100 thoughts on “Home Shoulder Exercise (SIDE DELTS – No Equipment!)

  1. Thanks for this man. I've been looking how to incorporate delt exercises into my park workout and this looks like something I need to try. It looked pretty difficult for you and you're pretty cut up so this must be a hard exercise. I look forward to the challenge. Also, nice to see an older guy like yourself looking so cut. Gives me motivation.

  2. Yeah lateral raises already mess with my shoulders, this would definitely ruin them…Looks like an effective exercise though.

  3. Nice ! It was hard for me to find a calisthenics exercise for side delts, I tried the arm behind back version and I loved it !

  4. Hey
    I have a question,when Im doing this exercise, could I mix it with normal exercise?
    Wehn I do this how many should I do?(Im a beginner and my shoulder are not very storng)

  5. It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when other average people accomplish it so easily using Ready Set Ripped (Google it)

  6. more like a core exercise…I do not even consider myself strong but this does not provide nearly enough resistance for the shoulder to grow.

  7. That's genius. I couldn't figure out a good way to work the sides of my shoulders using body weight only. This works great and it uses some other body parts at the same time.

  8. The primary movement coming from this movement is more powered through the waist and abs as demostrated in the video no? Kinda makes it 80% core workout, 20 shoulder

  9. Have seen this video months ago. I have strong core. I can do 20 rreps of hanging windshield wipers. The exercise in the video is more like a core exercise for me(just for me!)
    My core gives up before my delt does

  10. I did one set of 5 rreps for each side just to try it out…

    5 mins later I completely fail my push ups due to extreme shoulder fatigue.

    I think this exercise works 😀

  11. I love this kind of workout man. Add this to weight training and body's will feel better and look better. Thank u please share more of these natural exercises, I'm greatfull for your knowledge

  12. You put some really good information out, you have absolutely improved the quality and effectiveness of my workouts.

  13. Everytime I do it, I can feel my shoulder grinding and losing balance. just weak shoulders or an injury?

  14. Great video ! Liked because you give great work outs for home unlike other who throw in some equipment anyway 👍🏽

  15. Do you have any other bodyweight side delt exercises that are a bit more challenging? I've been doing these for a while now with 12×3 sets and I could use a tougher exercise.

  16. was wondering if there is a more advanced version of this been doing it for a while getting a little easy?

  17. Thanks, i do this 5sets to failure every night, and same with pushups. That's a complement to the gym so i can get the maximum growth

  18. so I have a problem well not really well pretty much my clavicle bone is like sticking out on the top of my shlulders and it's really definite is the side delt muscle a muscle I wanna work on to build over this bone??

  19. Thanks for that exercise dude! It's friggin lit😱😱 Did it for the first time and my shoulders are still burning😱😱😱

  20. Thanks for that exercise dude! It's friggin lit😱😱 Did it for the first time and my shoulders are still burning😱😱😱

  21. the right shoulder pops and cracks when I do these..anyone have any suggestions? I watched his video on how to fix but is there anything else?

  22. Hi everybody,

    Is this exercise safer for shoulder joint/tendons than classical lateral raises ?

    Besides these, is this bodyweight exercise less "impinging" for shoulder tendons ?

    Thanks for your feedback

  23. Hi! I think (Ill see a doctor soon, just the queue to get in is long) I have a Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, What you think, can I use at least this exscercise? I don't want to leave arm training out completely while I'm looking for answers and solutions to my problem. Thanks!

  24. i don't think this works as I tried it and my side delt doesn't contract but I found that if you do a side planck with your arm slighly more towards your body, it works them very well

  25. thanks, I am really happy that you showed us this exercise and that I can train side delts with calisthenics better know! 🙂

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