How to Crochet A Mat: Bubble Bathmat

In today’s tutorial it’s about
decorating and it’s the Bubble Bathmat and we’re going to do in this one next. Welcome back to TheCrochetCrowd
as well as , I’m your host Mikey today we’re going to work on
the bubble bath mat. I love this bathmat, it was actually a
lot of fun to do I learned a new stitch and it was called the bubble its called
the bubble stitch and it’s actually kind of fun and it wasn’t as hard as I
expected it to be and of course that makes it fabulous. In today’s project we’re going to need
the brand new yarn it’s called ‘Bernat Maker Home Dec’ and you’re going to need
a total of two balls with this iv’e done a mini sample just to show you
and also for those that love diagrams there is a diagram available I’m going to teach you how to change the
sizes if you wish to customize this to make this a different size if you prefer so without further ado let’s say dive
into this pattern a little bit more let me show you my little example and then
see if this is the right project for you. So here’s my little mini example and
you’ll notice that on one side that you have these gaps spaces on the outside
that’s just part of the pattern as just because of the bubbles actually caused
that to happen and that’s part of the texture of this particular and it does
happen on both sides that’s part of the neat thing about this particular idea, um
this will sit flat when is laying down because it is a heavier yarn it is 72% cotton
and 28% nylon and it should actually grip onto the floor
but of course always pay attention to that when you’re stepping out of the
shower etc for when you’re having wet feet. So today what we’re going to do is that
we’re going to cover making this you are going to need a 6.5mm
size K crochet hook today just as a full disclaimer I’m using a
6mm size crochet hook today size J and the reason for it is that I don’t
have a comfort grip in size K and I prefer the comfort grip so I’ve reduced
down just a little bit it just for my own convenience and you
can do the same thing. The size math we’re going to be working on if you
follow the pattern it’s chaining of 91 it will be 32 inches by 20 inches and
either way you can customize it and I’m going to teach you how to do that in
just a moment. I’m now looking back at the pattern it
said to chain 91 to start if you want a different size you have to
keep it an odd number so it can be 89 it can be 73 can be anything as long as
it’s odd in order to keep the balance within today’s project so what we have here is
a diagram and so what you’re going to notice is that you’ll see the bubbles for example you will see 5 here the next
time you’ll only see 4 in the middle this here is the gapping spaces that i
pointed out to you right on the sides, just there, and so that’s not a deal breaker
for me and then the next time it’s 5 it again and then it’s 4 so you want to end and i put it here –
end on row 4 before the border so you want to get it so that its
opposite to what this side is so that you’ll see that there’s more bubbles on
this side than this side and you’ll see if you follow the diagram all the way
around and then you just have to make sure that you have enough stitches in
the side if you put way too many stitches on the side here what’s going
to happen it will buckle and start to ruffle on you so you have to use your
best judgment when you’re going all the way around in order to keep it, so today I’m going
to show you a small example including doing the border and I think you really
like the bubble stitches actually a lot of fun. So let’s begin with the Slipknot
i’m going to leave an extra long string so i can hide it in afterward and
remember if you’re doing exactly as per the pattern it was chaining of 91 but if you’d like to substitute just
making an odd number so in this case I’m going to make it 11 it that’s an odd
number so I’m just going to chain and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, eh..(giggles)8 9 10 and 11 so there is my odd number there and
let’s move on and what we have to do is that we have to add an additional ummm, actually no we just keep it an odd number
and then we’ll keep it just like this so, start with that, so an odd number it is. So now we’re going
to do the bubble now here we go so we’re going to count
back 1,2,3 and go to the 4th turn that over and get the back loop of
the chain and I want you to bubble so the very first time you’re going to see,
it’s kind of fiddly at first I can guarantee you this that it’s going to be
fiddly in the first probably two rows but once you get enough material in your
hand to hold this it goes a lot smoother it’s just a
matter of getting by that first two rows I’m telling you so I’ve just now turn it over 4th chain
from hook and we’re going to wrap the yarn and go into the 4th ok and the pull through and keep that on
your hook don’t want to be too much tension wrap
the yarn going into the same stitch pull through and keep that on the hook you’re looking for a total of 7 of
these loops here on the hook wrap the yarn and go one more time in and pull
through and now there’s a total of 7 do you see that so now wrap the yarn and pull through
all 7 and then chain 1 and you’re ready for the next bubble that’s as hard as it gets so you skip
the next stitch and then bubble into the next so let’s do the next bubble so wrap
into the next one sorry so you skipped one you went into
the next one after that pull through so then wrap again same one pull through
wrap again pull through and pull through so now you have your 7 back on here wrap
and pull through all of these all 7 loops and then chain 1 so back down the chain skip one going
into the next one pull through so it’s a bubble they’re all bubbles
this whole thing is a bubble (snigger) so just keep on doing to you collect
your 7 so just count to 3 really and pull through and then chain 1 and
then skip the next one and bubble into the next I’ve gotten used to holding it I’m
telling you it wasn’t this easy yesterday when i was doing it for the
first time it’s just a matter you get used to the to the method so pull
through all 7then chain 1 and your now almost done so you are actually here
we’ve just bubbled you got one stitch left and you were simply just going to
double crochet into the final stitch ok so what’s going to happen on this
particular one you had your chaining of 3 here that counts as a double
crochet you got your bubbles in the middle and here’s your double crochet on
the other side if you want to have that to make sense let’s move up to row number two and turn
your work let’s begin. so every other row the bubbles will then
change their locations to this time there’s 4 here bubbles that you see, next time
they’re only be 3 and they’re going to be in between the existing bubbles
below and then the next time they will be 4 once again so rule number two we’re going to chain
4 so 1 2 3 and 4 that counted as 1 double crochet and chain 1 and your
first bubble is in between the next two bubbles ok so just go right in there wrap it
first go right into the space in between them and start bubbling up so just keep
wrapping that hook to get your 7 and then pull through all 7 loops just like that, so now chain 1 so the
