What’s up, you beautiful creatures! Welcome back. So, I get a lot of questions each week about my workout schedule. I get questions like, how many workouts should I do? How do I plan my workout? Do I do home-based or gym-based workouts? How many rest days should I take and should I work out during my Shark Week? And to answer all of those questions, it depends. So it depends on factors like your goals, whether you’re trying to maintain weight, whether you’re trying to lose weight or you’re trying to bulk up and gain some muscles or you’re just trying to be healthier and more fit. Or you’re activity level, whether you’re mostly on a desk job working. Your current health condition. Whether you’re healthy, you know, your heart, your joints. Your current work-life balance. Whether you have too much work or too much life. *chuckles* Your diet. Whether you are doing a keto diet or just a balanced diet, you know your diet plays a factor as well. Your mindset. Whether you like working out or you’re just doing it because you need to lose weight. You’ve got to love it and all these, all these factors play a role in, you know, your schedule. So I didn’t manage to elaborate further and why these factors are so important. Many people give up halfway through their journey And the main reason is because the workout schedule isn’t suitable for them, or doesn’t consider those factors I just mentioned earlier. For example, if someone works out in the morning, don’t push yourself to do the same, you’ll end up just giving up if you’re not a morning person. So having the right schedule for you, will give you a better chance of success. So I’ll start off with saying that, you shouldn’t rely on someone else’s schedule. Like someone else’s PDF guides or my free workout program, my stomach body challenge program. Because everyone’s different. Everyone’s gonna react to the workouts differently Some people prefer more intense workouts and some people prefer more gentle workouts like, you know, yoga and whatnot. I have mentioned several times in my videos, that this is not a one-size-fits-all program. And I feel like people get more value by learning this lifestyle and also, you know, create a personalized program for themselves. Or they can work with a personal trainer one-on-one to get that personalized program so that they’re incorporating, you know, their goals, their work-life schedule, their diet, and most importantly, it’s the mindset that you have in here. Anyways, whatever I’m sharing next is my thought process of my personal workout schedule. You don’t have to follow it to the T. We’re all different human beings and have different goals. And you know, our body composition is different. So yeah, just take it as a guide. And also, my schedule actually changes like, it doesn’t always look like this, like, my schedule when I was bulking was so different it was so much more intense. It was so much more full involved. Right now, I’m just taking easy I’m a little bit more gentle with myself these days. So yeah, I’m gonna share my workout schedule. Day 1 is my leg day, and it’s usually a pretty intense when it comes to the weights. Like, it’s pretty heavy because I’m normally quite well rested the day before. So, day one is my heavy leg day. I do compound lifts like, deadlifts, hip thrusts, squats, sometimes lunges. So I change it up a little bit, but they are usually heavy weights lifting. So that’s day one. So, on top of the compound exercises like deadlifts, squats, lunges, or — what was it — hip thrusts. I normally do rotate the compound exercises because I don’t do the same exercises all the time. So on top of the compound exercises, I’ll do some glute isolation exercises like hip abduction or banded walks or like fire hydrants and… Yeah, just very simple and easy glute isolation exercises. And after I finished my leg workout, or my glute workout, I’ll do some ab exercises. Maybe for 5 to 10 minutes, sometimes a little bit less sometimes a little bit more depending on how I feel. Day 2, I normally take a day off because day one is pretty intense. I lift really heavy, so I take a day off. I normally just go for a walk on day two maybe like a 14 minutes to 16 minutes walk. I try to do 10,000 steps a day, but it has been quite difficult because I’m normally on my desk working. So I try my best to walk for about 40 to 60 minutes on day two. Day 3 is my upper body day. I do some like push-ups, pull-ups, some isolation exercises, sometimes body weight exercises on top of it as well. So, it it’s not very, like, strict because I don’t like my workouts to be boring. So I do change it up a little bit when it comes to my upper body. Yeah, so that’s day three and… That’s day three, yep. After I finished my upper body workout, I’ll normally do a little bit of ab exercises. Again, it’s about 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes a little bit more, sometimes a little bit less depending on how I’m feeling, but for upper body I normally can do a little bit more ab workout because upper body exercises are not as intense. But yeah most of my upper body exercises are compound exercises – like I do a lot of pull-ups, push-ups, and just a little bit of isolation exercises. Day 4 is my leg day again. I love leg days So, normally I lift pretty heavy again or a little bit lighter depending on how I feel. I do change it up. I don’t force myself to lift heavy. If I can’t, if I have to go lighter, I’ll go lighter. So, I’ll still do the compound exercises, the ball compound exercises. I’ll rotate between them like I don’t do the same exercises every week just because I find it boring. So