Home Life | Mat Fraser: The Making of a Champion – Part 15

You know I talked to sammy about this all the time you know like I’m not trying to lie to myself and say like this is going to go on forever. You know there’s There’s a there’s a time stamp on it. You know When that’s going to be I hope it’s far down the road. I’m going to try to make it far down the road, but You know I know I don’t want to Be coach I know I don’t want to go to crossfit gym. I’m in cross it because I like to compete But you know I kind of look at it as the same as when I left wait with him You know when I left wait the thing I was lost you know I was not a happy person who noticed I? Didn’t have a thing you know I didn’t have something to concentrate my energy on I didn’t have something to Focus my work ethic on it have something to work hard at So when I found prostate it was kind of like oh Awesome eyes something I need to fly those negative or carnet oh as asking – hello What goes this moment is Laura Sutton great little baby take my RV? Down committed a hole in the world record waters off No, I just just worked out because my hair is all kind of sticky from a sweatshop yeah, we’re heading into next town over for When they ski, I just got an email Duplex up for sale, so we’re just just driving by take a look at it if it looks like anything decent, I’ll call call the real estate agent and kind of get a showing for it, but it’s going to fit the mold of what I’ve been looking for you know a Couple units, you know regular residential place, but just a good opportunity for an investment property I’m the same same is Gonna be the one running the place That’s the bed and breakfast we open some day I Just want to bake fresh price of goods for people in the morning. Nothing special. I mean, it’s very Outdoorsy I mean Vermont’s a lot about door activities you know skiing in the winter hiking in the summer that stuff They’re very typical childhood of you know lived in like the typical neighborhood you know there’s All the groups of kids you know everyone’s within four or five years of each other. There’s like like 16 20 of us all together You could tell where everyone was because of where all the who’s front lawn all the bikes were laid down on Hiding yes, I unless good windows. Look good. There’s two separate units for utilities Super easy, we do yourself Looks like there’s my gumball vegas climbing room like covered porch. Yeah. Yes that been upstairs duplexes entrances into a finished porch All right We call the real estate agent This guy getting something they don’t don’t be scared I never take this tour oh It’s messy also doesn’t block off your vision To be happy from you know that’s that’s the esna number one goal is just Happiness, you know Who cares what else is going on in life like if you’re unhappy? What’s the point of it you know, so happiness is definite number one? What’s going to produce that happiness? You know the big things you know I? Think I think the biggest one is just family you know. I know I know I want to have a whole litter or kids, so So you know hopefully hopefully you know find? Find some acreage find a house Standing kids, whoever goes along with that you know, I don’t know yes. No, it’s uh Kind of excitement. You know you don’t know what’s next well. I look forward to finding that out in due time

92 thoughts on “Home Life | Mat Fraser: The Making of a Champion – Part 15

  1. I don't always watch CrossFit vlogs, but when I do, they include Mat Frasier getting a haircut and making a smoothie while he talks about life goals.

  2. I don't see why people come hate crossfit I do bodybuilding and this guy has an amazing physique and is in way better cardiovascular shape than most so why not

  3. I hope they release this series as a full movie later!

    Since nobody's here yet.. #TeamRICHEY 😁😁😁

  4. Just like dead pool when he says "oh look superhero landing". For mat Fraser it's "look slow motion taking t shirt off". Typical faggy gimmick

  5. I'm loving this.  I'm trying to teach myself crossfit, but this is overall making me want to be a better person.

  6. bodybuilders should take not of these crossfit athletes theres a reason why so many crossfitters looked jacked and functional bodybuilders just look like bloated physiques. Crossfit's emphasis on progressive overload, explosive and high intensity training is something that we can learn from.

  7. I love the subs when he says "when I found crossfit" !!!! Go watch @ 1:10 😀 (make sure to click the cc icon bottom right of the video)

  8. Its nice to see professionals with their priorities in the right order. Family fist and you will be happy every time.

  9. I like muscular women, but they shouldn't get plain black tattoos. When she's cutting his hair, and you can't see her face, Fraser's wife looks like a guy in a frock with those big arms and prison looking tats.

  10. This guy is going to be one hell of a powerlifter once he ages out of Crossfit. There is no way that his competitive fire will dwindle and powerlifting is the longevity strength sport. He also has great leverages for the big three.

  11. I am worried about her Woman getting "burnt out" doing all the household chores, even though I am certain she is stronger and fitter than most the women but still that sort of stuff wears down anyone. I can only hope they continue to live happily ever.

  12. Seems like a genuinely humble and sensible person—

    But don’t let it distract you from the fact .. Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with Spoon engines. And on top of that. He just went into Harry’s and ordered 3 T66 Turbos with NOS and a Motec system exhaust …

  13. Mat wasn't satisfied with Olympic lifting. So, he changed his way. If he had aced in lifting, he shouldn't have looked at Crossfit at all.

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