100 thoughts on “He Does These 4 Things If He Wants A Relationship

  1. Wow.. I was waiting to hear this. I am going through a confusing phase in my love life where the guy is an actual Jackass. You made it so easy for me. Thanks ☺️☺️

  2. This sounds nice but men are not the man that exist. I think they live someplace else. But great video

  3. I met him during a friends gathering and I initiated after we been introduced. He was really happy with that and everything going on smoothly. But I’m still worried that our relationship can go farer…because he really poor on pre planning. I would prefer pre plannings as we both not staying together and he still studying but I’m working. I noted him regarding this issue and it’s still difficult for him to adjust that….!! I’m I being as 2nd optional? I’m confuse, would you like to suggest me something to figure this out?

  4. I just got helped with my relationship thanks to tose guys: http://www.surgicalcoaching.net/. It changed my life 🙂

  5. “Screw that. You are not Option Number 2. You are not the second best option. You are that first option.”
    Thank you.
    I sorely needed to hear that.

  6. He did almost all these things. Then, when I started to like him, and even told him my feelings, he's rarely around anymore 🙁 he used to say morning to me almost everyday even when I didn't replied to him. He tried sooo hard to secure a date with me. Why did guy rarely around when he thinks he 'got' me already. I know his profession is busy, but I miss him so much it's hurt. I miss the old him. Sighhh

  7. Thank you for saying that." Screw that you are not the numer 2 option."… I am not. He doesnt see that i am the best he can have… His lost. Not mine. Just my head doesnt want to kick him out of my life…

  8. He calls up to hear your voice then immediately falls a sleep on the phone . Lmao. … it happened. The poor guy is hooked.

  9. Don't need to show up . They are flooding my instagram account. I literally can't keep up. I posted some cheesecake, added some flirty Mae West, tossed in some serious sass. Boom. Anticipation is everything. I did not know there were so many single men over 45… lmao.

  10. Im done with men… Men play these roles just for sex… Wasted 14 months on a dude who did these things abd told me he has a new gal while having sex with me…

  11. What do I do when I want a relationship with a man, I let him know that he is my only interest and I find myself making myself very available anytime he suggests to go out. Ps love your videos, you have a really great presence.

  12. Yea not all the time. He pursue me for weeks months.. and finally i met him was great.chemistry ws on point. After first meeting was great still pursuing, texting every morning etc etc sending cute vids lipsynching and silly me would too this was every morning in a month span since we met. Suddenly, just stopped now is prob what 1x a week. A good morning. Maybe it was just too fast too soon n he snap out of it n slowed his role. Who knows..im trying to be cool and a relax gal n choosw my battles. Since is so new i cant really complain too much. i know he is busy n has goals as i do too. But dam i miss those txts. 😏😒 ..i dont text him a lot bcus i did it once and he legit ignored me. Till next day. I know he dont want something serious right away i sense it which is fine. I aint looking for one right away either. Just want to get to know the fella. Anyway. Lets see how this goes. I dont understand mens thinking pursuin a person and then nothing. He cooked me dinner and we had deep convos. 🤷‍♀️ we enjoyed each other and the great company.

  13. There should be someone to come and k pick some sense with someone in particular. And men are observant but gillable

  14. What do you do when the man you love had the 4 signs of this video but overtime changes into someone the polar opposite of how he was

  15. I’m a Strong Woman Of God! God is always first in my life! I am talking to a man that is afraid to express how he feels about me, but he always tells me he loves me, and to be patient! I told him I have all the patience in the world, but don’t keep me waiting to long!

  16. My crush does all of these things you talked about except the first one because we don't see each other a lot because our programmes

  17. 1) Pursuing you
    2) Progression. Increase duration, frequency and intimacy
    3) Planning
    4) Peace (Feel easy and flowing)

    Your welcome.

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  19. I seem to find myself with very controlling men. My current boyfriend pushes my limits emotionally and I find myself crying everyday. It seems like he’s testing me if I break easily. I’m strong in front of him but break down as soon as I walk into my house. Why is he like that?

  20. My best friend want a relation ship in our age 14 but he doesnt have any of that (my bestfriend thinking about our future!!!!! And i dont know if he will not cheat if we're together or he doesnt love or care about me and i dont know if i trully love him back but if i am with him, my heat beat fast!!!)

  21. I say yes to see him right away. Now being older, when a guy does that to me, he’s automatically out of my life, young girls don’t see that there’s so many men out in the world and you’re only limited to so much time that it’s not worth being around a man who doesn’t want to be around you.

