66 thoughts on “Gym Employees Share Secrets

  1. Watching this while I'm at the gym. If I don't reply within three hours, I've been discovered watching this and summarily executed by the gym staff. Tell my family I love them

  2. Planet Fitness is like the McDonalds of gyms now, when I was younger when I would go to the gym the guy (or girl) behind the counter was buff, you wanted to look just like them, I go to PF and everyone I seen (except the trainer on duty) is either over weight, waaaay skinny, I even went one day and the girl from behind the counter was outside smoking.

  3. #6 agreed, the gym gets packed right before summertime for like a month, cause people wanna burn 50 pounds in 30 days before it gets hot…then the New Years Resolutioners, LOL they pack the gym for about 2 weeks…but (sadly) they don't last.

  4. 1 – use personal trainers for free, first few seshs are free
    2- not all gym employees for fit
    3- use Groupon
    4- unlimited free pass- change ur name when signing up for free day
    5- look for trial pass
    6- resolutions don’t last
    7- trade work for a membership
    8- talk ur ways out of fees
    9- gyms good for networking
    10- most ppl only do cardio
    11- employees are friendly
    12- bring ur own yoga mat
    13- listen to sales rep
    14- employees don’t watch y’all
    15- sign up at end of year

  5. As an employee at Planet Fitness.. I'll tell you 100% of these are true lol. I eat like a pig and members call me out on it often, lol.

  6. I worked at the gym for years. I used to stay after closing, out my music on the speakers and work out for hours it was great!

  7. The stuff of my last gym, they talk and make fun a lot. Lot of free time, chatting about clients… If you bring phone to machines, make you fun a lot, if you don't run on the machine for example, just walk, another joke. People are mean… Create your gym at home or exercise outside. Or personal trainer outside of the gym.

  8. i love how the guy’s with the hat and red t-shirt are telling you how con your way into the gym & the other two are giving responsible tips and tricks 😂

  9. Here's another secret: if you're going to a small boutique gym that has no other chains, try to pay actual money to keep them in business. If you really really like that small gym, try not to use classpass or groupon either if they are on it, cus they earn less money from those too. Buy a membership or package from the actual gym if you can afford it. Usually small gyms that use classpass are trying to get more exposure from new clients. I instruct at these small studios and gyms as a freelancer, and if they close down, I'm out of a job lol.

  10. Do a video of Secrets on how to CANCEL a Gym Membership. Cause I've seen so many horror stories of people trying to cancel and not being able to. To the point where they have to close their bank account so the gym doesn't keep charging them!

  11. Boy is not wrong, most gym employees are not in shape at all. The PF by my house has some pretty large people as personal trainers.

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