How to Get Ready for a Bodybuilding Show- Update !

guys what’s up my V number into the
mailbox hey Mike how’s the prep going well fabulous
so just a brief update as we talked about last time as I thought about last
time it’s not like that I say oh it’s prep let me get this super-secret record
out of my pocket and then no but my workouts there are more conscious so
let’s say if I’m doing like a lat pulldown or so stiff arm I will go into
the poses you know I will be more focused on extending properly not to get
injured or so so I’d be working more on intensive techniques I’m making sure the
strengths curve is covered in all my workouts I make sure that I recover
sufficiently I don’t do anything stupid so now is not the time to see her how
much can you bench you know because as you have you already fatigued from the
diet and so and so first you might just you know do something so that that’s
number one so the training just the quality
probably gets a bit better but it wouldn’t be like oh I got something new
right that won’t be the case diet this is my kryptonite so just any nut
butter any almond butter I can eat I mean I can out-eat anybody unharmed
butter like you watch like you will give me the two kilo pound two pound from
Costco and my favorite show on Netflix peaky blinders by the way and I would
eat the whole thing no doubt so you know people say oh not
so good for you yeah whoever counts out 27 nuts nobody like people asleep so I
put this in the freezer so that when I get hungry like actually have to hack it
and so I can’t eat all that much um one thing I don’t do so well is eating
vegetables like eat fruit especially pineapple because help support and just
I’m not big on vegetables because my hair doesn’t day or so
Oh sidebar before somebody says like Oh fruit has sugar when was the last time
you saw somebody has fallen pounds and be like oh hey watermelon that didn’t
mean that made me really fat so anyways for I used this and I’m not
being sponsored by them but I edited my protein shakes
so basically freeze dried vegetables and fruits to get my you know fruit and
micronewtons in in terms of training just because of my my bone structure and
the way my body’s built I strive for aesthetics like those of you deliberate
order might remember like in a browser or Bob Paris or not that I would ever
get there but that’s kind of what I’m going for like like my joints are not
made to be massive okay also at my height being you know 280
what I was required it would require you know certain you know going into the
drug world and take certain risks that I’m not willing to take because we’re in
danger of my family and my business so you know I strive to have
the most static physique like working on my shoulders or my V tape or making
everything around you know and and just just trying to come across as you know
bring that narrow waisted and somewhat over classic physique and whether you
like it or not that that is not up to me how cardio stays the same like I said
cardio in the past I’ve never done any and now the reason I do it is because I
live in Queens and my sub estate is being renovated so I take the bike here
but there’s only because I have to so how does I wouldn’t touch it
how do I know if I’m progressing well yeah bodybuilding is a funny sport
because there’s a moving target right it’s not like when you’re swimming or
running and the coach times you need students fastest or whatever so well my
mother was still alive she would just say Mike you look awful and I was really
mean then I knew my dad was clicking so now the last fat and I’m holding is here
so if I can only pinch skin and the back of my lower back a normal track as you
get older hopefully wiser you’re also not so concerned about what
is this guy doing or whatever people post on Instagram whatever updates you
just focus on yourself like I said like the symmetry to me is what matters most
if I can bring the most symmetrical physique and about 235 is 237 in
goodliness then then that’s the best I can do so that’s what I’m striving to do
like I said I add more techniques I add murder Mike Anika drops those kind
things and I hide pose in between sets but otherwise nothing changes except I
freeze the nut butter because like I tell you I can undo a week of diet in 30
minutes that’s it no tricks just tips my god

4 thoughts on “How to Get Ready for a Bodybuilding Show- Update !

  1. I also suck at eating vegetables but i try to incorporate kohlrabi or broccoli once a day for their anti estrogen support

  2. You give such good information Maik!

    Very informational, please keep it up, currently in the middle of prepping for a photoshoot so you’re my go to guy 😂

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