehicle
has–like this one does–the side cargo tie-down hooks, the first thing we’re going to do now
is, we’re going to go ahead and go in there and take all of those hooks out of there.
Now that we’ve got our cargo tie-downs off the side, the next thing we want to do is
take our BedRug, flip it upside down and start attaching our Velcro to it, where it’s going
under the truck. We’ve got this turned over in our truck bed, and we have our Velcro that
comes in our package with the BedRug. There are four strips in there. You have two of
the shorter ones and two of the longer ones. The two longer ones are going to be for your
tailgate mats; these two shorter ones are going to go inside here. Now, what we’re going
to do is just simply take these and apply them to the Velcro other half that’s already
attached to the bottom of our BedRug. We’re just going to put those down in here, kind
of attach them really nice so that they hook real well.
Now what this is going to do, this is going to allow us to have this all ready for once
we go to actually start installing this into the truck. Then we’ll just need to pull this
red protective backing off of our Velcro sticky sides so that it’ll go down onto the bottom
of the truck. You can see here there’s a little extra on the ends, so what we’ll do is we’ll
just take a pair of scissors, and we’ll just cut this extra piece off. Now that we’ve got
everything, as far as our Velcro attached to our bottom part of our truck bedliner,
what we’re going to do now is we’re going to attach the sides and the bulkhead to the
bottom, and the way you do that is simply turn everything upside down, and then you
take the zipper parts, and you just put them together, and you just zip it–just like zipping
up your coat. Here we go. We’ve got that all zipped together.
Now the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and roll this thing inside
out. Once we’ve got it flipped inside out, the next thing we’re going to do is we’re
going to put this into the truck, test fit it and make sure everything fits like it’s
supposed to, and then we’ll start attaching the Velcro fasteners to hold this thing in.
Okay, guys, as you can see here, this thing’s going to fit in here really nice like it’s
supposed to. So what we’re going to do now is we’re going to go ahead and lift it up,
peel the backing off of our Velcro on the bottom of our truck bedliner, and start attaching
this thing into here. Another thing I should point out to you is to also to make sure that
you keep your truck in someplace where this metal has the chance to heat up to about 65
degrees, which will really help this 3M tape stick to the metal better. Now, it’s very
important that when we let this back down that we make sure that the front of it is
tucked nicely up against the bulkhead, where it’s supposed to go, because once that tape
sticks to the bed, it’s going to be on there. So, just make sure that when you do that,
you’ve got her tucked in really nice. If you’re up far enough is when you bring this back
side down, it should line up here with the edge of your bed, and ours does that, so we’re
in good shape there. So, what I want to do is open this back out, and then I want to
get in here and push down to get that stuff to stick really nice in there. Once that’s
done, then we can go ahead and start putting our Velcro pieces–those are those red ones,
those long strips that came with your kit–around our edges to attach our bedliner to the sides
of the truck and to the bulkhead. As you can see here, we have our strips that
come with our kit, and there are seven of these sections of strips, and there are seven
on each one, so what we’re going do is we’re going to set three over here for this side,
three for the other side, and then we’ll use this one across the front. And we attach these
the same way we did the pieces for the bottom: you just take them, and just hook them onto
the Velcro that’s already on the bedliner. And then, as we peel the backing off, what
we’re going to do is we’re going to tuck this up in here really nice, make sure that it’s
good and pressed into the bed up against the bulkhead. And then, if you happen to have
a tunnel cover on, make sure that you get these up underneath your clamps for your tunnel.
We’ll get this up in place and start pushing this up against the side of our truck bed.
All right, guys, you can see here we’ve got our BedRug into the truck, so the only thing
left to do at this point is to go ahead and find the spots where our cargo hooks go and
reattach those. One of the great things about that is, as I said earlier, this thing attaches
with Velcro, so we can pull it down loose to find the holes, and then we’re just going
to take a punch or an awl and punch a hole through the side of the BedRug where the screws
are going to go back in to hold our cargo tie-downs on. There you have it. That’s how
simple and easy it is to install the BedRug carpet truck bedliner into your truck. As
you can see here, some of the really nice things about this is, is it completely protects
the bed of your truck, it’s custom molded so it looks really nice, and it’s way comfortable
than a spray-on, gritty kind of bedliner with this carpet in here. Also, the best part of
it is, is that this is also waterproof and stain resistant, so there you have it. Until
next time, happy motoring!

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  1. Mate! You installed this on top of the Tailgate Step support handle!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this video was just for education purposes and not to promote your business.

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