What’s the meaning of this? – To be handsome. – Is this to be handsome? It’s like your doing that, Okay. So, Saiyans! We’re now here at the gym. So, if you’ve watched our last video,
the Saiyan challenge. Sorry if there are people who are not up for it. We weren’t forcing people to do it. That’s all. Only for true Saiyans. And then, we’ll just keep on going. Okay. So here we are. Today, we’re going to be
serious for now. We’re doing legs today. And I’ll show you guys the hardest workout. If what workout’s the hardest. And do it too, okay? Okay. So, there are a lot of us here at Masculados. There’s a lot, look. Manny Pacquiao’s training here. I think he has a fight. – Pacquiao! You know, he’s a cool guy. He helps the kids out. Check out his page. And we’re also with the big boys, Ming and Piperts. – Piperts. Later, I’ll show you guys the hardest workout. Okay? Wait for it. Shoutout to Nitrogen-fit. We’re using the belt. You can order online. It’s a bit pricey for us Pinoys. But it’s high-quality and I’m not forcing you to buy. This isn’t the hardest workout just yet. Isn’t it that?
– Nope, it isn’t, We’ll show it to you guys later. Just a little bit. – Watch out for my fight. – When is it? – On… April, April… 32. And that’s for sure. – Are you sure? – I am sure. That’s it. Question them, What’s the hardest workout for them? What’s the hardest workout for you, idol? The hardest one for me is… Is the back. Back workout. It’s one of the hardest because, Especially when, It gets heavier and heavier. Sometimes when I do back workout. When I pull like this, On wide grip lat pulldowns. It’s extraordinary. When I go max 250lbs. When I pull like this, I’m the one who’s going up and not the plates. That’s why it’s really hard. That’s it. – Now you know what’s his hardest workout. Just one 2x. Your hardest workout. – Back also.
– Back also. What exercise? – Deadlift.
– Deadlift for him. Why? – Hurts on the lower back.
– Hurts on the lower back. Ask Pinggoy 2x. – Pinggoy! What’s the hardest workout for you? – Huh? Hardest? Kolti. – “Kolti” – No, I mean. Back.
– “Kolti” that’s “wakali”. – “Wakali” that’s it. That’s hard because your hand gets numb because it’s not accustomed to it. No. The hardest, Back for me because it’s my weakness. So, Coach Manny, what can you say about the vlog of your children. Of course, my daughter gets full support. On her vlogs because I saw her work hard. And she’s really good. And sometimes, she pranks a lot. That’s why. It’s really funny. To all who’s watching her. On my daughter, Thank you very much. I hope you guys continue to support
the vlogs of my daughter. And Princess pranked me. I thought she has a boyfriend already. I didn’t get mad but study first. Princess, don’t get a boyfriend for now. Thanks, God. You know. Thanks, Coach Manny. Thank you 2x! See that chest? That’s where all the chicken breast goes to. – That’s it. – Make it move. Left and right. The Rock! – Make it move together with your eyebrows, bro. Ming’s right here. We’ll show of first. Because maybe they’ll say we’re weak. Okay. 5 plates later.
– We’ll see. Okay, Saiyans! We’re done interviewing people if what
is the hardest exercise for them. So, this is it. The hardest exercise ever. I know, this is also the hardest exercise for you guys. If you’ve seen the squats earlier, those are easy. But this is the hardest one. Look at the tutorial on how to do it. And of course, you need a partner to do it with. Because maybe later. Right? You get tired all of a sudden. That’s why it’s better to have a gym partner with you. So, that before you do this exercise, Okay, Saiyans. Okay. So, I’ll teach… So, this is the hardest exercise. Just do it step by step. But first, we need to warm up. Warm-up your hips and lower back
because it’s a bit dangerous. If you don’t have a belt, always remember to inhale. Before you put force into it. Just like how you do it on squats. So, that’s all. Okay. So, this is it. Watch! Let’s go. – Bro? Do you need a spot, bro? – Do you need a spot? – M***********! My back hurts. – It’s hard. – It’s hard, dude. – Bro! – Spot me, bro. This is hard. When you’re trying to shoot it. Okay. So, that’s where the hardest exercise end, Saiyans! Call it, corny but that’s got to be the hardest exercise ever and I know you guys know it too. And that’s even harder if… You’re not the one who used it. Right? Bad trip, right? But remember, When we were starting out, we like doing it
because it adds up to your gains. It adds up to your gains when you return
the weights. Just think about it. So, that’s all that I can advise you guys. When you use it… If you’re strong when lifting, then you should
also be strong when you’re cleaning up. Okay? Okay, Saiyans! It’s time for our video shootouts. Shoutout to Caleb Shira. To Gabriel. To King Velasquez. To Warren Alvia… Warren Alviar again. To Ronio Basilio. Shoutout to you guys who commented first on our video Even though we uploaded it at 1am last
night, I mean earlier this morning. Thank you that you still watched it. We really prepared for that vlog. If you haven’t watched it then watch it now. The link is in the description box below. The title is “Dayo sa Mandaluyong”. We went there. To those who are from Mandaluyong who went there. Thank you! For those who aren’t from Mandaluyong. I mean, not from MTG. Who also visited with us. Thank you
very much for your support! And that’s it. It’s really tiring to do daily vlogs. Warren’s also tired. Maybe we could rest for 1 day? Just kidding. Let’s keep going. Hard work pays off. Okay. So, let’s now go to the top comments. Shoutout to John Emond Trabado. To Reynald Renz Roque. To Wafunation. And to Ralf Go. And there’s this one girl who, Keeps on commenting on a lot of our videos to, Shoutout his boyfriend which I forgot the
name. I can’t find the name of the guy. So, shoutout to your boyfriend, okay? That’s good that you’re supporting your boyfriend. So, that’s all. See you guys in the next video. Please excuse us Saiyans. We’re a bit tired right now. Warren’s also tired, as you can see
from the camera shaking. Just kidding. So, that’s it. Watch out for our vlog tomorrow. Let’s make a home workout, So that you’ll have something to follow
when you can’t go to the gym. So, that’s all. Always remember, Don’t compare yourselves to others. That’s all and the hardest exercise, Don’t forget to do it. Okay?


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