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  23. THANK YOU for making this video. This is the first video I've seen that has actually told me the truth. I had just been telling myself this morning that I am pretty sure there I am just one of several options for this guy who has asked me out and shown some interest. Then you mentioned number 3. I am worth it. Thank you again for reminding me of that truth!

  24. I love your videos. It just makes sense why certain things in relationships are the way they are. I am totally laid back after listening to you. My understanding is more clear. And I am willing to release those men who are not willing to match my efforts in growing and just simply knowing each other. For me, if I am interested in someone I let them know and wok to get to know honestly and opening. Letting them know it okay to be themselves and be human. Thank so much for your videos.

  25. Amazing advice. I’ve given 100% in my relationship in every aspect. I expected my partner to give me the same in return, but he doesn’t. He’s a workaholic and he thinks providing money for our family is enough. I had to put my foot down just so he could give us 1 day, for family day(Sunday). The amount of gifts that my partner bought you Mathew Boggs is the same amount of gifts he has gotten me; Yes “zero” I thought it was normal, it’s a men thing. Wow, your video was an eye wakening. 😞

  26. What if they progress frequency and intimacy too fast?
    I knew mine wanted a relationship when he started offering to pay for things when we were in groups. He was always finding ways to be helpful and share things with me. In addition to emotional connection.

  27. I make myself available, usually work has me super busy, but if I like a guy, I make sure to make time to see him. I drop my filter and show myself as I am, even without makeup, but always keep myself girlie and looking fabulous.

  28. When I want a relationship w/a man, I wear red:)))…Seriously though, I relax & let him take the lead in letting me feel his kindnesses.

  29. The guy im seeing right now we see each other as much as possible we live 45 minutes apart but he knew I am busy on my days off for two weeks in a row an since i work nights it be hard for me to have free time he came 45 minutes to my job knowing i was only getting a 30 minute break just to sit an eat lunch with me just to see me cause he knows im busy when i asked him what we were doing he looked at me an said im courting you. You are the only woman i am interested in an talking to an seeing an i want to show you that in any an every way even if its just courting you i hit the jackpot myself

  30. Woman want u to love with and hold them and listen to what they have to say and help them with anything that god puts in the way . Just listen to she bc she is always right .

  31. But women also have to put in effort. If he is calling you on a regular schedule call him also at times if he is taking you out offer to pay for the drank from time to time offer to drive at times

  32. When I want a guy I'm highly available for them. I'll make it to the date on the eighth day of the week. This means nothing can stop me from being in their company. Not even one excuse.

  33. Have you know some one meet each other, for only twice also married as great lover, to the end when he went to heaven , why such love is not real any more,

  34. I passed those stages and he wanted me to always be with him and spend time with him but when I started to be more with him, he suddenly pushed me away and found out that he actually was going out and pursuing someone else while he was seeing me. He was the one who wanted me to go 'exclusive' with him but he wasn't exclusive towards me. I feel like he is afraid of commitment. But he says that he can't stay alone for a long time any longer and that he wants to be with someone soon, but when I got ready myself – he retracts. He says clues that he wants me there, but at times pushes me away. He doesn't actually know what he wants. He wants to go and meet other women and try to find one that he will get head over heels in love with, but at the same time afraid of losing me.

  35. If I'm intersted, I subtly let a man know what I like to do and gently imply that I'd like to do it with him. Recently I told a guy I have an interest in that I'd like to plan some fall bike rides. We both cycle, so that leaves the door open for him to suggest one. I have a hard and fast rule that I will not pursue a guy nor ask him out, but I can leave some open doors so he feels safe doing that.

  36. Thank you I have this with someone I have met.He keeps on telling me how natural our relationship is for him. I think we have what it takes to make this last for the rest of time. Sometimes you just know right from the beginning by the connection that you have. I enjoy spoiling my man and we share many common interests. It's the most greatest love I have ever known or found.

  37. Im watching this cause im talking with this soldier guy that my friend present me to him then wouple wreks later he ask if he want us to meet up let him know i dont know what to do im really nervous i never done this in my life

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  39. YEP time to move on He’s always going to my place I have NEVER been inside his place only in front of his place WEIRD

  40. When I really want a relationship, I will try to play some mind tricks and not so straight forward at the beginning of the relationship. I know it’s not great, but it’s like an instinct. When I am too relaxed with a guy, that means I am not taking him seriously.

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