Heavy Bodybuilding Shoulder Workout | Building “Hoss” Shoulders w/Fouad Abiad

Everybody wants it fast I’ve trained for
six months how come I don’t look like you I been doing this shit for 20 fucking
years comes in time man I don’t have any secrets that you
motherfuckers don’t have it’s just been a long time this kind of work every day
don’t matter if it’s the weekend don’t matter it’s Sunday don’t matter if it’s
a fucking party don’t matter if it’s a fucking vacation every day and that’s
what it takes it is actually an incline
press but if you put the feet down all the way to the bottom I get a little bit
more stretch on my shoulder so I actually use it as a warm-up so it’s technically
not a press and just warm it up my shoulders before I move on to something
a little heavier I generally start with shoulder press
movement then I do a couple isolations and I’ll finish with another pressing
movement I don’t have a set training split everything’s kinda instinctual like
whatever feels right as long as my training encompasses the
entire body part I feel like it’s okay to do it how you feel there’s a few different ways to do
laterals the way I’m doing them today I feel is the probably the best way to
fully isolate them that’s why you see me use a 15 pound dumbbells you want to
pull your shoulders back instead of leaving them forward rotate them back
and then keep your hands keep your shoulder girdle deepressed and keep your
arms straight and then basically you’re just going straight out so no bend in
the elbows no hunching forward it’s straight arm parallel to your body if
you keep your shoulders decompressed they’ll keep the traps out of the
movement and you’ll get all delt there’s a little bit more isolation this way
I’m not saying the other way is wrong it’s that it’s a different variation shit it’s something I learned from John
Meadows John does an exercise with this form but extremely heavy where you only
basically move about this far all you’re trying to do is activate the delt and
bring it back down you’re not going to any higher I started light so I could get
some proper form but we’re gonna end up down the rack doing just partials but
when you do the partials you’re not doing 10 you’re doing 30 so just doing this
with the heavy dumbbell 30 times will fry your side Delt no that’s fucking exercise you look
stupid doing it because you know proper form is you know atleast parallel to
the ground so you look dumb doing this but if your shoulder are set back and
your hands are locked but you got a heavy weight you can’t move further than
that but you get that activation that’s a killer the second pressing movement of the
workout my shoulders always get twice as fried when I do two pressing movements
so I try not to overthink shoulders and it just feels right to due to pressing
movements now there’s a common belief out there that behind the head shoulder
presses are gonna mess up your shoulder I think if you’re not going really
really deep like as you can see when I’m doing a shoulder press I’m only a 90
degree bend in my elbow I’m not coming down here my shoulders aren’t being
compromised so I feel like as long as I’m doing this exercise but I’m stopping
at 90 degrees I’m not really putting any undue strain on my shoulder that
wouldn’t be there with any other pressing movement finish up with a little bit of a reverse pec deck
there’s a number of different exercises I do for rear delts but I think I get
the best feel out of that one the main point I can stress to you guys on that
is to keep your shoulder girdle decompress keep your shoulders push down
as you’re pulling outwards and also don’t whatever bend you have in your
elbow when you start keep it that way so don’t do this you’ll end up working your
back keep your shoulders here if that’s the bend you start with rotate from the
shoulder joint not from the elbow joint lastly we finished with a double
rest-pause I like to go to failure on my last set so then it’s just that felt like I had a
little more took a five-second rest went to failure again took another
five-second rest finish it off and my shoulders are fried after today’s
workout fuck it

44 thoughts on “Heavy Bodybuilding Shoulder Workout | Building “Hoss” Shoulders w/Fouad Abiad

  1. Wow, that’s a wake up call. I love it, dedication and hard work something most of us have a hard time understanding.

  2. Hard core, Hoss man. I think military press behind the neck is more of a detriment to your cervical spine, not so much rotator cuff. Although, if you ain't injured…. keep your foot on the gas baby💪

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  4. Final exercise for the day is what i like to call a fire hose. I take a hose and spray down all my equipment that i've soaked in sweat

  5. People say steroids as if you just swallow a pill or inject and you will end up like him without knowledge and hardwork. It's the person, their desire, and work ethic. I know people who inject and look like shit because they are afraid of a lil pain.

  6. Dam I like this guys frame he's really growing on me after this bad ass shoulder video I'm definitely inspired and now a big fan of this dude thanks big hoss great training day👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  7. “I’ve been working out for 6 months how come I don’t like like you? I’ve been doing this for 20 fuckin years”

  8. The partials technique from John Meadows is no joke. It works and definitely will fry the muscle you are training

  9. People squatting on fucking smith machines man, something about that just makes me so damn disappointed in the gym

  10. Ok Im not trying to kiss any ass. Or hate…He takes gear because that's his fuckin job..We don't need gear..Work hard eat right rest.and stay away from negative people. It may take years. But if you put in the work…You can achieve awesome Shoulders. I know because it tookme three years and I am 56 years old and my shoulders are fuckin awesome….

  11. I always use 10 to 15 sometimes 20 for high rep laterals and its worked great for me. I see a lot of young guys try 25 35 and more with horrible form for months and have no growth at all. Manageable weight with strict form will always deliver better results over heavy unmanageable weight with shit form. This goes for everything not just shoulders.

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