How Jared Leto Got Ripped For Morbius

For the iconic role of the Joker in Suicide
Squad, Jared Leto got into incredible shape and focused on building serious muscle definition. Now, he’s hitting the gym again to get ready
to star as the title character in the upcoming Spider-Man spinoff film, Morbius. The personal training sessions for Suicide
Squad were no joke. Under the guidance of trainer Brendan Johnston,
the entire cast got fit together while staying at a training facility in Toronto for what
they described as “boot camp.” Johnston had specific exercises in mind for
each cast member, depending on what their character would be doing on screen. According to Men’s Journal, Johnston wanted
Leto to look like an MMA fighter by the time he was done working with him. How did he achieve that? For starters, Leto’s regular workouts consisted
of plenty of bodybuilding exercises and weighted calisthenics. He also practiced boxing, and Johnston noted
that Leto was, quote, “throwing a lot of punches throughout the day.” Leto’s regular routines also included daily
cardio. The cast typically got one day off after every
four days they spent in the gym, so there was also some mandatory rest time. Leto is living proof that you don’t need to
eat meat in order to build muscle. According to an interview with GQ, Leto has
been vegan for over two decades. Clearly, it’s working out pretty well for
him, as he credits his vegan lifestyle for his health. He does admit to cheating every once in a
while and indulging in treats that contain milk or eggs. But he draws the line at consuming meat, even
on special occasions. A vegan chef comes on tour with Thirty Seconds
to Mars — even when the band did their “Carnivores Tour” with Linkin Park, Leto was still fueling
up on fruits and vegetables backstage. In 2014, he was named PETA’s “Sexiest Vegan.” To get ready to play the Joker, Leto had to
eat every two hours throughout the day to keep his energy up and his metabolism working
hard. So, what’s Leto’s number one fitness secret? His primary piece of advice is something that
seems so obvious, yet many people still underestimate its importance. When it comes to looking your best, Leto told
Rolling Stone, “I would tell everyone to sleep as much as
you can.” With his crazy schedule, he knows that it’s
crucial to get that full eight hours of sleep every night. From concerts to the gym to the recording
studio to the set of whatever film he’s working on, he needs to be able to perform at his
best every moment of the day. Some people assume that musicians and actors
would rather go out every night than crawl into bed early, but for Leto, this isn’t the
case. It’s easy to assume that an actor who dives
deeply into their roles like Leto might be experimenting with certain substances off
screen. After all, he did live on the street with
addicts to prepare for his role in Requiem for a Dream. But even then, Leto didn’t partake, and he
says that at this point, he’s been totally straight edge for many years — no drugs
or alcohol. Leto admitted to getting into some trouble
in his younger days due to his previous alcohol and drug use. However, he eventually changed his ways, and
he knows that he made the right choice. He told Rolling Stone, “I guess at some point, too, there’s a decision:
Is this going to be my life? I made a choice to pursue other dreams…
the risk versus reward is out of line. I just saw too many examples of what not to
do.” Leto hasn’t yet given any specific details
about his workouts for Morbius. However, he does post pretty frequently on
Instagram. So far, it looks like he’s been working out
on his elliptical, and he also says that he’s been going for daily morning bike rides — even
while he’s on tour. Of course, touring is a workout in itself. “It’s kind of like a master spinning aerobics
class, Richard Simmons would be proud.” Although he hasn’t posted about any bodybuilding
workouts yet, he’s most likely sticking with a lifting routine as well. Rock climbing is also one of Leto’s favorite
hobbies. Whether he’s trying to get in shape for a
particular role or not, he always makes time to climb. He told Rolling Stone climbing is also a form
of stress relief for him, and a way to stay balanced in the chaotic world of Hollywood. Morbius isn’t due out for release until July
2020, with shooting having commenced in March 2019. But you can bet, with his unmatched commitment
to his work, Leto is sure to deliver as the star. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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97 thoughts on “How Jared Leto Got Ripped For Morbius

  1. He stopped dressing like a cholo on xmas.?? Stopped calling 30 sec to Mars a band after they lost there guitarist an started making garbage music?? Or was it the fact he stopped kissing his own balls that got him fit?? Pos I loved him now I think hes a fuckin sell out tool

  2. I don't understand how doing 100 pushups a day for 3 months and calorie restriction is impressive. If most people knew it simply takes dedication, not over exertion .

  3. Truthfully does anybody want to see a Michael morbius movie? To be fair I didn't think a joker film was worth making either til I actually seen it

  4. Joker SUCKED, his band is pure fucking garbage, he’s a pretentious dick sucker who preys on the underaged girls at his shows. Yea, fuck Leto. I’d love to tell him to his face the next time he’s in my hometown at the titty bar, but like every other sissy boy in Hollyweird, he always has 6 or 7 morbidly obese body guards surrounding him. Meet him in person and you’ll wanna curb stomp this pussy. I promise.

  5. You can't say "Jared is vegan but still jacked" when he's not. Jared has a very athletic build that is very defined. I'd say go vegan if you want to loose weight but stick with neat if you want to actually build muscle up.

  6. There's no secret to or unique way how any of these actors get such muscular bodies. Literally anyone can get ripped if you dedicate your life for like 6 months to it.

    Just the consistent proper daily mix of cardio, weight lifting, calesthenics, sleep, and proper diet. But that takes a lot of effort, research, time, emotional and mental strength, money, etc.

    The main reason people aren't that in shape is bc of all that and we don't get paid millions to do it with a team of specialists preparing all our meals and workout routines. We have full time occupations that aren't fitness related.

    Or don't the money to fund all that, especially if you have a family to support to pay for help to watch your kids while you spend your day getting into shape, sleeping, and while you're dealing with the mental and emotional exhaustion.

    I know this from personal experience as the only time I looked like that was in college when I could spend all my non class time working out, and could isolate myself when I would become emotionally and mentally weak from lack of carbs or exhaustion.

    I'm not a fan of how we idiolize these people for getting so muscular, as it's kind of an unrealistic goal for most people not in the film or fitness industry.

    I'm not excusing unhealthy lifestyles, of course everyone should take care of themselves by exercising regularly and eating healthy, but you don't need to have a 6 pack and bulging veins. Just take decent care of yourself

  7. Jerod letto is a disgusting person, fuck him and I am boycotting any movie with him. The things he did during the filming of suicide squad are criminal.

  8. Commitment &dedication there saved u 4 minutes ladies&gents but knowing the ladies they are gonna stay to see the stud muffin 🤣am I right or am I right ?

  9. Am I the only one that's just not hyped for this film?
    And it's not even because it's a sony Spiderman film. Its because of Jared leto.

  10. Title: How Jared Leto Got Ripped For Morbius
    Video quote: "…Leto hasn't yet given any specific details about his workouts for Morbious…"

  11. People should really stop saying his version of the joker was horrible because of him. He did what the director wanted him to do.
    And he’s 48 and looks this good. Most people in their 20s don’t look this good and in shape.

  12. He sucked as the Joker and now I don't get good Morbius Vibe from him. There are better casting choices. Send him to Marvel.

  13. How is this guy still getting jobs? I dgaf about your acting methods but sending come filled condoms to your co-workers is crossing a line.

  14. Sorry, but he doesn't look that great to me. To take all that time working out with a trainer and still look to have a body of a 16 year old who doesn't work out. You can tell he doesn't eat meat just by looking at him.

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