How The Dutch Giant (7.2 ft/2.18m) gained 70 kg in 8 years

You are so small next to him! – Another one? Awsome. Yes. No problem. I’m Olivier, nice to meet you. Can l I try to lift you up? You are so tall. It’s unbelievable Did you get it? Could you lift me up? – Sure. On my shoulder? Can I feel your arm? Oh my God! Jesus!

100 thoughts on “How The Dutch Giant (7.2 ft/2.18m) gained 70 kg in 8 years

  1. A straight talking informative video. Absolutely love the parrot 🙂 It's Good to see someone take what they seen as a negative an turn it around into something massively positive 👍

  2. Hello Olivier. My name is Christian, I ‘am writing you from Romania.
    Could you please let us know how many doors you have? We can help you with extra size for your high(up to 2,4m) if the ceiling will give acces.

  3. Being a Dutch Giant must be something really fucking far off. If I'm not mistaken the Dutch are actually the tallest people on earth. With the average men measuring about 6ft. That's a tall person in every other corner of the world!

  4. It feels like he became a stand user after years of training. I'm surprised that he almost looked similar to my dad.

  5. He’s very proportionate and he really “wears” his height so to speak really well. Gosh I wish I was 7ft2. Ill make it work idc.

  6. What was the food per meal? Where can I get those perp meals for bodybuilding? And last, where the fk do you get your clothes? I'm 6'7" and I have a terrible time finding good clothing.

  7. "Ladies and Gentlemen Men's Health is here to present you the Real life Thor with not just one hammer, but two!"
    PS: Our nature is amazing!

  8. Imagine tackling this quarterback……the only protection he need is a good solid cup🍆…..u know, in case of illegal use of hands by the defense 😆cuz thats about the only thing anyone can reach to do some real damage to this Goliath……….or he could just stand at the end field and wait for the ball.

  9. Don't kid yourselves.. Hollywood has taught me that any 5'5" woman can beat this guy with one arm tied behind her back. They must be right cause in all these movies they show this fact.

  10. My aunt is like 35% smaller then him

    And no im not talking about bigfoot he aint my aunt im not littlefoot im a rake

  11. yeah but would he survive a apocalypse? for example a zombie apocalypse, prolly not. being able to move fast, climb, and etc is key definitely in a zombie apocalypse and probably in any other apocalypse as well.

  12. Imagine him playing football.

    Team Mate: "HEY! can you pass me the ball?"
    Oliver: "Sure!"
    Team Mate: "Thanks!"
    Olivier: shoots
    Team Mate: gets hit on head
    Olivier: Woopsie….

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