there’s deadlifts, there’s squats, there’s hip thrust, there’s lunges, and also I do glute isolation exercises both of my leg days. So, I love doing compound exercises for my leg days because it works you know, different muscle groups at the same time. You want to your core, your legs, your back, so it’s really, really good. So for day four, if I feel like doing some ab exercises after my leg workout, I’ll do it but if I don’t I’ll just skip it, like, I won’t push myself so hard if I don’t feel like doing it. So day 5, I’ll take a day off again. So I’ll be walking in the park or just, you know, go to the gym for a, you know, short walk if it’s raining outside. But yeah, I normally take it quite easy after my leg day because I want my body to rest and recover and that’s very important when it comes to losing weight or gaining muscles. Day 6 is my full-body workout days. So I do, like, body weight exercises. Lots of push-ups, burpees, and my full body workout in both legs and also my upper body. So, that’s the reason why I already have one upper body day because my full body workout day is gonna involve a lot of my upper body. So I do like tricep dips, just lots of fun exercises. High-intensity burn, heaps of calories, and also increase my metabolism. So that’s my day six. And day seven is my day off again. So, for the last day, I’ll go for walk again. So I’ll try to do a 40 to 60 minutes walk again. So, either do it in a park or go to a mall, you know *thud* Woo! Almost dropped my laptop! Yeah, I’ll go for walk in the mall or just go shopping. You know, just do some activities outside just so that I’m not sitting at home, you know because I do spend a lot of time in front of my computer like editing, planning workouts, you know, planning videos and all of that. So, I try my best to spend my last day being more active, but not working out. *chuckles* So, there you go. That is my workout schedule. Now time to answer some frequently asked questions. Question one. Should I workout during my Shark Week? The answer is, it really depends. I’m sorry if that is not what you want to hear. But, for me I have days that I workout during the first day of my period and days that I don’t. Normally, I do feel a lot of cramps during my first day and the second day, not so much these days, but if I do feel like I’m like dying, like I can’t do it then I won’t work out. Like, it really depends on how I feel But sometimes working out helps with my cramps, if it’s not a very intense cramp because I used to have very intense cramps to the point that I can’t do anything. I’ll have to take a couple of painkillers and stay in bed. But these days, my cramps have gotten a lot better So, I do work out on my first day, but not so intense. I’ll take it easier. Like, if I can do a leg workout, I’ll do a leg workout but I won’t go too heavy and I’ll do a little bit of ab workout if I feel like it. Like if I’m cramping so bad, I wouldn’t do ab workout if I’m feeling really shitty but I feel like moving now, go for walk. So yeah, I guess it depends on how you’re feeling and just adjust it based on your body and your mind. If you go to the gym and feel like, “No, today I can’t do it, like, I have so much in my head, I- I want to go to yoga, or I just want to go out to see my friends,” then do that like just do something that you wanna do. Don’t force yourself into things that you don’t do because you’re gonna hate it. *sighs* I guess that’s the answer about the period thing. So how many rest days should I take? For me right now, I take about two to three rest days because I want to give my body a chance to you, like, slowly ease into working out. Because I just started, you know, getting into the drill, started working out and I don’t really want to stress out my body too much. I’m quite careful when it comes to stressing out my body these days because of what happened like earlier in the year and I’m just trying to recover. So yeah, it depends on your mind, your body, and all of that. So, if you want five, if you want more rest days, go for if you want less, go for it! Can I achieve my goals by home-based workouts? Yes, you can, but it depends on what goals are So, if you want a very massive big booty, which is what my aim was when I first started working out, I started with home-based workouts first, and then I used some weights, and then I started going to the gym with just dumbbells and, you know, kettlebells, and then I started using barbells, and then I started using more machines. So, it’s kind of like- it was a progression for me. But if you’re just looking to like, you know, get more defined, like, lose some fat and just be stronger, bodyweight workouts are good and have like- they are amazing, especially, like, things like squats, lunges, burpees, pull-ups, push-ups. They’re all so good for you. You just gotta challenge yourself. So, it depends on your goal. So, if you’re looking to be lean and healthy and lose some weight, then you know home base workouts are amazing, but if you’re looking to build lots of big muscles, like big biceps, big shoulders, big triceps, big butt, *laughs* Then, I think going to the gym is good, because you need those resistance from heavy weights. That’s it for today’s video. Like, this is my workout schedule. Please take it just as a guide, like, you don’t have to follow it to the T, like I say. I hope you have a great day. Smash the thumbs up button if you liked this video and leave me a comment down below on what you want to see next. Thanks for watching guys! I’ll see you guys very soon~ Buh-bye!

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