56 thoughts on “How to Do a Push-Up Properly | Gym Workout

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  2. You were close the only problem is that you need to tuck your elbow back into your sides parallel to your body instead of flaring them out perpendicular to your body.

  3. sir mostly abs work out like leg rise and sit up at decline bench is harts the blower back.give some tips how to do the ab exercise without harting the back

  4. I always got frustrated when people sank down and did pushups. I always told them they were wrong, but they didn't believe me. NOW I HAVE PROOF SUCKA'

  5. Is. It normal for my wrists to hurt after doing pushups for a few days or am I doing it wrong? :/ I'm skinny btw

  6. Is it wrong if i don't go all the way down? I mean when i do push ups my elbows don't go higher than my back like at 00:45, they stay at the same height.

  7. How long does it usually take to be able to do push-ups without a problem? I've just started doing them and I can only do between 4 and 8 in a set – (I've been weight trading for a few months and recently picked up running) I need to be able to do about 50 within 2 minutes

  8. Should the front of shoulders hurt? I have the technique down (or so I think) my arms aren't flaring my poster is how it should be but I don't know why should the front part of my shoulder hurts as I go down?

  9. I can do 200 of these push-ups without any break, but I can only do 50 of the ones were you have the hands further down your chest and elbows tucked in. So which one is more efficient?

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  11. I'm having a hard time trying not to have my back sink in. Are there other exercises I can do to strengthen my core to keep a straight back?

  12. At first, it's really hard to do it. But as the time goes by and you're doing it continously, you will get used to it.

  13. I have muscles 💪, I got to the gym and love weight training, or do weights at home, and have a pretty physical job (I'm a busgirl in bar and lift 24 packs of beer a lot in a 10-hour shift) so all that keeps me fit, but push-ups have always been a challenge for me. I remember once in my early 20's to be able to do 10 push-ups, but never really tried after that, and now I'm 40 and still have to do them on my knees… I do about 20 reps daily on my knees, to build strength, but when I try real push-ups I can barely do 5, and seem to be stuck there.

  14. Someone quick reply please doing it every day in the summer do I go slow down then go a bit faster going up

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