next one is in between the next two bubbles so lets wrap in and keep doing that so
you get your your 7 and again you can go pretty quick on this once you get the
rhythm chain 1 and then bubble into the next erm in between the next 2 ok and then pull through just like that and now this time you’ve got a chain 1
ok and then you double crochet in this time because there’s no more bubbles in
between anymore because it’s right into the end so you’re going to at the top of the
turning chain here you’re going to double crochet two don’t go into the
space just go right into the top of the turning chain and that completed off row
number 2. Turn our work and do row number 3 so row number 3, what’s going to
happen is that we got 4 bubbles down here then we went to 3 this time we’re going to bubbles now on
on the outside of these 3 and in between so to do row number 3
we’re going to immediately chain up 3 and then we’re going to bubble
directly into the space right underneath it that’s actually a chain 1 there just
for argument’s sake and then pull ,oops i dropped my stitch it does happen let me try
that again so we’re just going to bubble sort of
just wrap it once like so and pull through and then we’re going
to chain 1 now the next bubble will appear in between the two other bubbles just like that chain 1 and then next to
in between the next two bubbles put another bubble I can see this being very comfortable to
walk onto so now you got that chain 1 and the next one is in the final space
here on the other side of that other bubble, right there pull through chain 1 and then you’re going to double
crochet and did you see how I just moved that I want to be in the top of I want
to be the 3rd chain up remember how we chained want to be
in the 3rd chain for a regular double crochet so that was completing off row
number three so let’s continue and let’s go on for
row number four so let’s turn our work and do our row number four
so this time there’s 3 bubbles here there’s 4 here so we’re going to go
back to 3 again this time around so this one here
is just like row number two it’s the same thing so chaining of 4 ok and then we’re going to immediately
just jump in between the first two bubbles ok so this is the outside so go right in
between and you want to bubble right into there just like that chain 1 and then go into a bubble in the
middle so this is all you need to do is just
you just have to continue to just look at the diagram and just do opposite to
what is in below and it’s actually not a hard thing to do you do bubbling in
between the bubbles and if you ever confuse just look to the row below so
the row below had 4 the row below had 3 so this time I have to then stop so I
chain 1 first and then I just double crochet to the outside here to finish
that one off ok so what’s going to happen that for
the outside for the border you want to finish off on row, what
appears to be row number 4 so the outside when we started we have
four bubbles here this time on this side there’s only going to be three and so you want to be on the on the
opposite side of the one that’s on here so if this for example was 10 this one is 9you want to make sure
that on here it was finishing in the 9 so let’s have a review on how to go all
the way around this and again you can go as big as you need to go and it’s really
quite simple so let’s do the border. So the border if you look at the diagram we’re going
to immediately just start chaining up 1, you notice how i never fastened off
I just started and come in this is the ending of it coming all the way around
so I want to start off and i want to turn my work and I want to go across the
top so basically every stitch gets a double crochet as they go across the top
the only questionable thing on this particular one is going all in the sides
so the next one is in a chain 1 space the next one is on top of a bubble the next ones in a chain 1 space, the
next one’s on top of a bubble and the next one’s on a chain 1 space and then
i’m on a corner so on the corner I want to go right into an actual chain stitch
itself and i want to place in 5 double crochets in the same stitch that
will cause it to start turning and doing the nice rounded edge for a corner that was 4 and 5 so now what I want to do is that I want
to come down the side now i can either go into a gap space but then that kind
of makes that gap space even more open so I want to go right into a chain and I
just want to equally space my double crochets going down if you look at the
diagram that kind of shows you where to put them as well but I trust in myself
enough to be able to do this so I’m just just spacing them out just roughly as I
go down the side and again i want to make sure I go into chain work and not
to an actual physical gap because it makes gaps really open up if you have
that as an issue there you go and once they get all the
way down to the base to the bottom, got one more to do before i get there so want to get all the way to the bottom
just pulling everything tight so in the corner I’m just going to place in my 5
double crochets so 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and now i’m on the bottom now and so you’ll see a stitch work so you can do the
bubble for one chain 1 for another so go right into – I go right into space in
that one then a bubble and you just go all the way across just equally spacing
this out so I’m eventually going to get to the
other corner there’s the last bubble and now i want to go into a chain on the
outside here and i want to put in 5 double crochets then to turn the corner
once again there you go and then I want two equally
space up them going up the side and again going into some chain work not
into spaces in the side again you can continue to look at that diagram on
where they suggest putting it but if your experienced like me you probably
can get away with it and actually end up with probably the right counts on
both sides in order to make this work and if you’re off by one stitch if somebody is literally sitting there
counting (mhm chortle) they don’t have much of but else to do so I wouldn’t worry
about it too much is like make it or fake it so you’re going to come up to all the
way to the end and this is where we came out where we did the chain 1 or sorry
chain 3 that was one of the 5 so you want to
come to where that one is originating out of and you want to place 4 double
crochets into that space because the chaining of 3 counted as one of
the five and then when you have that done to slip stitch to the top of the
beginning chain 3 and then just use a darning needle just hide in your work
and this would be how you would do a bathmat just like so ,this is a small
example so we just trim my yarn and I can pull it through and just use a
darning needle and I can just start stretching things and making things work
and it’s really quite an easy project to do. So this is how you do a bathmat it’s
really quite interesting it’s a bubble bathmat and this is another great free
pattern available on Until next time have a great day and
we’ll see you again real soon. bubbye

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