GUIDED VISUALIZATION EXERCISE – How to Perform Visualization Correctly

take a deep breath get yourself comfortable whatever way you’re comfortable you may want to do this with eyes closed their eyes open whatever you’re comfortable with I want you to visualize yourself driving down the highway there’s a little traffic it’s a sunny day summertime beautiful and you’re just taking a nice breath driving to an event that’s your to speak at and as you get about 15 minutes out from the event you check your watch look down that you’re watching your mind you notice is 15 minutes away and all of a sudden you begin to notice that the that traffic is slowing down you get a phone call and say that you don’t have to be there for another hours so you’re excited so you do the off-ramp you get on the off-ramp and you stop by your home and imagine is five years out from today on this day five years out and every single one of your dreams have come true five years out as a matter of fact you’ve surpassed all your dreams so I want you to think of whatever that car is that you love the car you’re driving is better than that whatever that community that you’ve wanted to live in you’ve surpassed that one whatever that thing is that life experience you want to have that you call success oh you’re way past that just keep seeing yourself for some of you you may see a bank account balance I want you to take that bank account balance visualize whatever it is money is just energy my name is just energy visualize that balance and your bank now I want you to double it in your head double it now I want you to drive your car to the front gate of your home and I want you to push in the code in the front gate automatically opens and then you drive another mile up to your house I told you is better than you imagined guys you drive a mile on your property till you get to your front door your big double door open you walk into the home and whatever your home looks like in its most beautiful pristine place Tavor teen floors a spiral staircase a beautiful chandelier you smell lavender you smell chamomile you spill you smell the beautiful aromas of beautiful flowers you hear the music your house is your sanctuary you hear the waterfall that’s running in the indoor pool over in the back corner you hear the laughter of your family I want you to hear the laughter of your family the robust laughter of your family you go into the dining room where there’s a 20-person table and everyone standing around the table and enjoying each other and the person who cooks the best in your family they cook today it’s a good day and your family gathers around the table visualize your family sitting down at the table and one by one they raise their glass and to your surprise they all begin to toast you they begin to celebrate you for what you’ve done what you started five years ago the person that you stepped into five years ago in Cancun the person that came home wasn’t the same person you see and that person began to do some really amazing things inward and outward and life just began to change and they are witnessing it and they just want to celebrate you they finished the toast and everyone begins to eat and talk and you look down at your watch look down at your watch again and you realize that oh my god I’m running late I got to get back on the road and get to this speaking event so you hop out of the room you run it out to the car you jump in your car you choose the convertible today again and you get on the highway and as you’re on the highway you’re driving up the highway and you run into traffic again now you’re really 15 minutes out and you need to get there you hear that they’re gonna be quite a few people you’re not sure the number quite a few and you’re getting frustrated fill yourself get frustrated right now I want you to feel that energy of being stuck in traffic of being and then you stop and you think wait a minute this just might be my traffic jam they might be all going to the same place that I’m going to yeah you make your way through traffic and it takes you 20 minutes you get there five minutes late but no one cares they’re so excited to see you you walk into a stadium picture yourself walking onto this big platform you walk on to the stadium the room is silent you come to the podium you look around there are 10,000 people there to see you to hear you to touch you because of what you’ve done who you’ve become the example you’ve been see yourself guys see yourself right there see yourself right in the center of the stage see yourself you look out you can feel the energy of every single person all 10,000 people you open up your paper you get ready to say your speech but you start with two words thank you and then before you can start your speech and say another word person number six thousand seven hundred and eighty two way in the back they yell out no thank you and then person number four hundred and sixty they yell out thank you person number 56 in the front yells thank you person number seven thousand nine hundred and fifty yells thank you and then each person just begins to yell thank you thank you thank you for believing in yourself again thank you thank you for getting over your fear of being brilliant thank you for picking up the pieces again and again thank you ten thousand people all say thank you to you [Music] just breathe it in just breathe it in breathe it in breathe it in you stand on stage and you commit to that room that you’re gonna lock every single door in that stadium and you’re gonna leave one door open and you’re gonna hug every single person that came to see you and you warned them we are going to be here for a while and they’re ok with that because they came just to get close to you just to share your oxygen and you stand by that door the one to the side and that 68 year old man comes to you and he bends down and he hugs you and he says thank you for letting me know I’m not too old to dream again and follow behind him is that 16 year old girl who comes and she hugs you and she says thank you for letting me know that I count and behind her is that 44 year old woman who says thank you for letting me know that I need to put myself first now I’m behind her is that 35 year old man says thank you for letting me know that I could feel out loud I can let my joy out I can let my tears out thank you for showing me what freedom looks like and one by one ten thousand people hug you and thank you and on your way home at 3:30 in the morning you realize that you never came to deliver a speech you came to hear the people they acknowledge you for being courageous audacious non-negotiable and unapologetic take a deep breath breathe in your five-year future however you want it to look feel your feet back on the ground so your back against the chair on the pillows wiggle your toes a bit will go your hands a bit as you open your eyes [Music] [Music]

29 thoughts on “GUIDED VISUALIZATION EXERCISE – How to Perform Visualization Correctly

  1. Wtf is this shit?! I can’t visualize at all so I click on this video and within under 2 minutes the lady demands I visualize driving in a car and looking at my watch and seeing traffic slow down and stop by my house and suddenly be 5 years in the future with all my dreams having come true. IF I COULD DO IT THAT EASILY I WOULDNT NEED A GUIDED VISUALIZATION EXERCISE. This is a rush down by commands, not a meditation.

  2. λŸ¬λΈŒν™€λ¦­(λ§ˆμŒκ³΅λΆ€, λͺ…상,책읽기,행볡, μ‚¬λž‘,감사) says:

    Much love and bless to you ! Thanks a lot

  3. I cried a lot more deeply than I anticipated . I am so thankful for this video. She has artfully attracted the energy of thankfulness and gratitude with this piece… it’s no coincidence that there is an abundance of that energy in the comment section.

    Thank you.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. I've been meditating and visualizing all my life and this one really made a special impact–punchy and powerful!

  5. Than you for understanding me always and you gate more than people's 100000milions and billions πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ‘

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