30 thoughts on “How Much Should You Bench Press? | Bodybuilding

  1. yeah…that doesn't answer the question at all…..thanks for beating around the bush and tricking me in to watching more of your videos lol

  2. makes sense, if your hurting your form then drop weight and gradually work it up till your adding more weight with out hurting form. If you don't know proper form then obviously you don't need to know how much you should bench but learn form….!

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  4. Good info. The point of the video was in response to "Bodybuilding". There are a lot that dont do bench press because of the unnatural stress it puts on your shoulders and when you get that big, too much weight will shread your shoulder.

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  7. What he's saying is actually accurate, it's just majority of downvotes are from people who do no understand the difference between bodybuilding and lifting heavy weights. Bodybuilding isn't about lifting heavy, it's first about how well you can squeeze and fatigue your muscles with proper form. Anyone can lift heavy if they start utilizing more than their target muscle group, but you won't build your muscle as well as the guy that is actually lifting a weight that he is properly utilizing his muscles with.

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  9. Hey, you totally copped out and didn't even answer the question. You should be able to at least bench your own weight, is the answer I'd have given.

  10. I'm 12, weigh 102, bench 70, incline 60, squat 85, curl 25, toe life 100, deadlift 70, and military only 50 and I'm good for my age and size?

  11. If you can bench press your own body weight with proper technique, you should be proud, Not many can do it, even if they claim so.

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