GuruNanda – Science Behind Laughter Yoga – Video #3

om in business whenever there was an employee
who did a mistake I used to get so upset and wanted to
shout and scream at them and now i laugh put those emotions which would otherwise manifest
themselves as pain in my neck and shoulders in this video I’m going to explain the
science behind laughter yoga ha ha ha ha ha ha ha very good, very good, veru good, very good, ho ho ha ha ha, ho ho ha ha ha a hormone called cortizol is released during high-stress situations which could cause
bone loss low immunity collagen loss ,impotency, obesity, high blood pressure and several other problems and laughter
when done in a yogic format for at least
ten minutes a day regulates this hormone called
cortisol laughter yoga also releases endorphins which has analgesic and feel good effect endorphins help in lowering your blood
pressure boosting your immune system they have
anti-aging effects as well as they uplift your mood as human beings we all love to get appreciated and awarded dopamine is a chemical that is produced
in the brain when we get rewarded when you appreciate
yourself by saying very good very good you release dopamine the reward harmone , normally it gets released when someone appreciates you by clapping, you’re actually stimulating
acupressure points for focus and better memory the ho ho haha is an alternate to kapalbhati pranayama which rids your body of toxins and stimulates your diaphragm beware
laughing at someone’s pain misery your situation as no positive health effects it is against the principles
of yoga and denotes violence always try to laugh of from your stomach and your heart than from the throat and learn to live a truly majestic life naturally

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